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Clan Coins

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Clan Coins Icon.png

Clan Coins Clan Coins Icon.png are the main currency used to purchase Card Packs for exclusive Card Dragons, or to activate the powers of the Clan Fortress. They can also be used in the Clan Shop to purchase various items.


The primary way to obtain Clan Coins is to participate in Clan Events and complete Clan Quests (between 90 and 130 are awarded per quest). In Clan Events, these coins are awarded as leaderboard prizes (between 750 and 5,000), are given in exchange for duplicate Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces of already-owned Clan Dragons (between 50 and 500), and are awarded to the MVP of the Clan (between 500 and 3,000). A maximum of 1,000 coins can be obtained from Clan Quests Icon.png Clan Quests daily by individual Clan members. The limit resets daily at 03:00 UTC. Daily Tasks Daily Tasks Icon.png also award a small amount of Clan Coins.

Amounts Possessed

The amount of Clan Coins currently possessed can be viewed from the Clan interface, by pressing the Clan Shop button. The amount appears in the counter Clan Coins Icon.png200  at the top-right of the screen.


Despite their name, Clan Coins do not belong to the Clan, they belong to, and are earned by, individuals participating in a Clan. The storage and use of Clan Coins also has no effect on the Clan. When a Clan is left, Clan Coins are retained by the player, and can continue to be used to purchase card packs, though they can only be used to activate Clan Fortress powers when in a Clan.

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