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Solo Events are limited-time competitions in which each Trainer participates individually. They are based on completing several tiers, each having three set goals with different requirements, and a prize awarded upon completing each tier.


Each tier has several items that must be collected. Items are each limited to a set number per a given timeframe, with a cooldown period needed before collecting more. Whenever items are received, a notification appears in the middle of the screen. If all available items for that period are already collected, the notification indicates how much time is left until the next can be collected. Each individual item can also be bought in exchange for Gems Icon.png Gems, by pressing the  Gems Icon.png /Item   button under the item. Notification - Item Received.png

Information Button

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following information panels:



  • Update 6.1: Added an optional event Leaderboard to some Solo Events, unlocked after milestones are completed, and the final reward is collected.
    • Added a repeatable milestone tier for completing tasks to gain leaderboard and additional rewards.
  • Update 2.9: Added notifications for when new event items are received, added the cooldown period under each item, and removed their description.
    • Added the cooldown period for items under each item.
  • Update 1.9: Discontinued spending Gold as a task.
  • Update 1.8: Introduced flying creatures as a task.
  • Update 1.5: Changed the refilling time for pool items to start refilling as soon as an item was obtained, rather than when the pool was fully empty.
  • Update 1.4: Reduced the number of tiers from 15 to 10.
    • Changed the Buy All Gems Icon.png button for the current tier, to have a button inside its snapshot.
  • Update 1.3: Add more varied goal types, such as winning fights and gifting friends.
    • Added more tiers from 5 to 10, resulting in longer events.
    • Added new tasks: breeding hybrid Dragons, winning Clockwork Dungeon fights, spending Gold, and gifting friends.
    • Replaced the winning battles task in the Dragon League with winning any kind of battle.
  • Update 1.2: Discontinued exploring Ruins tasks.
  • Update 1.1: Introduced.

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