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The Water Element is the fourth Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends and it is unlocked at Level 9. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Fire or Primal and weak when used against Water or Plant. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to attacks by Earth and Shadow, and is resistant to attacks by Water. Most Water-Element Dragons can live in the Water Habitat, with the exception of Legendary, Divine, Ancient, and Tyrant Dragons.

The Water skill is Revitalize, which heals all allied Dragons when used on an ally in battle.

The base Dragon is the Water Dragon. There are currently 296 Dragons with the Water Element.

Water-based Dragons

Dragon Rarity Elements Cost
Water Dragon Icon.png Water Dragon (edit) Common Water 10,000 Gold Icon.png
Pop Art Dragon Icon.png Pop Art Dragon (edit) Rare WaterFire 875 Gems Icon.png
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png Rustwater Dragon (edit) Uncommon WaterFire 333 Gems Icon.png
Cloud Dragon Icon.png Cloud Dragon (edit) Uncommon WaterWind 295 Gems Icon.png
Snow Dragon Icon.png Snow Dragon (edit) Common WaterEarth 50 Gems Icon.png
Bamboo Dragon Icon.png Bamboo Dragon (edit) Rare WaterPlant 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Melon Dragon Icon.png Melon Dragon (edit) Common WaterPlant 145 Gems Icon.png
Heliotrope Dragon Icon.png Heliotrope Dragon (edit) Rare WaterMetal 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Tricolor Dragon Icon.png Tricolor Dragon (edit) Rare WaterMetal 915 Gems Icon.png
Eel Dragon Icon.png Eel Dragon (edit) Common WaterEnergy 220 Gems Icon.png
Spinefin Dragon Icon.png Spinefin Dragon (edit) Rare WaterVoid 200 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Rain Dragon Icon.png Rain Dragon (edit) Common WaterVoid 200 Gems Icon.png
Summer Dragon Icon.png Summer Dragon (edit) Rare WaterLight 1,025 Gems Icon.png
Genie Dragon Icon.png Genie Dragon (edit) Rare WaterLight 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Submarine Dragon Icon.png Submarine Dragon (edit) Rare WaterShadow 1,080 Gems Icon.png
Imperial Dragon Icon.png Imperial Dragon (edit) Rare WaterFireWind 875 Gems Icon.png
Liquid Fire Dragon Icon.png Liquid Fire Dragon (edit) Rare WaterFirePlant 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Gondola Dragon Icon.png Gondola Dragon (edit) Epic WaterFireLight 1,999 Gems Icon.png
Leviathan Dragon Icon.png Leviathan Dragon (edit) Rare WaterWindFire 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Skater Dragon Icon.png Skater Dragon (edit) Rare WaterWindEarth 14 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Sprite Dragon Icon.png Sprite Dragon (edit) Epic WaterWindPlant 1,655 Gems Icon.png
Beach Day Dragon Icon.png Beach Day Dragon (edit) Epic WaterWindMetal 1,444 Gems Icon.png
Fjord Dragon Icon.png Fjord Dragon (edit) Epic WaterWindVoid 1,636 Gems Icon.png
Tuzi Dragon Icon.png Tuzi Dragon (edit) Epic WaterWindLight 1,650 Gems Icon.png
Aquatic Dragon Icon.png Aquatic Dragon (edit) Epic WaterWindShadow 1,645 Gems Icon.png
Glacier Dragon Icon.png Glacier Dragon (edit) Epic WaterWindShadow 25 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Clownfish Dragon Icon.png Clownfish Dragon (edit) Rare WaterEarthWind 850 Gems Icon.png
Kitsune Dragon Icon.png Kitsune Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEarthPlant 3,450 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png
Pipe Dragon Icon.png Pipe Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEarthEnergy 20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Raincoat Dragon Icon.png Raincoat Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEarthLight 1,799 Gems Icon.png
Turf Dragon Icon.png Turf Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEarthLight 1,672 Gems Icon.png
Axolotl Dragon Icon.png Axolotl Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEarthShadow 1,799 Gems Icon.png
Obsidian Aqua Bunny Dragon Icon.png Obsidian Aqua Bunny Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEarthShadow 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Seahorse Dragon Icon.png Seahorse Dragon (edit) Epic WaterPlantFire 1,610 Gems Icon.png
Elixir Dragon Icon.png Elixir Dragon (edit) Epic WaterPlantWind 1,555 Gems Icon.png
Harlequin Toad Dragon Icon.png Harlequin Toad Dragon (edit) Rare WaterPlantEarth $9.99 USD
Pineapple Dragon Icon.png Pineapple Dragon (edit) Epic WaterPlantEarth 1,590 Gems Icon.png
Sea Turtle Dragon Icon.png Sea Turtle Dragon (edit) Epic WaterPlantEnergy Unbuyable
Algae Dragon Icon.png Algae Dragon (edit) Epic WaterPlantVoid 1,722 Gems Icon.png
Chameleon Dragon Icon.png Chameleon Dragon (edit) Epic WaterPlantLight 1,920 Gems Icon.png
Pterois Dragon Icon.png Pterois Dragon (edit) Epic WaterPlantShadow 1,750 Gems Icon.png
Debutante Dragon Icon.png Debutante Dragon (edit) Epic WaterMetalFire 1,555 Gems Icon.png
Iceberg Dragon Icon.png Iceberg Dragon (edit) Epic WaterMetalEarth 1,556 Gems Icon.png
Dile Dragon Icon.png Dile Dragon (edit) Epic WaterMetalPlant 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Yellow Crown Dragon Icon.png Yellow Crown Dragon (edit) Epic WaterMetalEnergy 350 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Hammerhead Dragon Icon.png Hammerhead Dragon (edit) Epic WaterMetalVoid 1,700 Gems Icon.png
River Gold Dragon Icon.png River Gold Dragon (edit) Epic WaterMetalLight 1,700 Gems Icon.png
Trickster Dragon Icon.png Trickster Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEnergyFire 1,644 Gems Icon.png
Marshmallow Dragon Icon.png Marshmallow Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEnergyWind 1,777 Gems Icon.png
Ancient Emissary Dragon Icon.png Ancient Emissary Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEnergyVoid 1,767 Gems Icon.png
Cat Eel Dragon Icon.png Cat Eel Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEnergyLight 1,748 Gems Icon.png
Jellyfish Dragon Icon.png Jellyfish Dragon (edit) Epic WaterEnergyShadow 1,887 Gems Icon.png
Blueflame Dragon Icon.png Blueflame Dragon (edit) Epic WaterVoidFire 1,600 Gems Icon.png
Tsunami Dragon Icon.png Tsunami Dragon (edit) Epic WaterVoidWind 1,650 Gems Icon.png
Leopard-Print Dragon Icon.png Leopard-Print Dragon (edit) Epic WaterVoidEarth 1,611 Gems Icon.png
Gloom Lady Dragon Icon.png Gloom Lady Dragon (edit) Epic WaterVoidPlant 1,666 Gems Icon.png
Hippo Dragon Icon.png Hippo Dragon (edit) Epic WaterVoidLight 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Angler Dragon Icon.png Angler Dragon (edit) Epic WaterVoidShadow 1,830 Gems Icon.png
Manta Ray Dragon Icon.png Manta Ray Dragon (edit) Epic WaterVoidShadow $14.99 USD
Bright Dragon Icon.png Bright Dragon (edit) Epic WaterLightFire 1,652 Gems Icon.png
Memorial Dragon Icon.png Memorial Dragon (edit) Epic WaterLightWind 1,658 Gems Icon.png
Snowflake Dragon Icon.png Snowflake Dragon (edit) Epic WaterLightEarth 1,698 Gems Icon.png
Luduan Dragon Icon.png Luduan Dragon (edit) Epic WaterLightMetal 22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Slime Dragon Icon.png Slime Dragon (edit) Epic WaterLightEnergy 1,811 Gems Icon.png
Marine Dragon Icon.png Marine Dragon (edit) Epic WaterShadowFire 1,666 Gems Icon.png
Longgui Dragon Icon.png Longgui Dragon (edit) Epic WaterShadowEarth 1,620 Gems Icon.png
Duskwing Dragon Icon.png Duskwing Dragon (edit) Epic WaterShadowPlant 1,798 Gems Icon.png
Tracht Dragon Icon.png Tracht Dragon (edit) Epic WaterShadowMetal 1,888 Gems Icon.png
There are 68 Dragons with this Base Element.
Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included, see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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