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Sigil Tower Button.png

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See Sigils for detailed information about Sigils.

The Sigil System, unlocked at Player Level 20, groups several Sigil-related functions together in one screen. Through this interface, Trainers can collect Sigil Keys, open Sigil Chests, and Battle in the Sigil Campaign, all to obtain Sigils. This menu also enables browsing of current Sigil inventory, Sigil fusion, and equipping and unequipping of Sigils.

Sigils enhance the strength of a Dragon fighting team, and provide new combat strategies in addition to each Dragon's Elements and Dragon Academy Skills.


The Sigil System is accessed by pressing:


Sigil System - Sigil Tower Banner.jpg
Sigil Campaign Equipping Sigils Sigil Inventory Whale-Mart

The Sigil System is broken into 5 distinct buttons or sections that can be interacted with:

  1. Sigil Tower – Provides options to open chests in exchange for Sigil Keys.
  2. Sigil Campaign – Opens the current Sigil Campaign Event (when available).
  3. Equip Sigil – Provides options for equipping or fusing Sigils.
  4. Inventory – Opens an inventory of all possessed Sigils.
  5. Whale-Mart – Opens the current Whale-Mart offers (when available).

Above the 5 main interface items appears:

  • The Sigil Synergy Icon.png All Sigils (All Sigils) button, which explains Sigil Schools and Synergies.
  • The Sigil Trinket Icon.png50+ Button.png Sigil Trinkets count, of possessed trinkets.
  • The Sigil Key Icon.png2+ Button.png Sigil Keys count, of possessed keys.
  • The ? button, which provides basic sigil information panels.
  • The x button, which closes the interface.

Sigil Tower

Sigil System - Sigil Tower Banner.jpg

The Sigil Tower banner itself is not a button, though it does provide a place where Sigil Chests can be opened in exchange for 3 Sigil Keys. Once 3 Sigil Keys are possessed, the 3 Sigil Key Icon.png button becomes available to exchange for a Sigil Chest. The i (information) button, when pressed, displays Sigil Chest information.

The physical building of the Sigil Tower awards 1 Sigil Key Icon.png Sigil Key every day.

Sigil Keys

See Sigil Tower for more information.

Sigil Key Icon.png

Sigil Keys are keys awarded by the Sigil Tower. One key is awarded per day, but is only collected if the tower is accessed (tapped) that day. If the Sigil Tower is not tapped on a given day, the key is missed, and not awarded.

Trainers must collect and save Sigil Keys until they have accumulated enough to open the Sigil Chest. When a key is available for collection, a Yellow-Bordered Sigil Chest Icon.png notification appears above the Sigil Tower, pressing it collects the Sigil Key. Pressing the Sigil System Sigil Tower Button.png when a key is available to collect, automatically collects the available key.

Sigil Chests

Sigil Chests contain Sigil Trinket Icon.png Sigil Trinkets and Sigil Cards (Sigil Card - Common.png Sigil Card - Uncommon.png Sigil Card - Rare.png) that award Sigils. Some Sigil Chests can be won and opened immediately, others must be earned by collecting Sigil Keys. A Sigil Chest can be opened when the Green-Bordered Sigil Chest Icon.png notification appears above the Sigil Tower.

There are two types of Sigil Chest, Basic and Premium. A Trainer can open a Basic Sigil Chest once the 3 requisite Sigil Keys are obtained. When the 3rd key is obtained, the gray   3 Sigil Key Icon.png   Sigil Chest button turns green, indicating the chest can be opened by pressing the   3 Sigil Key Icon.png   button.

See Sigils for more information.

Chest Odds
Type Trinkets
Sigils Given[1]
Basic Sigil Chest Icon.png
Sigil Trinket Icon.png 5-15 3 Sigils:
  • 93% chance for Common Common
  • 6% chance for Uncommon Uncommon
Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png
Sigil Trinket Icon.png 90-110 6 sigils:
  • 30% chance for Common Common
  • 60% chance for Uncommon Uncommon
  • 10% chance for Rare Rare
  1. 1.0 1.1 Average number of rewards per 100 Sigil Chests opened.
Sigil Trinkets
Pile of Sigil Trinkets.png

Sigil Trinkets Sigil Trinket Icon.png are an In-Game Currency used to equip, change, remove, or fuse Sigils in the Sigil System. Sigil Trinkets can be obtained as a reward for winning Sigil Campaign battles and opening Sigil Chests. Sigil Trinkets received are held and displayed on the Sigil System screen only, which is accessed by tapping the Sigil Tower, they do not appear in inventory.

Sigil Campaign

Sigil System - Sigil Campaign Button.jpg

The Sigil Campaign button brings the Trainer to the Sigil Campaign battle venue. Progressing on the map, the Trainer completes Sigil-equipped battles until they can no longer win battles, or until they reach the end of the map and the monthly Reward of the Month Dragon is obtained. A Battle Energy counter appears 4Sigil Energy Icon.png at the top-right of this button, indicating how many Sigil Energy are left for Battle in the Sigil Campaign.

See Sigil Campaign for detailed information on the Sigil Campaign.

Equip Sigil

Sigil System - Equip Sigil Button.jpg

The Equip Sigil Button opens the Equip Sigil menu, where Dragons can be selected for the purpose of equipping, changing, upgrading, or unequipping Sigils via the corresponding Equip Sigil, Unequip Sigil Trinket Icon.png, Change Sigil Trinket Icon.png, and Upgrade Sigil Trinket Icon.png buttons. The Trainer's strongest Dragon is selected by default but can be changed by pressing its snapshot, which opens a Select a Dragon submenu, after which any eligible Dragon can be selected. This screen then allows the selected Dragon's Sigil assignment to be managed as desired.

Equip Sigil Selection Screen.jpg

See Sigils for detailed information about Sigils as well as how to Equip, Change, or Unequip them.

(Sigil) Inventory

Sigil System - Inventory Button.jpg

The Inventory button opens an inventory of all unequipped Sigils currently in the Trainer's possession. This button also houses all functions related to Sigil Fusion, the process of fusing lower-quality Sigils together to obtain rarer Sigils that can be equipped to Dragons to provide additional battle powers.

Above the list of Sigils in inventory appears:

  • The i Information button, which provides information about the currently selected Sigil.
  • The Sigil Trinket Icon.png50+ Button.png Sigil Trinkets count.
  • The Sigil Synergy Icon.png Sigil Synergies button, which explains Sigil Schools and Synergies.
  • The x button, which closes the interface.
  • The All     ▼ filter button, to filter Sigils by school.
Sigil Inventory.jpg

Selecting any Sigil provides that Sigil's information at the top left, and a count appears at its bottom-right of how many of that sigil are currently in inventory. The Upgrade Icon.png Fusion Fusion tab, opens the Sigil Fusion menu.

See Fusing Sigils for more information about fusion and fusion costs.


Sigil System - Whale-Mart Button.jpg

Whale-Mart Whale-Mart Purple Icon.png is a floating market atop a whale, located south of the Main Island. The market allows resources to be exchanged for other kinds of resources. Whale-Mart is run by Mishiyo, and is only visible between Friday 12:00 UTC and Sunday 12:00 UTC. The time remaining until Whale-Mart departs appears inside the Whale-Mart Button.png bar.

See Whale-Mart for detailed information about the Whale-Mart.

Information Button

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following information panels:


Arya.png Dear Trainer, let me introduce you to the Sigils, powerful artifacts that make your dragons even stronger in battle!
Arya.png Let's peek inside this magnificent tower, and grab your first FREE Sigil Chest right away!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Sigil Tower)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Tap to open the Basic Sigil Chest that appears)
Arya.png Congratulations on getting your first Sigils! Feel free to tap on them to check their awesome power!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Claim" button to claim the chest rewards)
Arya.png Let's equip a Sigil on your most powerful fighter, x Dragon!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Equip Sigil button)
Arya.png Every dragon can have up to two Sigils equipped. Let's pick one for the x dragon right now!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (In the first empty Sigil slot, press the Equip Sigil button)
Arya.png Tap on any of the Sigils to check out their benefits at the top. After you've chosen one, tap on Equip to proceed!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select a sigil, and press the Equip button)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the close button to exit the Equip Sigil screen)
Arya.png Awesome! Your x Dragon earned a new combat power granted by that Sigil. Equipping Sigils on your whole battle team will do wonders!
Arya.png All Sigils fall into one of the three schools. Let me explain—please check the Sigil Help at the top!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the All Sigils button to view the Sigil Synergies screen)
Arya.png If the dragons in your battle team have several Sigils of the same school, you unlock a team-wide combat bonus called Sigil Synergy. You can always check them here.
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the close button to exit the Sigil Synergies screen, and then again to exit the Sigil System screen)
Arya.png Check the Sigil Tower every day, so you don't miss any precious Sigil Keys. Grab that one to have a new chest ready to open!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Sigil Key notification, and then the Claim button, to claim the free key)
Arya.png That's all I wanted to tell you about Sigils for now! Have fun experimenting with your new powers, Trainer!

See Also

  • Sigils, for detailed information about obtaining, equipping, and changing Sigils, as well as Sigil powers.




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