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See VIP Status for more information.

As part of the VIP bonuses, 6 VIP-exclusive Dragons are made available at different VIP levels. These Dragons can only be bred or purchased with Gems while VIP Status is active and once the required VIP level is reached. Dragons unlocked at lower VIP levels remain unlocked as higher levels are reached.

VIP Level Unlocked Level 4 Level 8 Level 13 Level 16 Level 18 Level 20
VIP Dragon Mystic Dragon Icon.png Mystic Dragon Elixir Dragon Icon.png Elixir Dragon Midnight Dragon Icon.png Midnight Dragon Calavera Dragon Icon.png Calavera Dragon Quadwing Dragon Icon.png Quadwing Dragon Tiki Dragon Icon.png Tiki Dragon
Recommended Combination Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon + Lava Dragon Icon.png Lava Dragon Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon + Melon Dragon Icon.png Melon Dragon Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal Dragon + Rain Dragon Icon.png Rain Dragon Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth Dragon + Mist Dragon Icon.png Mist Dragon Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon + Nightmare Dragon Icon.png Nightmare Dragon Fire Dragon Icon.png Fire Dragon + Missile Dragon Icon.png Missile Dragon


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