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Treasure Hunt Event Icon.png

Treasure Hunt Events are limited-time events in which Trainers have to "dig" in a grid to loot various Prizes and Amulets.


Every 12 hours, from the beginning of the Treasure Hunt Event, Trainers complete various tasks to earn Shovels Icon.png Shovels. These are used to "dig" in a grid of 4x5 tiles on a map, revealing prizes hidden there. Each map provides prizes and 1 Amulet Icon.png Amulet, each located in random locations (different for each player on every map).

The goal on each map is to find the Amulet to advance to the next map. Amulets can then be used to get prize Dragons from the Event Altar. If all maps are completed, each remaining shovel is exchanged for a random prize from the reward pool.

Additional Shovels

Once a week during the event, typically an offer appear in the Free Rewards menu of Otto's Lotto which awards 5-10 free shovels in exchange for watching the same number of ad videos. Shovels are awarded only after all the offer videos are watched.


List of Quests
Task Qty Description Prize
Gold Icon.png 0/2 Collect Gold from your Habitats Shovel Icon.png 2
Food Icon.png 0/2 Collect Food from your Farms (any)
Battle Icon.png 0/2 Win a fight (Campaign map / Arena)
Hatching Event Icon.png 0/2 Hatch a Dragon (any)
Feeding Event Icon.png 0/2 Level up a Dragon (any)



Amulets Amulet Icon.png are a form of In-Game Currency that can be spent only at the event Altar. Amulets are traded at the event Altar in exchange for event Dragons.


See the Altar section for each event page for possible Dragon rewards.

Other Rewards

When an Amulet is not found in digging up a chosen tile, other rewards are given instead. Rewards in the prize pool typically include:

Possible Rewards Pool
1 Food Icon.png 2,000 *(Level Modifier)
2 Gold Icon.png 10,000 *(Level Modifier)
3 Arena Energy Icon.png 1
4 Portal Energy Icon.png 2
5 Scrolls Icon.png 2 [1]
6 Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png 1
7 Dragon Piece Ticket Icon.png 1
8 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 1
9 Excellent Materials - Primal.png 1
10 Good Materials - Primal.png 1
11 Average Materials - Primal.png 3
12 Gems Icon.png 1
13 Relic of Farming Icon.png 1
14 Relic of Exploration Icon.png 1
15-19 Decorations 1/5
  1. Scrolls do not always appear in the prize pool.


Treasure Hunt Altar Button.png

The Altar button, when pressed, opens the menu where Amulets are traded for event Dragons. Each event Dragon costs a set amount of Amulets, depending on the event. Notably, event Dragons may appear for different costs during different Treasure Hunt Events.

Information Button

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following information panels:


Map Backgrounds:

Other Images:


  • Update 7.7: Changed the free shovel amounts offered in exchange for watching ad videos to varied amounts, such as 5 videos for 5 shovels, instead of 10 for 10 on some platforms and servers
  • Update 7.5: Moved Treasure Hunt background 1 image to be in 12th position, which bumped backgrounds 2 - 11 (and the former 12th background) up in number sequence
  • Update 6.9: Added a special, one-off event
  • Update 6.7: Introduced 10 free shovels in exchange for watching 10 ad videos
  • Update 6.6: Introduced (and added data for) the event

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