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Clan Siege (17/08/28)

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Clan Siege Generic Banner.jpg
Clan Siege is an event in which participating Clans complete various tasks to earn Spellbooks needed for sprites they then summon, which are then used by the Clan Dragon, allowing it to attack the opposing Clan's base.
Started 28 August 2017
Ended 1 September 2017
Duration 4 Days
Type Clan
Clan Event MVP Icon.png Reward 2,000 Clan Coins Icon.png
First Prize
1 Clan Events - Grand Prize Card Pack.png x Score Multiplier
(Maximum Three)

The requirements and rewards stated in this article are that of Clan League 4, the highest league open at the time of this event, while the Food and Gold rewards belong to the highest level modifier.

Explanation of Mechanics

Clan Siege Sprite Icon.png

After Spellbooks are collected, Clan Siege Sprites Clan Siege Sprite Icon.png must be summoned before they can be used, and each takes 3 hours to be summoned in exchange for 2 Spellbooks. Once the Trainer has enough Spellbooks to summon a Sprite, they can press the 2 Spellbook Icon.png button under any of the unsummoned sprites. All the sprites can be summoned at the same time, provided the Trainer has enough Spellbooks to do so. The Get button will be shown under the slot for the last Sprite if the Trainer's VIP membership is inactive.

The waiting time can be skipped Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png in exchange for Gems. Each Clan member can have a maximum of 5 sprites at any given time. The amount can be increased to 6 if the Trainer has an active VIP membership.

Siege Tower A.png

Siege Tower A - Ruins.png

Siege Tower B.png

Siege Tower B - Ruins.png

Siege Tower C.png

Siege Tower C - Ruins.png

Once a Sprite Clan Siege Sprite Icon.png is summoned, it can be used by the Clan Dragon to attack the opposing Clan's base. Accessing the Clan battle screen is done through the Attack Icon.png  Siege! button, which is found under the Clan Siege Sprites. Each Clan base is defended by five towers and the Clan Dragon itself.


Once a tower is engaged in battle, the Clan Dragon will be given three different spots at which it can hurl a Sprite. Each spot has a particular chance of being hit. The higher the chance to hit the spot, the lower the damage caused by the Clan Dragon will be. Conversely, the lower the chance to hit the spot, the higher the damage will be. Pressing the Attack! button under any of the spots will use up one of the available sprites. If there are no sprites available, a window will appear, giving the Trainer the option to summon sprites through the Summon Sprites button. The towers can be attacked in any order, but it is mandatory that all towers be destroyed before proceeding to engage the opposing Clan Dragon.

Tower Hit Points

The hit points of the towers depend on the league the clashing Clans are currently in.

League Tower
Top Left Bottom Left Middle Bottom Right Top Right
1 Clan Banner - League 1.png 5,000 3,125 1,875 1,500 1,000
2 Clan Banner - League 2.png 20,000 12,500 7,500 6,000 4,000
3 Clan Banner - League 3.png 40,000 25,000 15,000 12,000 8,000
4 Clan Banner - League 4.png 90,000 56,250 33,750 27,000 18,000
5 Clan Banner - League 5.png 160,000 100,000 60,000 48,000 32,000

Tower Damage

There are three types of damage that can be inflicted, namely low, medium and high. Each sprite hurled at the opposition is a guaranteed hit, while there is a particular percentage of success for a critical hit to be inflicted. The chance of landing a critical hit is different for each tower and the Clan Dragon. However, the spots, types of damage and critical hit percentages are not affected by the league and are the same in all the leagues.

Tower Spot Chance Damage
Top Left Backdoor 80% Low
Fortified Gate 50% Medium
Tower Window 20% High
Bottom Left Glowing Window 80% Low
Front Door 50% Medium
Central Breach 20% High
Middle Banner 80% Low
Gate 50% Medium
Window 20% High
Bottom Right Glowing Window 80% Low
Front Door 50% Medium
Central Breach 20% High
Top Right Backdoor 80% Low
Fortified Gate 50% Medium
Tower Window 20% High

Clan Dragon

Once all the five towers are defeated, the Clan can proceed to attack the enemy Clan Dragon itself. The same mechanics apply to attack Clan Dragons as it does to the towers. However, once the opposing Clan Dragon's hit points are drained completely, its hit points will be fully restored, allowing the Clan to attack it again, to earn a higher score multiplier. Each time its hit points are restored, the amount also increases. At the end of the event, the Clan with the highest amount of damage dealt will emerge victoriously.

Clan Dragon Hit Points

The hit points of Clan Dragon are the same across all leagues.

Clan Dragon
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Phase 7
100,000 250,000 1,000,000 2,500,000 5,000,000 20,000,000 999,999,999

Clan Dragon Damage Areas

Clan Dragon Spot Chance Damage
Left Head 80% Low
Body 50% Medium
Right Head 20% High

Tower Rewards

Health 128,000 136,000 144,000 152,000 240,000
Reward Chest of Gold.png
Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png
2 (4 x Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png)
Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png
2 (4 x Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png)
Chest of Food.png
Chest of Gems.png

Victor Reward

For each score multiplier, up to a maximum of three, a card pack is awarded containing Dragon Pieces for Clan Dragons, except for Boone.

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