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Clan Dragon Power Token

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Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png

Clan Dragon Power Tokens Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png are tokens used to activate Clan Fortress powers. One token activates the power one time.

Obtaining[edit source | VE]

Tokens are received by Clan members whenever another Clan member purchases 50 or more Gems during a Gift Giver promotion.

Clan Gifts For Gem Packs!.png

Storage[edit source | VE]

Clan Dragon Power Tokens are held in the All and Consumables tabs of the inventory Inventory Icon.png.

Use[edit source | VE]

Tokens are used by selecting the Clan Fortress, tapping the Powers Button.png button, then the   Use Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png  button.

Tokens can also be used from Inventory by pressing the   USE   button on their Inventory snapshot.

History[edit source | VE]

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