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See Breeding for more information.

Token Dragons are Dragons for which a Breeding Token Icon.png Breeding Token, either permanent or limited, is (or was) made available.

About Breeding Tokens

Breeding Tokens Breeding Token Icon.png are special items that activate instantly upon obtaining. They provide an opportunity to breed a Limited-Time Dragon for either an indefinite or temporary period of time. These Dragons follow the same breeding principles as Normally-Breedable Dragons.

Five Breeding Tokens are obtained from the Dragon Collector Leaderboard while others are obtained through events. Once a token is obtained, a confirmation screen appears, giving the Trainer the option to close it through the   ok   button, or to breed the Dragon by pressing the Go To Breeding button. If a token is obtained for a Dragon already activated through another token, the period of time, during which the Dragon is available for breeding, is extended.

Once a Dragon with a permanent Breeding Token has been bred, such as those obtained through the Dragon Collector Leaderboard, it is removed from the possible breeding outcomes, it is only available for purchase or through methods other than breeding.

Permanent Token Dragons

Dragon Place Condition Token
Avocado Dragon Icon.png Avocado Dragon Dragon Collector
Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 3,500 Permanent
Runestone Dragon Icon.png Runestone Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 10,000
Droid Dragon Icon.png Droid Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 26,000
Panda Dragon Icon.png Panda Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 65,000
Pinata Dragon Icon.png Pinata Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 200,000
Moth Dragon Icon.png Moth Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 250,000
Dark Hunter Dragon Icon.png Dark Hunter Dragon Dragon Collector Points Icon.png 360,000

See Dragon Collector Leaderboard for more information.

Limited-Time Breeding Tokens

Arena Season Reward Dragons

Some Dragons are routinely made available in the Dragon League as Leaderboard Prizes. The Dragon Breeding Token Icon.png Breeding Token awarded for earning a spot in the top 3 depends on Season and League:

Seasons League Position
Legendary League Icon.png
Divine League Icon.png
Ancient League Icon.png
1, 4, 7, ... Mech Dragon Icon.png Mech Dragon Herald Dragon Icon.png Herald Dragon Night Fairy Dragon Icon.png Night Fairy Dragon 1-3
2, 5, 8, ... Tsunami Dragon Icon.png Tsunami Dragon Warlord Dragon Icon.png Warlord Dragon Red Rib Dragon Icon.png Red Rib Dragon 1-3
3, 6, 9, ... Red Feather Dragon Icon.png Red Feather Dragon Merchant Dragon Icon.png Merchant Dragon Amazon Dragon Icon.png Amazon Dragon 1-3

The lower leagues award a Dragon Breeding Token Icon.png Breeding Token as prize for the top 3 Trainers depending on Season and League:

Seasons League Position
League of Plant Icon.png League of Metal Icon.png
Plant & Metal
League of Energy Icon.png League of Void Icon.png
Energy & Void
League of Light Icon.png League of Shadow Icon.png
Light & Shadow
1, 4, 7, ... Pulsar Dragon Icon.png Pulsar Dragon Arboreal Dragon Icon.png Arboreal Dragon Jester Dragon Icon.png Jester Dragon 1-3
2, 5, 8, ... Nurture Dragon Icon.png Nurture Dragon Lunar Dragon Icon.png Lunar Dragon Perfume Dragon Icon.png Perfume Dragon 1-3
3, 6, 9, ... Brunhilda Dragon Icon.png Brunhilda Dragon Mutant Dragon Icon.png Mutant Dragon Xuanzang Dragon Icon.png Xuanzang Dragon 1-3

See Dragon League for more information.

Other Limited-Time Token Dragons

Almost any Limited-Time Dragon can be featured as a breeding token in another Event, and are often featured in Milestone Rewards Events, Solo Events, and weekend events as leaderboard prizes. Many of those Dragons appear in the list of Dragon pages below.

Note: Event names and dates can be found on Dragon pages.

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