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Chest Rewards.png

Ruins are abandoned structures on or near some islands. There are 7 different ruins to explore using Dragons. Exploration is the only way to obtain shards for Chronos, and it also earns other prizes. Each Island and its associated ruin must be unlocked before the Trainer can explore it.


Ruin Exploration.jpg

Selecting any ruin opens the Ruin Exploration window. Presented are buttons for each of the 7 ruins, the current ruin   Level 1   (level) button, Chronos, the Weekly Jackpot, and ? button for brief tutorial information. Locked ruins display a lock icon Lock Icon.png at the bottom-right of their button.

Unlocking Ruins

Each ruin is level-locked, a certain Player Level must be reached and unlocking done before exploration can commence. Accessing the Ruin Exploration window, selecting the desired ruin to unlock, and then paying the required Gold unlocks it after a set time passes. Gems can be used for instant unlocking (each island having a different unlock cost).

Ruin Location Player Level Unlock Cost Unlock Time Experience Seal Name Exploration Name
Mystic Cave.png
Mystic Cave
Main Island 10 20,000 Gold Icon.png 1 Hour 800 Experience Icon.png Seal of Darkness Scout the Entrance
Mapping the Cave
Explore the Depths
Ghost Ship.png
Ghost Ship
14 180,000 Gold Icon.png 10 Hours 7,200 Experience Icon.png Seal of Adventure Fix the Ramp
Scout the Main Deck
Loot the Hull
Wildfire Marsh.png
Wildfire Marsh
Distant Marsh 18 360,000 Gold Icon.png 12 Hours 14,400 Experience Icon.png Seal of Secrets Lit the Torches
Enter the Staircase
Locate Treasure Room
Skull Gate.png
Skull Gate
Faded Earth 20 900,000 Gold Icon.png 16 Hours 36,000 Experience Icon.png Seal of Souls Inspect Entrance
Solve Riddle
Locate Artifact
Ancient Palace.png
Ancient Palace
Lost World 23 2,800,000 Gold Icon.png 14 Hours 112,000 Experience Icon.png Seal of History Cut Down Vines
Explore During Day
Explore During Night
Magma's Lair.png
Magma's Lair
Magma's Land 27 5,000,000 Gold Icon.png 24 Hours 200,000 Experience Icon.png Seal of Dragonfire Survey the Temperature
Explore Upper Area
Descend to the Bottom
  1. "E/M/H" is short for "Easy", "Medium", or "Hard", which refers to the difficulty of each exploration quest. Each quest difficulty has a different title, these appear in corresponding order for each respective ruin.

Exploring Ruins

Ruin Exploration (Mystic Cave).jpg

Pressing the button of any unlocked ruin, opens the exploration window for that ruin, providing corresponding ruin exploration options. On the left are exploration quest difficulties easy, medium, or hard. Each level of difficulty displays the rarity and level of Dragons required, rewards obtained, required time, Ruin XP Ruin XP Icon.png earned, and a ruin chest for exploration. Each visit requires the selection (or auto-selection) of three Dragons, meeting the minimum requirements.

On the right is an image of the shards to be found, 3 Dragon slots to fill, and the Auto-fill
and Start
button below them. Auto-fill and Start auto-selects 3 Dragons meeting the exploration criteria, and commences exploration (using the last used difficulty selection, unless another difficulty is first tapped). Alternatively, Dragons may be manually selected by tapping any empty slot to open the Dragon selection window. A Feed button appears in the Dragon selection window below Dragons that don't meet exploration criteria. Selection of a Dragon fills that slot and returns to the previous screen. Any slot currently filled can be tapped again to select a different Dragon. If Dragons are manually selected, the Auto-fill
and Start
button changes to a Go! button after slots are filled, and pressing it commences exploration.

Levels and Difficulty

The higher the ruin exploration quest difficulty, the stronger the Dragons each quest requires, but they also yield bigger bonuses and are quicker to explore. During exploration, Ruin XP is earned, which levels up ruins automatically when a certain threshold is met. Information about the current ruin level (and the next) are accessed by pressing the current ruin   Level   button.

Exploration Time

Ruins have set times required for exploration depending on the difficulty of the exploration selected, regardless of ruin level:

Difficulty Option Duration
    Easy 8 Hours
    Medium 7 Hours
    Hard 6 Hours

Time Reduction

Outside of Ruins, exploration time can be reduced through:

  • Forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos's power, both of which reduce timers by 6 hours.
  • Timer Boosts, from visiting Trainers, which reduce certain individual timers by 5 minutes.
  • Watching ad videos in exchange for a Skip 1h Video Icon.png 1-hour time reduction when a Yellow-Bordered Time Reduction Icon.png icon appears above it.
Relic of Exploration

Ruins Exploration time is influenced by use of the Relic of Exploration Icon.png Relic of Exploration, which is only usable by selecting a Ruin to open the Ruin Exploration screen, pressing the   Skip   button, and then confirming by pressing the  Skip  Relic of Exploration Icon.png button. Once activated, the relic decreases the timer of any one ruin exploration by 8 hours.

Leveling XP Requirements

The amount of Ruin XP Ruin XP Icon.png, required to progress to the next ruin level, changes as the trainer progresses. To check the amount required for the next level, press the   Level   button near the top-right of the Ruin exploration screen. A dialogue appears providing Ruin information and the bottom line of text indicates Ruin XP required for the next level followed by the amount of Ruin XP Icon.png required; pressing   OK   returns to the previous screen. The total Ruin XP required per level is:

Level: 1 2 3 4 5 6
XP to Collect: 0 2,000 Ruin XP Icon.png 5,000 Ruin XP Icon.png 10,000 Ruin XP Icon.png 20,000 Ruin XP Icon.png 40,000 Ruin XP Icon.png
Level: 7 8 9 10 11
XP to Collect: 60,000 Ruin XP Icon.png 100,000 Ruin XP Icon.png 140,000 Ruin XP Icon.png 180,000 Ruin XP Icon.png 240,000 Ruin XP Icon.png

Leveling Difficulty

As ruins are leveled, the Dragon levels and rarities required to continue exploring also increase. Exploring a particular ruin cannot be done until Dragons fulfilling its criteria are obtained. For example, if a Trainer gets promoted to a new ruin level and has Dragons that meet the Rarity criteria but not the Level criteria, they cannot explore that ruin, and need to feed their Dragons to meet the criteria.

Note: This also affects Clan Quests involving ruins, and Daily Tasks involving ruins. If a Trainer is promoted to a level they cannot search, they cannot complete these tasks until they can.

Dragon Level and Rarity Requirements
Ruin Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard
Mystic Cave 6 Common 8 Uncommon 10 Uncommon 7 Common 9 Uncommon 11 Uncommon 8 Common 10 Uncommon 12 Uncommon 10 Common 12 Uncommon 14 Uncommon
Ghost Ship 8 Common 10 Uncommon 12 Uncommon 9 Common 11 Uncommon 13 Uncommon 10 Common 12 Uncommon 14 Uncommon 12 Common 16 Uncommon 20 Rare
Wildfire Marsh 10 Common 12 Uncommon 14 Uncommon 11 Common 13 Uncommon 15 Uncommon 12 Common 16 Uncommon 20 Rare 14 Common 18 Uncommon 22 Rare
Skull Gate 14 Common 16 Uncommon 18 Uncommon 15 Common 19 Uncommon 23 Rare 16 Common 20 Uncommon 24 Rare 18 Common 22 Uncommon 26 Rare
Ancient Palace 18 Common 22 Uncommon 26 Rare 19 Common 23 Uncommon 27 Rare 20 Common 24 Uncommon 28 Rare 22 Uncommon 27 Uncommon 32 Rare
Magma 23 Common 27 Uncommon 31 Rare 24 Common 28 Uncommon 32 Rare 25 Uncommon 30 Uncommon 35 Rare 27 Uncommon 32 Uncommon 37 Rare
Ruin Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard
Mystic Cave 13 Common 17 Uncommon 21 Rare 18 Common 22 Uncommon 26 Rare 24 Common 28 Uncommon 32 Rare 30 Uncommon 35 Uncommon 40 Rare
Ghost Ship 15 Common 19 Uncommon 23 Rare 20 Common 24 Uncommon 28 Rare 26 Uncommon 31 Uncommon 36 Rare 32 Uncommon 37 Uncommon 42 Rare
Wildfire Marsh 17 Common 21 Uncommon 25 Rare 22 Uncommon 27 Uncommon 32 Rare 28 Uncommon 33 Uncommon 38 Rare 34 Uncommon 39 Uncommon 44 Rare
Skull Gate 21 Uncommon 26 Uncommon 31 Rare 26 Uncommon 31 Uncommon 36 Rare 32 Uncommon 37 Uncommon 42 Rare 38 Uncommon 48 Rare 58 Epic
Ancient Palace 25 Uncommon 30 Uncommon 35 Rare 30 Uncommon 35 Uncommon 40 Rare 36 Uncommon 46 Rare 56 Epic 42 Rare 52 Epic 62 Legendary
Magma 30 Uncommon 35 Uncommon 40 Rare 35 Uncommon 45 Rare 55 Epic 41 Rare 51 Epic 61 Legendary 47 Rare 57 Epic 67 Legendary
Ruins Level 9 Level 10 Level 11
Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard
Mystic Cave 36 Uncommon 41 Uncommon 46 Rare 44 Uncommon 49 Uncommon 54 Rare 53 Uncommon 63 Rare 73 Epic
Ghost Ship 38 Uncommon 43 Uncommon 48 Rare 46 Uncommon 56 Rare 66 Epic 55 Rare 65 Epic 75 Legendary
Wildfire Marsh 40 Uncommon 50 Rare 60 Epic 48 Rare 58 Epic 68 Legendary 57 Rare 67 Epic 77 Legendary
Skull Gate 44 Rare 54 Epic 64 Legendary 52 Rare 62 Epic 72 Legendary 61 Rare 76 Epic 91 Legendary
Ancient Palace 48 Rare 58 Epic 68 Legendary 56 Rare 71 Epic 86 Legendary 65 Rare 80 Epic 95 Legendary
Magma 53 Rare 68 Epic 83 Legendary 61 Rare 76 Epic 91 Legendary 70 Rare 85 Epic 100 Legendary


Green-Bordered Ruin Chest Hard Icon.png

After any ruin exploration is complete, a Green-Bordered Ruin Chest Hard Icon.png chest icon appears above all ruins, depicting the type of chest searched for. Pressing the chest icon opens the Ruins interface, where prizes are collected. Each chest may contain Gold, Food, (possible) Gems, Ruin XP, a chance to win the Weekly Jackpot prize (if there currently is one), and a chance to get a shard. Shards are used to unleash Chronos, and once unleashed, the seals can be obtained again to level up Chronos and summon Chronoids. Only a successful exploration can result in a chest containing a Chronosian Shard.

Ruin XP

The amount of Ruin XP rewarded depends on the ruin and on exploration quest difficulty:

Ruin Quest Difficulty
Easy Medium Hard
Mystic Cave 10 Ruin XP Icon.png 15 Ruin XP Icon.png 20 Ruin XP Icon.png
Ghost Ship 20 Ruin XP Icon.png 25 Ruin XP Icon.png 30 Ruin XP Icon.png
Wildfire Marsh 30 Ruin XP Icon.png 35 Ruin XP Icon.png 40 Ruin XP Icon.png
Skull Gate 40 Ruin XP Icon.png 45 Ruin XP Icon.png 50 Ruin XP Icon.png
Ancient Palace 50 Ruin XP Icon.png 55 Ruin XP Icon.png 60 Ruin XP Icon.png
Magma's Lair 60 Ruin XP Icon.png 65 Ruin XP Icon.png 70 Ruin XP Icon.png

The chests have different prizes, whose quality increases with the level of difficulty previously chosen. Each chest has an i button that, when pressed, opens the Possible Rewards screen; this screen shows possible rewards, the chance to win the Weekly Jackpot (if there is one), any possible shards to collect, and an ok button to exit the screen.

Easy Chest Medium Chest Hard Chest
Ruins Reward Chest - Easy.png Ruins Reward Chest - Medium.png Ruins Reward Chest - Hard.png
Gold, Food, Gems

Possible Food, Gold, and Gems rewarded depend on Ruin level, and difficulty:

Level Easy Medium Hard Level Easy Medium Hard Level Easy Medium Hard
Level 1 5,000 Gold Icon.png 8,000 Gold Icon.png 12,000 Gold Icon.png Level 5 11,000 Gold Icon.png 17,600 Gold Icon.png 26,400 Gold Icon.png Level 9 18,000 Gold Icon.png 28,800 Gold Icon.png 43,200 Gold Icon.png
400 Food Icon.png 500 Food Icon.png 700 Food Icon.png 880 Food Icon.png 1,100 Food Icon.png 1,540 Food Icon.png 1,440 Food Icon.png 1,800 Food Icon.png 2,520 Food Icon.png
0 - 5 Gems Icon.png 0 - 7 Gems Icon.png 0 - 10 Gems Icon.png 0 - 8 Gems Icon.png 0 - 10 Gems Icon.png 0 - 13 Gems Icon.png 0 - 11 Gems Icon.png 0 - 13 Gems Icon.png 0 - 16 Gems Icon.png
Level 2 6,000 Gold Icon.png 9,000 Gold Icon.png 14,400 Gold Icon.png Level 6 12,000 Gold Icon.png 19,200 Gold Icon.png 28,800 Gold Icon.png Level 10 23,000 Gold Icon.png 36,800 Gold Icon.png 55,200 Gold Icon.png
480 Food Icon.png 600 Food Icon.png 840 Food Icon.png 960 Food Icon.png 1,200 Food Icon.png 1,680 Food Icon.png 1,840 Food Icon.png 2,300 Food Icon.png 3,220 Food Icon.png
0 - 6 Gems Icon.png 0 - 8 Gems Icon.png 0 - 11 Gems Icon.png 0 - 9 Gems Icon.png 0 - 11 Gems Icon.png 0 - 14 Gems Icon.png 0 - 11 Gems Icon.png 0 - 13 Gems Icon.png 0 - 16 Gems Icon.png
Level 3 7,000 Gold Icon.png 11,200 Gold Icon.png 16,800 Gold Icon.png Level 7 15,000 Gold Icon.png 24,000 Gold Icon.png 36,000 Gold Icon.png Level 11 25,000 Gold Icon.png 40,000 Gold Icon.png 60,000 Gold Icon.png
560 Food Icon.png 700 Food Icon.png 980 Food Icon.png 1200 Food Icon.png 1,500 Food Icon.png 2,100 Food Icon.png 2,000 Food Icon.png 2,500 Food Icon.png 3,500 Food Icon.png
0 - 7 Gems Icon.png 0 - 9 Gems Icon.png 0 - 12 Gems Icon.png 0 - 9 Gems Icon.png 0 - 11 Gems Icon.png 0 - 14 Gems Icon.png 0 - 12 Gems Icon.png 0 - 14 Gems Icon.png 0 - 17 Gems Icon.png
Level 4 10,000 Gold Icon.png 16,000 Gold Icon.png 24,000 Gold Icon.png Level 8 16,500 Gold Icon.png 26,400 Gold Icon.png 39,600 Gold Icon.png
800 Food Icon.png 1000 Food Icon.png 1400 Food Icon.png 1,320 Food Icon.png 1,650 Food Icon.png 2,310 Food Icon.png
0 - 7 Gems Icon.png 0 - 9 Gems Icon.png 0 - 12 Gems Icon.png 0 - 10 Gems Icon.png 0 - 12 Gems Icon.png 0 - 15 Gems Icon.png

Chronosian Seals were long ago lost in the ruins, each broken into 3 pieces that are only found during exploration. Shards that can, or have been, collected are seen at the top-right of each individual Ruin's exploration screen, or all can be viewed concurrently by tapping the Chronos button or the i button at its top-right corner.

Each time a Shard is found, all running timers on the Islands are decreased by 45 Minutes. Once all 3 shards for each seal are found, they are forged back into 6 separate seals. When all 6 seals are collected, Chronos is unsealed from its stone statue and begins decreasing timers whenever its power is used.

Each Chronosian Shard has a different drop rate, depending on the ruin, the Chest difficulty, and the part itself.

Ruin 1st Shard 2nd Shard 3rd Shard
Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard Easy Medium Hard
Mystic Cave 100% 100% 100% 20% 22% 26% 8% 9% 10%
Ghost Ship 28% 31% 36% 15% 17% 20% 5% 6% 7%
Wildfire Marsh 20% 22% 26% 12% 13% 16% 4% 4% 5%
Skull Gate 18% 20% 23% 10% 11% 13% 3% 3% 4%
Ancient Palace 12% 13% 16% 4% 4% 5% 3% 3% 4%
Magma's Lair 10% 11% 13% 3% 3% 4% 2% 2% 3%


The Chronos button allows the full collection of seals to be viewed. When tapped, the seals that need to be collected, need to be forged, or have been completely collected and forged appear. A Find This Seal button appears below seals not yet collected, sending the Trainer to the corresponding ruin. A green checkmark Green Check Icon.png appears on seals collected and forged. A Forge! button appears on seals when its shards have been collected, but still need to be forged into a seal. Pressing the Forge button provides the Trainer with a Restore Chronosian Seal dialog featuring an image of the seal when made whole, as well as a Forge Seal! button, used to confirm forging the seal.

See Chronos for more information about the functions of Chronos, and about Chronosian Seals.

Weekly Jackpot

The Weekly Jackpot button houses additional prize(s) that can be obtained by opening Ruin Chests. When the Weekly Jackpot is active, the i button displays information about the current week's jackpot. When no Weekly Jackpot is active, "Coming soon!" appears on the button, and pressing the i button reveals the message: "Jackpot Reward: No jackpot reward is available at the moment. Please check back later."

View a list of past Weekly Jackpots in the Ruin Events section below.

Information Button

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following information panels:

Ruin Events

Weekly Jackpots

The following is a list of Weekly Jackpots that have been featured as extra potential Ruin prizes.


Month Dates Prize
January 25 January - 1 February 1-8 Dragon Pieces Icon.png of Snowman Dragon Icon.png Snowman Dragon

Guaranteed Treasure

Occasionally, a Milestone Reward-like event is started for the Ruins, where Trainers can earn rewards by collecting Ruin XP points.

15-21 January 2021 Rewards
Ruin XP Icon.png
Gold Icon.png

Divine Ticket (Fortune) Icon.png

Enchantment Ticket Icon.png

Divine Ticket (Fortune) Icon.png

VIP Ticket Icon.png

Food Icon.png

Divine Ticket (Fortune) Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

2-9 August 2021 Rewards
This table ← scrolls →. On Computers, hold Shift while scrolling to scroll → horizontally.
Ruin XP Icon.png
Jade Dragon Icon.png

Gold Icon.png

Jade Dragon Icon.png

Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png

Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png

Jade Dragon Icon.png

Food Icon.png

Enchantment Ticket Icon.png

Jade Dragon Icon.png

Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png

Gold Icon.png

Jade Dragon Icon.png

Enchantment Ticket Icon.png

Food Icon.png

Jade Dragon Icon.png

Gems Icon.png


Seasonal Treasure

Seasonal Buff Icon.png

Seasonal Treasure is a time-limited Milestones Rewards Event that increases Ruin exploration rewards, once activated through its associated event. Once activated it adds an additional set of milestone rewards. Thereafter, ruins continue to be explored and any Ruin XP Icon.png Ruin XP earned is added to the Seasonal Treasure event's milestone progress, in addition to the normal Ruin level XP count. Ruin XP continues to accumulate in this second milestone rewards counter, until the event ends, when Ruin XP accumulation behavior reverts to normal.

See Seasonal Treasure for more information, and see Milestone Rewards Events for a list of all Seasonal Treasure Events.

See Also

  • Islands, for detailed information about the Islands that must be owned to search particular ruins.
  • Chronos, for detailed information about Chronosian seals and Chronos.
  • Seasonal Treasure, for information on Seasonal Treasure Ruins events.



  • Update 7.3: Introduced the Seasonal Buff item, that unlocks a special Seasonal Treasure ruin exploration bonus rewards event. The Seasonal Buff is unlocked from a major event's (e.g., Tyrant Event's) non-premium Milestone Rewards. Seasonal Treasure item holders can then continue to explore the Ruins for extra rewards.
  • Update 6.9: Added the option to watch ad videos in exchange for a 1-hour time reduction.
  • Update 5.9: Changed finding a Shard to reduce all running timers on the Islands by 45 Minutes.
  • Update 5.7: Reworked Ruins to introduce leveling, change Dragon selection options, reduce time spent exploring, improve user experience, and added extra rewards.
    • Also added a new interface and Chest system. The former Ruins can be found here.
  • Update 2.9: Changed Ruins to not ask for the same set of Dragons after refreshing the current selection.
  • Update 2.8: Added buttons for when a recommended Dragon is unavailable to explore because they are busy elsewhere, indicating the activity keeping the Dragon busy and taking the Trainer to where the Dragon is.
  • Update 2.7: Changed Ruins to no longer require specific to explore.
  • Update 1.1: Changed the exploration times for some Ruins.


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