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The Plant Element is the fifth Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends and it is unlocked at Level 11. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Void or Primal and weak when used against Plant or Light. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to attacks by Metal, Shadow, and Ancient, and is resistant to attacks by Water and Plant. Most Plant-Element Dragons can live in the Plant Habitat, with the exception of Legendary, Divine, Ancient, and Tyrant Dragons.

The Plant skill is Poison, which deals additional damage to the enemy Dragon for 2 turns. There are currently 304 Dragons with the Plant Element.

The base Dragon is the Plant Dragon.

Plant-based Dragons

Dragon Rarity Elements Cost
Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant Dragon (edit) Common Plant 40,000 Gold Icon.png
Amber Dragon Icon.png Amber Dragon (edit) Rare PlantFire Unbuyable
Ladybug Dragon Icon.png Ladybug Dragon (edit) Rare PlantFire 876 Gems Icon.png
Golden Green Dragon Icon.png Golden Green Dragon (edit) Rare PlantFire 925 Gems Icon.png
Li'l Chick Dragon Icon.png Li'l Chick Dragon (edit) Rare PlantWind 936 Gems Icon.png
Leaf Dragon Icon.png Leaf Dragon (edit) Uncommon PlantWind 420 Gems Icon.png
Avocado Dragon Icon.png Avocado Dragon (edit) Rare PlantEarth 909 Gems Icon.png
Farmer Dragon Icon.png Farmer Dragon (edit) Rare PlantEarth 925 Gems Icon.png
Faun Dragon Icon.png Faun Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarth 1,500 Gems Icon.png
Candy Dragon Icon.png Candy Dragon (edit) Uncommon PlantWater 400 Gems Icon.png
Scout Dragon Icon.png Scout Dragon (edit) Rare PlantWater 15 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Northern Dragon Icon.png Northern Dragon (edit) Rare PlantMetal 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Venom Dragon Icon.png Venom Dragon (edit) Common PlantMetal 250 Gems Icon.png
Pine Cone Dragon Icon.png Pine Cone Dragon (edit) Rare PlantMetal 1,224 Gems Icon.png
Honey Dragon Icon.png Honey Dragon (edit) Common PlantEnergy 300 Gems Icon.png
Nightshade Dragon Icon.png Nightshade Dragon (edit) Common PlantVoid 300 Gems Icon.png
Lilac Dragon Icon.png Lilac Dragon (edit) Rare PlantVoid 1,059 Gems Icon.png
Helper Dragon Icon.png Helper Dragon (edit) Rare PlantLight 995 Gems Icon.png
Hazmat Dragon Icon.png Hazmat Dragon (edit) Rare PlantShadow 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Poison Dragon Icon.png Poison Dragon (edit) Rare PlantShadow 1,110 Gems Icon.png
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png Prickly Pear Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireWind 1,511 Gems Icon.png
Warden Dragon Icon.png Warden Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireEarth 1,559 Gems Icon.png
Maple Leaf Dragon Icon.png Maple Leaf Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireEarth 1,475 Gems Icon.png
Redflower Dragon Icon.png Redflower Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireWater 1,680 Gems Icon.png
Flame Lily Dragon Icon.png Flame Lily Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireMetal 1,652 Gems Icon.png
Mutant Dragon Icon.png Mutant Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireEnergy 1,400 Gems Icon.png
Pink Bloom Dragon Icon.png Pink Bloom Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireEnergy 1,755 Gems Icon.png
Revelry Dragon Icon.png Revelry Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireVoid 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Burning Dragon Icon.png Burning Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireLight 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Orange Throat Dragon Icon.png Orange Throat Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireShadow 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Fall Bounty Dragon Icon.png Fall Bounty Dragon (edit) Epic PlantFireShadow 1,766 Gems Icon.png
Bloom Dragon Icon.png Bloom Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWindFire Unbuyable
Palm Dragon Icon.png Palm Dragon (edit) Rare PlantWindEarth 950 Gems Icon.png
Nurture Dragon Icon.png Nurture Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWindWater 1,555 Gems Icon.png
Orange-Wing Dragon Icon.png Orange-Wing Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWindMetal 350 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Cockatoo Dragon Icon.png Cockatoo Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWindEnergy Unbuyable
Pansy Flower Dragon Icon.png Pansy Flower Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWindVoid 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Holly Dragon Icon.png Holly Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWindLight 1,800 Gems Icon.png
Bromelia Dragon Icon.png Bromelia Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWindShadow 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Pumpkin Dragon Icon.png Pumpkin Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthFire 1,666 Gems Icon.png
Verdant Flora Dragon Icon.png Verdant Flora Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthWind 1,500 Gems Icon.png
Cottontail Dragon Icon.png Cottontail Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthWater 3,345 Gems Icon.png
Chestnut Dragon Icon.png Chestnut Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthWater 1,650 Gems Icon.png
Gentleman Dragon Icon.png Gentleman Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthMetal 1,690 Gems Icon.png
Student Dragon Icon.png Student Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthEnergy 1,760 Gems Icon.png
Shroom Sprite Dragon Icon.png Shroom Sprite Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthVoid 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Harvest Dragon Icon.png Harvest Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthLight 1,848 Gems Icon.png
Bounteous Dragon Icon.png Bounteous Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthLight 1,750 Gems Icon.png
Autumn Wood Dragon Icon.png Autumn Wood Dragon (edit) Rare PlantEarthLight 1,200 Gems Icon.png
Sweater Dragon Icon.png Sweater Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEarthShadow 1,745 Gems Icon.png
Cherry Blossom Dragon Icon.png Cherry Blossom Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWaterFire 1,575 Gems Icon.png
Go Green Dragon Icon.png Go Green Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWaterWind 1,550 Gems Icon.png
Celestial Dragon Icon.png Celestial Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWaterEarth 1,575 Gems Icon.png
Warrior Dragon Icon.png Warrior Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWaterMetal 25 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Verdrake Dragon Icon.png Verdrake Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWaterEnergy 1,719 Gems Icon.png
Banana Dragon Icon.png Banana Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWaterEnergy 1,625 Gems Icon.png
Ice Coral Dragon Icon.png Ice Coral Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWaterVoid 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Lilypad Dragon Icon.png Lilypad Dragon (edit) Epic PlantWaterLight 1,695 Gems Icon.png
Bionic Dragon Icon.png Bionic Dragon (edit) Epic PlantMetalEarth 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Bell Dragon Icon.png Bell Dragon (edit) Epic PlantMetalEarth 1,670 Gems Icon.png
Unlikely Dragon Icon.png Unlikely Dragon (edit) Epic PlantMetalLight 1,888 Gems Icon.png
Seventh Dragon Icon.png Seventh Dragon (edit) Epic PlantMetalShadow 1,866 Gems Icon.png
Burger Dragon Icon.png Burger Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEnergyFire 1,891 Gems Icon.png
Emerald Dragon Icon.png Emerald Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEnergyEarth 1,640 Gems Icon.png
Poecilia Dragon Icon.png Poecilia Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEnergyWater 1,677 Gems Icon.png
Gentle Dragon Icon.png Gentle Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEnergyMetal 1,818 Gems Icon.png
Cherry Wyrm Dragon Icon.png Cherry Wyrm Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEnergyVoid 1,919 Gems Icon.png
Toxic Dragon Icon.png Toxic Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEnergyVoid 1,850 Gems Icon.png
Familiar Dragon Icon.png Familiar Dragon (edit) Epic PlantEnergyShadow 100 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Punk Dragon Icon.png Punk Dragon (edit) Epic PlantVoidFire 1,722 Gems Icon.png
Crone Dragon Icon.png Crone Dragon (edit) Epic PlantVoidWind 1,818 Gems Icon.png
Bonsai Dragon Icon.png Bonsai Dragon (edit) Epic PlantVoidWater 1,758 Gems Icon.png
Marsh Dragon Icon.png Marsh Dragon (edit) Epic PlantVoidLight 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Clover Dragon Icon.png Clover Dragon (edit) Epic PlantLightEarth 1,777 Gems Icon.png
Herbalist Dragon Icon.png Herbalist Dragon (edit) Epic PlantLightWater 1,818 Gems Icon.png
Spruce Dragon Icon.png Spruce Dragon (edit) Epic PlantLightEnergy 1,924 Gems Icon.png
Gorilla Dragon Icon.png Gorilla Dragon (edit) Epic PlantShadowEarth Unbuyable
Blueberry Dragon Icon.png Blueberry Dragon (edit) Epic PlantShadowVoid 1,925 Gems Icon.png
There are 78 Dragons with this Base Element.
Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included, see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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