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Clam (Closed).png

The Clam is a structure, shaped like an ocean clam, that offers daily Gems Icon.png Gems in exchange for real money. The Clam is located between the Main Island and the smaller, unnamed island branching from it.

A giant Clam has emerged from the sea. Open Clam for daily tresure

Subscription Offer[edit source | edit]

When subscribed to, the Clam gives the Trainer an initial number of Gems and VIP points at purchase, then a fixed number of additional Gems per day upon opening, both in accordance to the subscription. The subscription lasts for 30 days, and Gems collected from are added to the user's VIP level.

Important Icon.png The user has 24 hours to collect the Gems for that day, or they are lost.
Subscription Initial Gems VIP Points Gems per Day Total Gems Full Price
Ruby Gems Icon.png 100 VIP Dragons Icon.png 400 Gems Icon.png 10 Gems Icon.png 400 $4.99 USD*
Diamond Gems Icon.png 200 VIP Dragons Icon.png 800 Gems Icon.png 20 Gems Icon.png 800 $9.99 USD*
Emerald Gems Icon.png 550 VIP Dragons Icon.png 1600 Gems Icon.png 35 Gems Icon.png 1,600 $19.99 USD*
* Prices for the same offer may vary by location and/or even by platform. Occasionally, sale prices are offered for some packages (e.g., $2.99 USD for the Diamond subscription).

Notifications[edit source | edit]

The Green-Bordered Gem Icon.png icon displays above the Clam whenever it is ready to give Gems that day, while the Yellow-Bordered Promotions Icon.png icon displays when there is an ongoing Clam offer.

History[edit source | edit]

  • Update 2.0: Introduced, positioned between the Main Island and the small, unnamed island.

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