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Rare (classification) Corner Icon.png

The third Rarity is Rare, and it is the third-lowest tier of Rarity in terms of classification. It mostly applies to Dragons, but there are other instances where gameplay elements have a designed Rarity.

In terms of Dragons, this Rarity includes most of the Limited-Time Bi-Elemental Dragons, all Dragons used to breed the Breedable Legendaries, and very few Tri-Elemental Dragons.

Rare Rarity Dragons

Dragon Rarity Elements Cost
Shooting Star Dragon Icon.png Shooting Star Dragon (edit) Rare FireEarth 900 Gems Icon.png
Sunflower Dragon Icon.png Sunflower Dragon (edit) Rare FirePlant 900 Gems Icon.png
Golden Dragon Icon.png Golden Dragon (edit) Rare FireMetal 900 Gems Icon.png
Lilac Horn Dragon Icon.png Lilac Horn Dragon (edit) Rare FireVoid 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Sulfur Dragon Icon.png Sulfur Dragon (edit) Rare FireLight 1,240 Gems Icon.png
Mystic Dragon Icon.png Mystic Dragon (edit) Rare FireWindEarth 962 Gems Icon.png
Tribal Dragon Icon.png Tribal Dragon (edit) Rare FireEarthWind 850 Gems Icon.png
Agnes Dragon Icon.png Agnes Dragon (edit) Rare FireWaterWind 850 Gems Icon.png
Private Eye Dragon Icon.png Private Eye Dragon (edit) Rare FireShadowEarth 1,000 Gems Icon.png
Sunfeather Dragon Icon.png Sunfeather Dragon (edit) Rare WindFire 850 Gems Icon.png
Envoy Dragon Icon.png Envoy Dragon (edit) Rare WindEarth 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Peacock Dragon Icon.png Peacock Dragon (edit) Rare WindWater 840 Gems Icon.png
Shale Horn Dragon Icon.png Shale Horn Dragon (edit) Rare WindMetal 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Palette Dragon Icon.png Palette Dragon (edit) Rare WindEnergy 980 Gems Icon.png
Origami Dragon Icon.png Origami Dragon (edit) Rare WindEnergy Unbuyable
Cosplay Dragon Icon.png Cosplay Dragon (edit) Rare WindVoid 950 Gems Icon.png
Gazelle Dragon Icon.png Gazelle Dragon (edit) Rare WindLight 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Independence Dragon Icon.png Independence Dragon (edit) Rare WindLight 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Felted Dragon Icon.png Felted Dragon (edit) Rare WindShadow 1,111 Gems Icon.png
Masque Dragon Icon.png Masque Dragon (edit) Rare WindFireWater 888 Gems Icon.png
Owl Dragon Icon.png Owl Dragon (edit) Rare WindEarthFire Unbuyable
Ginger Dragon Icon.png Ginger Dragon (edit) Rare WindWaterFire 905 Gems Icon.png
Rastafari Dragon Icon.png Rastafari Dragon (edit) Rare WindWaterEarth 7 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Yi Dragon Icon.png Yi Dragon (edit) Rare WindMetalEnergy 999 Gems Icon.png
Hippie Dragon Icon.png Hippie Dragon (edit) Rare WindLightPlant 1,300 Gems Icon.png
Runestone Dragon Icon.png Runestone Dragon (edit) Rare EarthFire 999 Gems Icon.png
Ruby-Back Dragon Icon.png Ruby-Back Dragon (edit) Rare EarthFire 828 Gems Icon.png
Tick Tock Dragon Icon.png Tick Tock Dragon (edit) Rare EarthWind 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Referee Dragon Icon.png Referee Dragon (edit) Rare EarthPlant 900 Gems Icon.png
Painting Dragon Icon.png Painting Dragon (edit) Rare EarthMetal 999 Gems Icon.png
Runic Dragon Icon.png Runic Dragon (edit) Rare EarthEnergy 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Magnet Dragon Icon.png Magnet Dragon (edit) Rare EarthVoid 950 Gems Icon.png
Pilgrim Dragon Icon.png Pilgrim Dragon (edit) Rare EarthLight 1,200 Gems Icon.png
Sylvan Dragon Icon.png Sylvan Dragon (edit) Rare EarthLight 1,124 Gems Icon.png
Mummy Dragon Icon.png Mummy Dragon (edit) Rare EarthShadow 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Cookie Dragon Icon.png Cookie Dragon (edit) Rare EarthFireWater 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Prairie Dragon Icon.png Prairie Dragon (edit) Rare EarthWindFire 820 Gems Icon.png
Orc Dragon Icon.png Orc Dragon (edit) Rare EarthWindFire 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Quake Dragon Icon.png Quake Dragon (edit) Rare EarthWaterFire 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Elemental Dragon Icon.png Elemental Dragon (edit) Rare EarthWaterFire 850 Gems Icon.png
Typhoon Dragon Icon.png Typhoon Dragon (edit) Rare EarthWaterWind 920 Gems Icon.png
Jade Gem Dragon Icon.png Jade Gem Dragon (edit) Rare EarthMetalLight 1,150 Gems Icon.png
Pop Art Dragon Icon.png Pop Art Dragon (edit) Rare WaterFire 875 Gems Icon.png
Bamboo Dragon Icon.png Bamboo Dragon (edit) Rare WaterPlant 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Tricolor Dragon Icon.png Tricolor Dragon (edit) Rare WaterMetal 915 Gems Icon.png
Heliotrope Dragon Icon.png Heliotrope Dragon (edit) Rare WaterMetal 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Spinefin Dragon Icon.png Spinefin Dragon (edit) Rare WaterVoid 200 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Summer Dragon Icon.png Summer Dragon (edit) Rare WaterLight 1,025 Gems Icon.png
Genie Dragon Icon.png Genie Dragon (edit) Rare WaterLight 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Submarine Dragon Icon.png Submarine Dragon (edit) Rare WaterShadow 1,080 Gems Icon.png
Imperial Dragon Icon.png Imperial Dragon (edit) Rare WaterFireWind 875 Gems Icon.png
Liquid Fire Dragon Icon.png Liquid Fire Dragon (edit) Rare WaterFirePlant 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Leviathan Dragon Icon.png Leviathan Dragon (edit) Rare WaterWindFire 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Skater Dragon Icon.png Skater Dragon (edit) Rare WaterWindEarth 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Clownfish Dragon Icon.png Clownfish Dragon (edit) Rare WaterEarthWind 850 Gems Icon.png
Harlequin Toad Dragon Icon.png Harlequin Toad Dragon (edit) Rare WaterPlantEarth $9.99 USD
Golden Green Dragon Icon.png Golden Green Dragon (edit) Rare PlantFire 925 Gems Icon.png
Amber Dragon Icon.png Amber Dragon (edit) Rare PlantFire Unbuyable
Ladybug Dragon Icon.png Ladybug Dragon (edit) Rare PlantFire 876 Gems Icon.png
Li'l Chick Dragon Icon.png Li'l Chick Dragon (edit) Rare PlantWind 936 Gems Icon.png
Farmer Dragon Icon.png Farmer Dragon (edit) Rare PlantEarth 925 Gems Icon.png
Avocado Dragon Icon.png Avocado Dragon (edit) Rare PlantEarth 909 Gems Icon.png
Scout Dragon Icon.png Scout Dragon (edit) Rare PlantWater 15 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Northern Dragon Icon.png Northern Dragon (edit) Rare PlantMetal 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Pine Cone Dragon Icon.png Pine Cone Dragon (edit) Rare PlantMetal 1,224 Gems Icon.png
Lilac Dragon Icon.png Lilac Dragon (edit) Rare PlantVoid 1,059 Gems Icon.png
Helper Dragon Icon.png Helper Dragon (edit) Rare PlantLight 995 Gems Icon.png
Poison Dragon Icon.png Poison Dragon (edit) Rare PlantShadow 1,110 Gems Icon.png
Hazmat Dragon Icon.png Hazmat Dragon (edit) Rare PlantShadow 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Palm Dragon Icon.png Palm Dragon (edit) Rare PlantWindEarth 950 Gems Icon.png
Autumn Wood Dragon Icon.png Autumn Wood Dragon (edit) Rare PlantEarthLight 1,200 Gems Icon.png
Slushy Dragon Icon.png Slushy Dragon (edit) Rare MetalFire 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Bonewing Dragon Icon.png Bonewing Dragon (edit) Rare MetalWind 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Mercury Dragon Icon.png Mercury Dragon (edit) Rare MetalWater 900 Gems Icon.png
Jadeite Dragon Icon.png Jadeite Dragon (edit) Rare MetalPlant 2,000 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png
Steel Dragon Icon.png Steel Dragon (edit) Rare MetalVoid 1,000 Gems Icon.png
Mech Dragon Icon.png Mech Dragon (edit) Rare MetalLight 1,150 Gems Icon.png
Laser Hammer Dragon Icon.png Laser Hammer Dragon (edit) Rare MetalLight 200 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Heavy Metal Dragon Icon.png Heavy Metal Dragon (edit) Rare MetalShadow 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Rock Snake Dragon Icon.png Rock Snake Dragon (edit) Rare MetalShadow 1,216 Gems Icon.png
Gargoyle Dragon Icon.png Gargoyle Dragon (edit) Rare MetalShadow 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Rust Dragon Icon.png Rust Dragon (edit) Rare MetalWaterEarth 950 Gems Icon.png
Cave Dragon Icon.png Cave Dragon (edit) Rare MetalShadowWind 1,202 Gems Icon.png
Flame Dragon Icon.png Flame Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyFire 200 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Lightning Dragon Icon.png Lightning Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyWind 950 Gems Icon.png
Soccer Dragon Icon.png Soccer Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyEarth 975 Gems Icon.png
Tololoche Dragon Icon.png Tololoche Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyPlant 1,100 Gems Icon.png
Digital Dragon Icon.png Digital Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyMetal 1,010 Gems Icon.png
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png Shadowpuff Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyLight 150 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Lynx Dragon Icon.png Lynx Dragon (edit) Rare EnergyFireEarth 1,000 Gems Icon.png
Gladiator Dragon Icon.png Gladiator Dragon (edit) Rare VoidFire 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Treasure Dragon Icon.png Treasure Dragon (edit) Rare VoidEarth 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Elkhound Dragon Icon.png Elkhound Dragon (edit) Rare VoidWater 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ghouly Dragon Icon.png Ghouly Dragon (edit) Rare VoidPlant 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Astronaut Dragon Icon.png Astronaut Dragon (edit) Rare VoidLight 1,112 Gems Icon.png
Treater Dragon Icon.png Treater Dragon (edit) Rare VoidShadow 1,875 Gems Icon.png
Changeling Dragon Icon.png Changeling Dragon (edit) Rare VoidShadow 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Void Viper Dragon Icon.png Void Viper Dragon (edit) Rare VoidWindPlant 1,100 Gems Icon.png
Water Whisp Dragon Icon.png Water Whisp Dragon (edit) Rare VoidWaterPlant 1,100 Gems Icon.png
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png Sandcastle Dragon (edit) Rare LightFire 999 Gems Icon.png
Snuggle Dragon Icon.png Snuggle Dragon (edit) Rare LightVoid 1,153 Gems Icon.png
Emperor Dragon Icon.png Emperor Dragon (edit) Rare LightShadow 1,280 Gems Icon.png
Neo Bone Dragon Icon.png Neo Bone Dragon (edit) Rare LightPlantShadow 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Hyena Dragon Icon.png Hyena Dragon (edit) Rare ShadowFire 1,694 Gems Icon.png
Cappuccino Dragon Icon.png Cappuccino Dragon (edit) Rare ShadowPlant 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Atramentum Dragon Icon.png Atramentum Dragon (edit) Rare ShadowFireEnergy $14.99 USD
Eldritch Dragon Icon.png Eldritch Dragon (edit) Rare ShadowVoidEarth 1,200 Gems Icon.png
There are 107 Dragons with this Rarity/Classification.
Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included, see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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