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Chronos Unsealed.png

Chronos is a special Dragon, sealed into a statue on top of the Main Island waiting to be set free. It produces no Gold Icon.png Gold, has no stats, Elements, or Rarity, and does not have a Dragon Codex entry.


The Tyrants of Dragolandia shattered the Chronosian Seals to capture the great Dragon, Chronos. When the tyrants broke the Chronosian Seals, Professor Hogwin hid the shards anywhere he could, so they wouldn't be destroyed completely. In the end, Hogwin hid them throughout the Islands in various Ruins.


Chronos Sealed.png

Chronos is named after the Greek mythical being of time. Chronos was encased in pale gray stone and sits covered in patches of undisturbed snow. Its seals lost within each ruin are scattered beneath the statue, either etched into the stone platform, or glowing a faint white or teal depending on whether the relevant seal has been forged. Its posture appears Stoic and strong, its large wings held up proudly.

Freeing Chronos

Chronos is freed by exploring the Ruins, and finding and forging the missing shards.

Chronosian Seals: Reassemble and collect all six seals found in your island Ruins to unleash the great dragon, Chronos the Timekeeper. Together, you'll be able to Decrease Timers!


The following function buttons appear when Chronos is selected:

  1. Information 2 Button.pngInformation, for brief information about Chronos.
  2. Chronos Button.pngChronosian Seals, for viewing shards or forging seals.
  3. Clock Button.pngPowers, for breeding (appears after Chronos is freed).

Chronosian Seals

Chronosian Seals Forged.jpg
Chronosian Seals are artifacts of tremendous power. Each completed Ruin expedition has a chance to yield a Seal Shard. Collect all shards from each Ruin to wake up Chronos the Timekeeper!

Six Chronosian seals must be forged, each Ruin has three shards of a certain seal, which must be collected through repeated visits:

Ruin Chronosian Seal Found
Mystic Cave Mystic Cave Seal of Darkness.png Seal of Darkness
Ghost Ship Ghost Ship Seal of Adventure.png Seal of Adventure
Wildfire Marsh Wildfire Marsh Seal of Secrets.png Seal of Secrets
Skull Gate Skull Gate Seal of Souls.png Seal of Souls
Ancient Palace Ancient Palace Seal of History.png Seal of History
Magma's Lair Magma's Lair Seal of Dragonfire.png Seal of Dragonfire

See Ruins for complete information about obtaining the seals.

Whenever a piece of a seal is found, it affects the appearance of the platform around Chronos' statue:

  • First Piece: A new stone appears with a black seal.
  • Second Piece: The seal becomes teal.
  • Third Piece: The seal begins to glow teal.
  • Forged Seal: The seal glows both teal and white.

Viewing Shards or Seals

The current collection of seals (if any are possessed) is accessed by selecting Chronos, then pressing the Chronos Button.png button. When all three shards of a seal are collected, the option to forge the respective seal appears.

Forging Seals

Forging a seal is done by pressing the Chronos Button.png button, pressing the  Forge   button, and then confirming the choice by pressing the   Forge Seal!   button. If a seal has missing shards, the Find This Seal button appears instead, pressing it takes the Trainer to the ruin for which the needed shard(s) is found. Once all the seals are forged, the   Awaken Chronos   button appears after selecting the Chronos button.

Awakening Chronos


When awakening, Chronos' stone body begins to crack, starting with its head. Chronos shakes violently with the force of its unleashing (see video). It glows a brilliant white before finally breaking free, stretching its wings and flying straight up into the air, then returning to its mountain platform and letting out a victorious roar. Chronos remains stationed there for good in its unleashed form.

It now bears the resemblance of a blue Western-style dragon, quadrupedal with a set of wide, magenta wings. Three large claws are observed on each foot, it has two same colored spikes on its wide muzzle, and several more on the back and sides of its head. Its narrow eyes glow red with white irises, and its throat and belly are coated in large, armor-like, pale pink scales. The end of its tail sports a triangular point.

  • The Chronos Summoner Badge.png Chronos Summoner badge is awarded after awakening Chronos for the first time.


Time Decreasing

Chronos Time Wheel.png

All currently running timers decrease by 6 hours when a seal (except for the last) is forged, regardless of Chronos' level. When Chronos is freed, at its initial level, its powers Chronos Power Icon.png decrease most time-involved processes by 6 hours every 4 days. This ability can be used unlimited times, though a cooldown timer appears under Chronos until it can be used again.

Time-involved processes affected by forging seals or the power of Chronos include: Breeding, Hatching Icon.png Hatching, growing Food Icon.png Food, unlocking and building or upgrading Buildings, unlocking and exploring Ruins, awakening secondary Elements, training in the Dragon Academy, clearing Obstacles, Gold Vault cooldown, ascending Dragons and Fountain of Youth-related activities.

Conversely, the unaffected timers are:

Activating Powers

Activating Chronos' power is done by selecting Chronos, tapping the Clock Button.png button, then pressing the   Unleash!   button. Timers are immediately reduced.

When using its powers to speed up time, Chronos leaps into the air to hover briefly. After hovering, with a single flap of its wings, it begins to perform several reverse aerial flips around the image of a standard clock whose hands move rapidly around it. Chronos lets out a roar in the air before sedately returning to its station at the top of the mountain, its task performed, at which time it must rest to cool down.

Leveling Up

After Chronos is unsealed, the seals can be found again and the platform around its statue returns to its initial appearance until the shards are found once more. Chronos can be leveled a total of four times, each level decreasing the cooldown time of its power by 12 hours:

Level Time Reduction Cooldown
Level 1 6 hours 4 Days
Level 2 3 days 12 hours
Level 3 3 Days
Level 4 2 days 12 hours
Level 5 2 days

Chronos acquires a Chronoid each time the seals are forged again and its powers grow. Chronoids are Dragons that closely resemble their larger counterpart, though there are subtle differences. Their muzzles are noticeably shorter and rounder, and their bodies are stockier. The color of their eyes is the same as but are more almond-shaped, and they have fewer, blunted spikes on the back and sides of their heads. They have pink, armor-like scales covering the front of their throats and bellies, and their short, wide tails taper to a point.

As they fly around Chronos, they leave behind starry purple flight trails. The Chronoids have no power, no elements, no rarity, cannot be used in any way, and serve no other purpose apart from their quantity indicating Chronos' current level.

Information Button

The Information 2 Button.png button, when pressed, provides the following information panel(s):


The Trainer interacts with this character in the event dialogues below.


The First FireDragon Board (19/11/08) (edit)

Ned.png "Since time began its wicked turn, primordial fires burn and burn. If Chrono Dragons raise concern, the Proto Dragons soon return."
Ned.png I couldn't get that prophecy out of my head, ever since I touched it on the wall in the Rift... But now the Rifts are closed, and Chronos isn't giving me any answers.
Chronos Icon.png (That's right, pup. I've given you enough to work with -- the rest is yours to figure out.)
Ned.png AND its VOICE won't get out of my head either! AGH! I feel like I'm going nuts!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ... It's a good thing I found you before Chronos transported us here. I don't know what it was thinking, but...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Now that you're, er, yelling at yourself, I don't know if I'd trust you navigating this strange place alone.

Ned.png I've... never seen a dragon like that before -- at least, not in Dad's Codex.
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (What is a "Codex"? Is it edible? And what are your names? Who are you? Are you edible?)
Ned.png Wait, wait, wait! I can hear YOU, too?! Otto -- help! There are dragons in my brain! This is LITERALLY my worst nightmare!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Sorry... I'm not sure what to do. I've flown the great seas in my balloon, but I've never encountered anything like THIS...
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (There's nothing to be afraid of, little human. The magma here makes life good for your kind and mine. It's what New Dragolandia is famous for.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (Did you not know that? What else do you not know? Will I find out if I battle you?)

Ned.png That dragon we fought told us we're in "New Dragolandia"... Otto, have you ever been to a place like that?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I can't say I have... But maybe we'll get some answers from this creature -- it looks like it wants to tell you something, boy!
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (Your guardian is correct! I am called Zoli -- here on behalf of the Divines of the Pyramid. They wish to deliver you a message, hatchling.)
Ned.png I don't wish to hear it!
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (When you touched the ancient prophecy, the age-old bond between yourself and my kind was restored. Hooray!)
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (It is good, because we will need human help in the future. The future that your kind have irrevocably marred...)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Hello! Are you the new Scaleless? We're all very confused about you. Some are happy, some are scared. Me? I'm neither -- I'm Ik'ez.)
Ned.png I-I'm... um... I'm Ned. A-And this is my friend, Otto. (I can't believe I'm doing this...)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Okay! I'm gonna fight you and scare you away now. My hatcher will surely praise me if I do!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (But if I don't, my hatcher might be angry... They're scary when they're angry. It's bad! That's why I have to beat you!)
Ned.png I really don't like that logic!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Are you okay, Ned? Hoggie would never forgive me if I let anything happen to you.
Ned.png I wish Dad were here right now, honestly. He'd handle this way better than I ever could. I bet he'd give up his Codex to have this power I don't even want!
Amazon Dragon Icon.png (Quiet your noisy snout, Scaleless! Your kind is so loud, so disruptive, so ungrateful! I can't stand your kind!)
Ned.png W-Wait, what? Um, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad -- I don't really know what to do about my... scaleless-ness.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png It's rare for a dragon to show true anger at a human. How odd... Or is this how dragons have thought all along?!

Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello, sweet little humans! It's nice to see your species thriving, but I do hope you're not here to dig up my nice earth, like some of your kin...)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png This one seems a little friendlier than the last. What's it saying, boy?
Ned.png W-We're not here to dig up anyth-- Wait... YOUR earth?
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Well, I made it, didn't I? All the soft soil and soaring mountains -- those're mine! So please don't hurt them, okay?)
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Of course, my nice earth would be nothing without magma and heat. That's why I have to battle you, before I let you meet my leader!)

Rathorn.png There you are! Are you two the newcomers that've got our dragons all worked into a tizzy? Ah -- and Audo, is that you?
Ned.png RATHORN?! What in Dragolandia are YOU doing here? And who's Audo?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ...
Rathorn.png Eh? Who is this "Rathorn"? My name is Delith, and it seems like I've misnamed you, my familiar-looking friend.
Rathorn.png Well, confusion aside, I'm sure you two are here for some of New Dragolandia's famous dragon battles.
Rathorn.png Unfortunately, I've only got time to entertain you with a single one! Strange things are afoot, and my presence is needed elsewhere.

Ned.png So, either Rathorn's got another personality, and I'm hallucinating all this, or dreaming, or... Have I lost my mind, Otto? I'm scared.
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png (Scared? Of me?)
Ned.png Huh...? NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT: YES! I am VERY scared of you, and I want to go home!
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png (I have never understood your human fears. Why fear the dark -- especially when it cools the oppressive heat around you?)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I don't know what that Darkfire Dragon is saying, boy, but we don't need to fear it. When we battle dragons, we understand them better...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And if you take a moment to understand someone, no matter what they look like, you'll find you're less afraid...

Ned.png *sigh* I've been thinking about what you said, Otto... I'll try to understand dragons -- I mean, I have that ability now, I guess.
Titan Dragon Icon.png (Can you understand? That's good -- my human can't! I used to be able to talk with her, but she can't hear me anymore...)
Ned.png That's--! (Take a deep breath, Ned, you can do this...)
Ned.png *sigh* That's really sad, actually. It hurts to be misunderstood by someone you love. Um... is there anything we can do to, uh, help?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png (Yes! Way to go, boy! Ah, if only Hoggie could see you now...!)
Titan Dragon Icon.png (Well, you could tell my human I'd like more fruit for breakfast... And you can battle me! My human never knows when I want to play anymore!)

Oyar Dragon Icon.png (You must be the strange Scaleless from another realm, new to my lively caldera your kind call "New Dragolandia.")
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hm. This one looks important. What's it saying, Ned my boy?
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (I am called Oyar. It was I who crawled forth from the earth's egg, split the land, and created this place where Scaleless and Scaled co-exist.)
Ned.png Um... Otto, I think we're meeting God.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Not God -- Oyar! You Scaleless can be so presumptuous. Come now, battle me so that I may know who you truly are!)

Oyar Dragon Icon.png (It is strange -- I cannot get a proper read on you. I know the rest of the Scaleless here like the pads of my claw, but I sense chaos in you two...)
Rathorn.png Oyar! Are you bothering these humans? You must remember to treat them as equals, with respect and empathy.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Hmph. It is difficult, Delith, when so many of them turn away from us in favor of their futile industry. Why, we cannot even speak as we used to.)
Rathorn.png I apologize, Audo, and you, young man. Oyar is frustrated that we humans have recently had difficulty "hearing" our dragon compatriots.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I... *sigh* It's Otto, not Audo. Otto.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Let us battle again. I want to know more about these Scaleless. I sense they are from farther away than I once thought.)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello again! Did you just battle my hatcher, Oyar? No wonder you look like wobbly hatchlings!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (But if you battled Oyar, and you're still here, that must mean you're "good." Good Scaleless can stay. I like them because they're fun -- like me!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (I LIKE playing with their machines. Sometimes, I make them explode, and the Scaleless run all around like ants! Say, Tall One, can I make YOU explode?)
Ned.png Um, Otto, you might want to step back. This one's a little unstable...
Ned.png Yeah, I think I'm beginning to understand why it's so important for people and dragons to understand each other.

Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I see you two've mingled with my more brutish comrades. They've become especially annoying since our understanding of humans grows thinner.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (It's a shame for me, too. I enjoy learning about your kind. I always want to know more.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (But I am young, and I'm told that before I was hatched, humans and dragons spoke much and were tightly intertwined.)
Ned.png If... if it makes you feel better, where I'm from, I have lots of friends who love your kind, and take care of them...
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I see. It sounds like a beautiful future I can only dream of. Now, allow me to battle you. I am growing fond of you two.)
Ned.png *sigh* All right... Wait, future--?!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Fill me in, Ned. It seems we've stumbled on quite a complicated situation -- and by some miracle, you're the one bearing the brunt of it.
Ned.png Based on everything we've been told... AND everything I've read in what little written history I can find...
Ned.png I think we're FAR in the past, like, at the beginning of everything we know... And I think that humans and dragons were ALL able to talk to each other.
Ned.png But the humans can't really hear the dragons anymore, and it's making everyone sad, and confused...
Ned.png Speaking of... Otto, you've been acting a little weird around Delith (and don't get me started on that Rathorn lookalike!) What's that abou--?
Warden Dragon Icon.png (Hey! Your clumsy claws are tromping too close to my nest! You Scaleless never listen to anyone but yourselves, do you?!)

Ned.png Otto, you... Will you tell me what's going on? Why does Delith keep calling you "Audo"? Who IS Delith?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ... There are a few things you and your dad don't know about me. What I can tell you is: I think-- no, I KNOW Delith is a distant relative of Rathorn.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I'm sorry, boy, I'm not ready to say much more. And I've got no clue what made Delith's descendants eventually turn their backs on dragons...
Ironcast Dragon Icon.png (Ah-ha! Humans! I positively adore humans! They used the caldera's magma to give my scales this GORGEOUS shape! Isn't it magnificent?)
Ironcast Dragon Icon.png (Won't you battle me, you darling humans? It'll be such fun to show off my moves!)

Molim Dragon Icon.png (You're looking less fearful than the last time I saw you, little human. I'm glad, although it makes me want to give you a fright...)
Molim Dragon Icon.png (Forgive me. As a being of shadow, I enjoy a trick or two! But I am much more interested in unusual specimens like you and your guardian, and Delith...)
Rathorn.png And I am grateful for your fondness, Molim! This dragon is an excellent ally in my efforts to ease the growing divide between our species...
Rathorn.png Alas, this crusade of understanding is why I've been so busy. How can we live together when humans and dragons look ever-away from each other?
Ned.png This... this is exactly what Dad fought for all those years ago! Delith, I think I understand you, and I think I get why dragons are so special...
Molim Dragon Icon.png (The hatchling is growing before my eyes. Won't you humans entertain me with a battle of brain and brawn, in celebration?)

Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Delith! My earthquake made a whole new island! I think I'll call it "Arto." Will you ask the other humans to start planting trees upon it?)
Ned.png Arto! Otto, did you hear that? They just MADE Arto! Is this really how the Dragolandian islands began?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Delith, this might be hard to understand, but... Ned and I are from the far future of Dragolandia. We've been sent here, but we're not sure why.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And the boy's suddenly been given the ability to understand dragons, as you can see. It's... probably a good thing, but there's a lot we don't know.
Rathorn.png That's... er... quite a lot to take in, although it's in line with Oyar's suspicions of you.
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Enough of this serious talk -- I'm so excited, I want to battle!)

Molim Dragon Icon.png (Hatchling Ned, I sense great reluctance, but also great resolve in you. I am drawn to creatures like you and your guardian, who exist between worlds.)
Ned.png That's pretty spot on... I think I know what I have to do now. Like the prophecy said, I need one -- or all -- of you guys to come with us to the future.
Molim Dragon Icon.png (It's as I thought. The oddest of us always have the best stories. I can only urge you to do what's right with your knowledge and your gift.)
Ned.png I... I will. I'll try.
Molim Dragon Icon.png (Come, it does no good to frown. Let us have a rollicking battle to send you off on your great destiny!)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Molim told me you two are leaving, so Oyar is going to put me in charge while they accompany you!)
Ned.png Oyar is coming with us...? Wow-- Wait, YOU'RE gonna be in charge?!
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Yeah. Yamad doesn't think I can do it, but I can! I can help humans with their machines, and make sure everything's hot, and... stuff.)
Ned.png Um, Ik'ez, right? I know what it's like to be different from your dad. Or hatcher. It's hard, but I hope you do what's right. And not explode stuff.
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (If that's what it means to be a good leader, then... I guess I'll try! Hey, Ned, will you battle me again?)

Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I hear Oyar is going to the future with you two. I'm worried what it will mean for us, but I know it's important.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I like to worry, and I like to think. Others say that's unusual, but I don't care. I want to see the future one day. I hope it's interesting.)
Ned.png It's... definitely interesting. And I think it's good to think hard about stuff, Yamad! Here, I'll give you one of my books so you can study the future.
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (... Thank you. I like you, Ned, and your quiet guardian. Will you battle me before you go?)
Ned.png Yeah -- we'd be happy to!

Ned.png Oyar, if my thinking is right, we need your help to stop a really bad future from happening -- a future that threatens dragons, and all Dragolandia.
Rathorn.png *sigh* I can't help but be anxious about all this, but I know it's for the best. Tell me, at least, has my work mattered at all in your future?
Ned.png It... ... Actually, yeah, it has. It mattered a lot, a-and I'll make sure it continues to matter, Delith!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Come on, Ned. We've got a lot of work to do.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Indeed. I'd like to battle one last time before we get to it! Scaleless-- no, humans, let us celebrate!)

Origin of VoidDragon Board (22/10/10) (edit)

Chronos Icon.png (Edward Hogvanhog... can you hear me...?)
Ned.png Ugh... Chronos? Is that you? I-I can hear you, but I can't see you...
Chronos Icon.png (What you will witness here will be confusing... and terrifying... but I have equipped you with three gifts. Use them well.)
Chronos Icon.png (All I ask is that you remember what you experience in this forgotten time... and keep the love of dragons alive in your heart...)
Arya.png Ned! Hey! Are you okay? We gotta find out where we are... This place is crazy!
Ned.png S-sure, I just heard Chronos' voice and-- Whoa, Arya, watch out!

Arya.png Those Lightning and Energy Dragons seemed pretty upset... They wanted to battle, but definitely not for fun!
Tesla Dragon Icon.png (Can you blame them? The Void Tribe is swallowing our world whole -- and us Energy Dragons are some of the last lines of defense!)
Ned.png Wh-what?!
Eel Dragon Icon.png (Do not play dumb. We know you are a servant of the Void... Just look; one of their kind is following you!)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (... ... ...)
Tesla Dragon Icon.png (Like any other Void Dragon, it keeps its secrets... But we'll beat it out of you!)

Ned.png A Dynamo Dragon! When I met the Ancient Energy Tribe, I learned that these guys are sort of like their devotees...
Dynamo Dragon Icon.png (We remain loyal to the Energy Tribe.)
Dynamo Dragon Icon.png (This is why I must demand you give Adatz to us.)
Arya.png Adatz...? I wonder if the Dynamo Dragon is talking about our quiet companion!
Arya.png Well? What do you say, Adatz?
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I... cannot. Not yet. I request your protection, for now.)

Arya.png Adatz, you said you need our help... But, with what?
Solar Dragon Icon.png (Forget that horrible Void dragon! My companion needs help -- I can't understand it anymore!)
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png (...)
Ned.png Ugh... it's true; I can't tell what the Doomsday Dragon is saying...
Solar Dragon Icon.png (...)
Arya.png And I can't understand the Solar Dragon now, either! But I know that look... They wanna get their claws on us something fierce!

Ned.png Adatz, can't you tell us what's going on? It feels like the end of the world!
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (The end of your world, yes. It's very likely. Despite the efforts of many, Void has nearly overtaken reality as you know it.)
Ned.png W-well why aren't you doing anything about it?! Why shouldn't we stop you right now?!
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (Stopping me will accomplish nothing. I am merely a knowledge database. I gather information, to be deleted when the Void Tribe completes their mission.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (You... are a new source of information. Yet you feel somehow familiar.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I would like to battle you -- it is the quickest way to learn more about you.)

Ned.png We defeated Adatz, but it's still following us around...
Arya.png I can't help thinking it's more than just a dragon computer. Maybe these two dragons can clear things up?
Ned.png According to the Codex, they have the Energy element, but...
Arya.png I know. I can't understand them, either.
Ned.png And what's worse -- they do NOT seem friendly!
Arya.png Battle time, Ned!

Arya.png Agh! Watch out! That Dark Mech Dragon nearly gave you a close shave!
Ned.png *shudder* And my beard hasn't even started growing in yet...!
Arya.png What's come over all these dragons...? I thought I could understand them now, but--!
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (Creatures like you cannot hope to comprehend them as they are.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (Their only thoughts are of spreading the Void. They are like new hatchlings.)
Arya.png Grr... I'd like to have a "word" with these Void Ancients, but for now we'd better save our own hides!

Arya.png Heeere Doom Dragon... You can't resist a Royal Fig, can you--?
Arya.png YOWCH! It bit me... I guess Adatz was right -- you really can't reason with these dragons!
Ned.png If the best Trainer I know can't wrangle the dragons here, we might be in real trouble...
Arya.png Aww, I'm the best Trainer you know?
Ned.png Th-that's not the point!

Ned.png I-is that the Hel Dragon?! Finally, a dragon we can reason with!
Arya.png Hel Dragon, we're way better friends in the future than we are now, but can't you help us stop the Void Ancients?
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Hm... I seem to remember you two from some hundreds of years ago. You seem as meddling now as you were then.)
Hel Dragon Icon.png (And I happen to believe the Void would provide a lovely improvement to my underworld!)
Hel Dragon Icon.png (So, if you plan on disrupting the plans of the Void Tribe, I'm afraid I may have to disrupt YOU.)

Solum Dragon Icon.png (*bloop* *gloop* *burble*)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (The Void of Abyss, Abrua, approaches. It is impossible for two young humans to defeat it.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I would like to learn more from you while you are alive, so I suggest you flee. Now. Immediately. Please.)
Arya.png Y-you heard, Adatz, Ned-- P-please, let's hurry! Ned!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Oy! Not so fast, Void beast! You kids have done great -- don't worry. We'll take care of things here.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Surprised to see us, are you? Never fear; we'll make short work of this Void Ancient!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Ned, Arya... are you two okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Ned.png N-no, we're just freaked out. At least, I am, but I don't think I've ever seen Arya look so scared, either.
Arya.png I-I'm fine... I just wasn't expecting to see Heinrich of all people! What are you two doing here?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Some smug dragon calling itself Chronos sent us to this nightmare. I'VE got no idea why, but Otto seems to know something...
Ned.png Yeah, Otto seems to know a LOT, doesn't he? And he's tight-lipped about it, too!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Grrmm... I'll explain later. For now, let's make sure we don't become dragon food.

Ned.png Thank you for saving us, Otto... but I don't know how I'm supposed to trust you.
Arya.png What are you talking about, Ned? Are you feeling okay?
Ned.png H-he's a Tyrant! He told me so himself, when we were sent to the time of the Energy Ancients!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I'm sorry... I had my reasons for keepin' it a secret.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Bah! With a reaction like THAT, can you blame him? We Tyrants have been persona non grata in Dragolandia for years now!
Arya.png Y-you too, Heinrich?! Everyone just... COOL IT -- we need to focus on this battle before we reveal any more secrets!

Arya.png So... let me get this straight: Otto, and Heinrich, you two are Tyrants...?
Heinrich the Hideous.png We're also cousins. I bet Otto didn't tell you that either, did he?
Ned.png WHAT?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Well, it ain't like I'm particularly proud of it!
Ned.png We don't have to deal with this, Arya... Let's go.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png No! Like it or not, you two need our help, and we need yours. These dragons are too far gone to show you what I mean... but I promise I'll explain. Soon as I can.

Arya.png Watch it! These dragons are really aggressive, too... Are you sure you can help them, Otto?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Listen. I've read your notes on the history of Dragolandia, Ned, and I saw a common thread: My ancestors, Tyrants, have always worked with dragons.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Except when things got really bad, but, well... If we can get these beasts to remember our shared history...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ...then maybe we'll have a few more allies. We'll stand half a chance against these Void Ancients.
Ned.png ... Maybe a few of the Ancients will listen to you, too. It's worth a shot. Let's see if it works!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Let's try our method on this dragon. Ned, Arya, you can translate for us, can't you?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Tell these dragons... "Remember your place, as the allies of Tyrants!"
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Mmm... too self-important. How about "Remember our friendship, from history's start -- humans and dragons shall never be part... ed."
Ned.png D-does it have to rhyme...? I don't think the meter is quite right--
Arya.png It doesn't matter! We'll get the point across!

Arya.png I think the plan might be working! Dragons are still attacking us, but they feel way less hostile...
Arya.png It's like they're trying to figure out if they can trust us... like they're hatchlings!
Ned.png This entire time, dragons and humans -- Tyrants, even -- had been fighting and making up again...
Ned.png But I had no idea Ancient Dragons could take it this far. It's... scary.
Heinrich the Hideous.png We'll take them down -- never fear! After all, I'd hate to see a future where the Void Tribe succeeds!
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (...)

Ned.png Hey, Adatz... you've been pretty quiet.
Heinrich the Hideous.png It's part of the Void Tribe -- it's probably plotting our downfall, should we get more dragons on our side.
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I am not on a "side." I am a database. I am merely compiling information.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (However... I contain materials from the Energy Ancient O'won. That part of me... wishes for your safety.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (Whatever may happen, I... hope you will not hate my brethren. They are simply doing what is natural to them.)
Arya.png Don't worry, Adatz -- no matter what, there will be people who love dragons!

Heinrich the Hideous.png After seeing all of this, I'm not surprised by Rathorn's decision to keep this power in check. Machines are far easier to control than dragons.
Ned.png All my research points toward Ancient Dragons being forces of nature... Maybe that's why the Tyrants of our time try to rule over the natural world...
Arya.png So... they think dragons are too strong? But that's why Dr. Hogwin had such a hard time convincing people to train dragons! They were afraid!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Unfortunately, they might've had good reason to be fearful...
Arya.png Well, I don't buy it! Let's show these dragons they have a friend in us, and vice versa!
Ned.png Heh... Arya, I'm gonna borrow some of your confidence.

Singularity Dragon Icon.png (Thank you for your efforts. You might be too late. What you see here is the last bit of solid ground in all the world.)
Arya.png I can understand you... but I don't like what I'm hearing!
Singularity Dragon Icon.png (Our only hope is to seek E'mun, and Nihl. If they are defeated, the Void will begin to fade, and Dragolandia will be born anew.)
Singularity Dragon Icon.png (If you really can do it... we will help you. We will lead you to E'mun, at least -- but please, show us you are strong enough.)
Ned.png We've come this far... we can't go back now. Chronos was right -- you three are my gifts!
Arya.png Aww... that's sweet. But don't go making it my new nickname!

Adatz Dragon Icon.png (We are close to Nihl, the creator of Void... This is E'mun, whom Nihl also created. It remains close to its creator...)
Ned.png But... if "Void" is nothingness, then why did Nihl create E'mun? Why did it make something out of nothing?
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I do not know.)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Dragons... They're always more complicated than we think.
Arya.png But they all love to battle. I bet E'mun is no different... right, E'mun? Let's try to understand each other.
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (... Be careful.)

Ned.png Ugh... my head... I can't think... Being around this dragon... tears all the thoughts from my head...!
Chronos Icon.png (Ned Human... now you know the truth. This is the event that separated humans and dragons for centuries. This is what birthed Tyrants as we know them...)
Chronos Icon.png (But it must come to pass. The alternative is too terrible.)
Ned.png Wh-why did you send us to the past... if we weren't able to help...?!
Chronos Icon.png (You planted the seeds of friendship in the hearts of Ancients. You will tell the true history of Dragolandia, you will absolve the wrongs of the past--)
Arya.png Ned...! Can you hear me...? Let's finish this together -- and we'll see each other in the future! No matter what it brings...!

See Also

  • Islands, for information about Ruin locations and unlock costs to find shards.
  • Ruins, for detailed information about finding shards in the Ruins, time reduction for finding one, and their drop rates.


  • Update 2.7: Added four levels to Chronos, achieved by re-obtaining Ruin shards.
    • Made Chronoids appear, one each time Chronos is leveled.
    • Altered the visual appearance of clock that appears when Chronos' power is used.
    • Added an "i" or information button when Chronos is selected.
    • Moved the screen for activating Chronos' power under his clock button.
    • Made pressing the Chronos button show only the collection of seals
  • Update 2.1: Added A notification toggle under Options Menu > Notifications for when Chronos is ready to use its powers
  • Update 1.1: Introduced

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