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Clan Fortress

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See Clans for more information.

Fortress - Level 5.png
Hatch and train Clan Dragons alongside your fellow trainers to win weekly tournaments. Chat, share, and battle to guide your Clan to victory!
Houses all functions related to Clans.

Cost: Free
Requirements: Creating or Joining a Clan
Upgradable: Can be leveled
Can go in Inventory: No

The Clan Fortress is a physical Building where Trainers join together to form a Clan. The fortress is located on a small island south-east of the Main Island, next to the Lighthouse and Totem of Friendship.

Building Functions

The following function buttons appear when the building is selected:

  1. Information 2 Button.pngInformation, for reading basic information about Clans.
  2. Create Clan Button.pngCreate or Join, for creating or joining a Clan (appears when not in a Clan).
  3. Clan Button.pngOpen, for opening the Clan interface (appears when in Clan).
  4. Clan Dragon Button.pngClan Fortress, shortcut to the Clan Fortress screen (appears when in a Clan).

Clan Information

See Clans for in-depth information about Clans.

Creating or Joining a Clan

See Clans for information about creating, joining and participating in a Clan.

Opening the Clan Interface

Selecting the Clan Fortress, then pressing the Clan Button.png is not the only way to open the Clan interface, though it is the only method attached to a physical building.

See Clans for information on other ways the Clan interface is accessed.

Clan Fortress

Enigma Egg Button.png

Clan Event Button.png

In the Clans interface, the Clan Fortress button houses all functions related to the Clan Fortress Powers, Clan Dragons, and Clan Events. This button features an Enigma Egg if the clan is new or has a Clan Dragon needing to be hatched, or it features the current active Dragon if no hatching is needed. Once a Clan dragon is hatched, the Clan is eligible to play in events and the Clan Fortress button may also display one or more countdowns timers, including days until event participation opt-in, the next event, or the current event's end. From outside a Clan, if a Clan Event is in-progress the Clan Dragon Button.png button appears depicting the currently active Clan Dragon; this button provides a shortcut to directly access the Clan Fortress screen.

Pressing the Clan Fortress option opens the Clan Fortress courtyard, displaying the current egg or active Dragon and other buttons:

  • Powers Button.png – Open Clan Fortress power, which reduces the timers on all Hatchery slots depending on Fortress Level.
  • Collection 2 Button.png – Open the Clan Dragons Collection.
  • Next Event Button.png – Show the next Clan Event type, time until start, and recommended Clan Dragons for the event (appears only between events).
  • Hatching Event Icon.png Hatch – Hatch a Clan Dragon egg (appears only if there are eggs to hatch).

At the left edge of the screen also appears:

See Clans for more information.

Fortress Power

Though the fortress cannot be upgraded by individual Trainers, it is leveled collectively by member actions within a Clan, and has a power. The Clan Fortress power reduces hatching times on all occupied Hatchery slots, and is used individually; this means only members of a Clan can use the Clan Fortress power.

Hatching Time Reduction

The amount of time reduction is determined by fortress level:

Level Time Reduction
Level 1 40 minutes
Level 2 50 minutes
Level 3 60 minutes
Level 4 70 minutes
Level 5 80 minutes


Clan Events are limited-time competitions Clans can participate in only if they have a fully hatched Clan Dragon. Clan members work together to reach milestones, compete against each other and other Clans, to earn rewards. For the duration of the event, Clan Quests give items needed for Clans to progress through the event, in addition to the regular rewards.

There are 4 types of Clan events, The Great Dragon Race, Emerald Wars, Sugar Rush and Clan Siege. Clan events begin on Mondays at 09:00 UTC and end Fridays at the same hour. On rare occasions, these events occur during the weekend. Members who joined the clan after an event starts, cannot participate and have to wait until the next event.


Enigma Egg (Pedestal).png

The Clan Fortress was destroyed when the Enigma Egg crash-landed on it, and it is rebuilt by creating or joining a Clan. As the Clan reaches certain levels, the Fortress changes its appearance.

See Membership & Levels for information about Clan Levels associated with the state of the Clan Fortress for more information.

Moving, Selling, or Storing

Unlike some other buildings, the Clan Fortress is permanently fixed in place, it cannot be moved, sold, or stored in Inventory.


  • Update 5.0: Added ability to reduce the timers on all ongoing hatchings (when the power moved to the Fortress when Clan Dragon powers were revamped).
  • Update 2.6: Introduced the Clan Fortress's different forms when Clan Dragons were introduced.
  • Update 2.0: Introduced, but initially inactive.
    • Activated the Clan Fortress.

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