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Clan Button (Social).png

Clans are groups of players (on the same platform and server) who join forces to socialize, obtain clan dragons, battle other clans, and earn Clan-Exclusive Dragons and other rewards. The Clan Fortress (the physical building South-East of the main island) is the base of operations for Clans.

Accessing[edit source | edit]

The Clan interface can be accessed by pressing:

  • The Clans Icon.png button.
  • The Clan Fortress, then the Clan Button.png button.
  • The top button in the Social System.

If the Trainer is not in a clan, the Join or Create a Clan option appears, otherwise the main Clan screen appears.


Non-Member View[edit source | edit]

Clan Header (Non-Member View).png

When viewing the details of another Clan as a non-member, the following can be seen: Crest, Clan name, Level, current and maximum number of members, language, description, League, status, and a list of current members of the Clan (their name, avatar, level, rank and a ••• button to, depending on their privacy settings, invite/friend or visit their Islands). Non-member action buttons also appear depending on a Clan's membership acceptance status:

  •   Join   – Join the clan (open/without approval) if there are free spots.
  •   Apply   – Apply to join (join by request) if there are free spots.
    • The applicant must wait until their request is reviewed by a member with the ability to accept or reject it. Applying to multiple Clans at the same time is not possible, prior requests must be cancelled first.
    • To cancel a membership request, return to where the Apply button was pressed, press the    Pending    button, then press the Cancel Request button.
  • No membership button is available if the status of the Clan is set to Closed.

Creating or Joining a Clan[edit source | edit]

Join or Create a Clan.jpg

Trainers must be Player Level 25+ to join, or Level 30+ to create a clan; they also can only occupy one Clan at a time. To join or create a Clan, access the clan screen (explained above), then press the Create Clan Button.png button. A list of Clans and a search Clan Search Panel.png panel appear, featuring several buttons:

  • Back Icon.png – Go back or cancel.
  • Ranking Icon.png – List the Top 50 Clans.
  • Search Clan Button.png – Search through all clans on the same server and platform, by name, language, or both.
  • Create Clan Button 2.png – Create a new Clan.
  • Forward Icon.png – Display the details of a Clan in search results.
  •    Quick Join    – Select a random, open Clan to join (appears above the search bar, if not already in a clan).

Creating a Clan[edit source | edit]

Create Clan.png

After pressing the button to create a new clan, the Trainer must enter a Clan name, which is limited to 24 characters and cannot be changed later. An optional Clan description can be entered, limited to 100 characters, which can be changed later. Other options are as follows:

  • Checkbox (Checked).png / Checkbox.png – Select a status for accepting members.
    • Open – Any person can join without waiting for approval if there are free spots.
    • Join by request – Any person can apply but must be approved to join if there are free spots.
    • Closed – No person can apply or join, and no member, regardless of rank, can send invitations (status must be changed to accept new members).
  • Checkbox (Checked).png / Checkbox.png – Select a profanity filter option.
  •   Edit   – Select a Clan Crest and Dragon, used to represent the clan.
  •   Change   – Select a Language to be used in chat, Global (any/all languages) is the default.
  •   Create     1.5 M Gold Icon.png – Confirm desired options and create Clan, which costs 1,500,000 Gold.

Clan Crest[edit source | edit]


When selecting the Clan crest, the top row shows only Dragons the Trainer currently has, in the order obtained. The bottom row shows only the shields up to and including the highest Clan Level reached (only Level 1, initially).

  •   Use   – Select a Dragon or Crest.

Membership & Levels[edit source | edit]

Clans start out with a maximum of 15 members, once certain Clan levels are reached, the limit increases. There are 15 possible Clan Levels, and increases in Clan Level also provide additional crest choices (both provided in the table below). Clan level is determined by the amount of Clan Experience, earned by members who complete Clan Quests.

Level Members Clan Exp Clan Experience Icon.png Additional Shields Available
1 15 5,000 Curved Black Shield.pngCurved Blue Shield.pngCurved Green Shield.pngCurved Gray Shield.pngCurved Purple Shield.pngCurved Red Shield.pngCurved Yellow Shield.png
2 17 10,000 Curved Purple Red Shield.pngCurved Yellow Green Shield.pngCurved Green Purple Shield.pngCurved Gray Black Shield.pngCurved Red Blue Shield.pngCurved Blue Yellow Shield.png
3 20 15,000 Edged Gray Shield.pngEdged Black Shield.pngEdged Red Shield.pngEdged Blue Shield.png
4 22 25,000 Edged Yellow Shield.pngEdged Green Shield.pngEdged Purple Shield.png
5 25 40,000 Edged Yellow Green Shield.pngEdged Purple Red Shield.pngEdged Green Purple Shield.pngEdged Gray Black Shield.pngEdged Red Blue Shield.pngEdged Blue Yellow Shield.png
6 27 60,000
7 30 80,000 Elegant Gray Shield.pngElegant Black Shield.pngElegant Red Shield.pngElegant Blue Shield.png
8 32 100,000
9 35 125,000 Elegant Yellow Shield.pngElegant Green Shield.pngElegant Purple Shield.png
10 37 150,000
11 40 180,000 Elegant Green Purple Shield.pngElegant Purple Red Shield.pngElegant Gray Black Shield.pngElegant Red Blue Shield.pngElegant Blue Yellow Shield.pngElegant Yellow Green Shield.png
12 42 210,000
13 45 250,000 Ornate Gray Shield.pngOrnate Black Shield.pngOrnate Blue Shield.pngOrnate Red Shield.pngOrnate Yellow Shield.pngOrnate Green Shield.pngOrnate Purple Shield.png
14 47 300,000
15 50 350,000 Ornate Gray Black Shield.pngOrnate Red Blue Shield.pngOrnate Blue Yellow Shield.pngOrnate Red Blue Shield.pngOrnate Yellow Green Shield.pngOrnate Green Purple Shield.pngOrnate Purple Red Shield.png

Note: More shields are available depending on the league that Clan is currently part of.

Ranks[edit source | edit]

Members of a Clan can have various ranks, initially assigned by the leader. Except for the leader, there is no limit to how many other ranks a Clan can have. If the leader leaves without assigning a replacement, the highest-ranking member automatically inherits their position. If the Clan Leader is absent/inactive for a period of 1 month, and there is no active Co-Leader, once a month on a predetermined (unknown) date, the Trainer with the MVP Badge may be promoted one level, until there is an active Clan Leader.

Icon Role Membership Settings Edit Clan settings Event-Related
Accept* Decline Promote Demote Kick Clan
Disband Reroll Quest
(Sugar Rush)
MVP MVP Icon.png
Leader Icon.png Leader Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png
Co-Leader Icon.png Co-leader Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Up to same rank Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png
Officer Icon.png Officer Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Up to same rank Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png Green Check Icon.png
Elder Icon.png Elder Symbolic position of respect, having no special access
* If Join by request is the clan status

Member View[edit source | edit]

Clan Header (Leader View).png
Clan Event Button.png Clan Member List Button.png Clan Ranking Button.png
Collection Button.png
Card Packs Button.png Clan Quest Button.png

Once in a Clan, the chat panel appears on the left and the right side of the Clan Member view screen is broken into 7 distinct buttons and/or sections that can be interacted with:

  1. Clan Settings – Displays clan details and settings.
  2. Clan Fortress & Events – Houses fortress functions related to Clan Dragons/Eggs, or the current Clan Event.
  3. Member List – Provides the Clan members list, sortable via different drop-down menu options.
  4. Ranking – Displays Clan competition rankings.
  5. Collection (Clan Dragons) – Displays all Clan Dragons.
  6. Card Packs – Displays currently available card packs.
  7. Clan Quests – Displays the list of current Clan Quests.

Above the 7 main Clan interface buttons appears:

  • The ? button, which provides help/tutorial information panels.
  • The banner for the current League.
  • The Leaderboard, which shows prizes gained for The x button, which closes the interface.

Settings[edit source | edit]

Clan Header (Leader View).png

In the Clan details panel, Leaders and Co-Leaders have access to different Clan settings, depending on their rank. This opens the same window used when the Clan was created, with the clan name greyed out. Additional shields for crests may be available, depending upon the current Clan level.

Functions inside Options Icon.png settings include:

  •   Edit Clan   – Edit initially defined Clan settings or details (Leader, Co-Leaders).
    •   Accept   – Accept changes made, costs 150,000 Gold Icon.png.
  •   Leave Clan   – Leave the clan (any member except Leader).
    • Yes, I want to leave. – Confirm leaving.
    • No, I changed my mind! – Cancel leaving.
  •   Disband Clan   – Close/disband the clan (Leader only, and only if they are the only person in the Clan).

Below the Clan details panel are buttons for a variety of other clan-related tasks (each outlined below).

Clan Fortress[edit source | edit]

Enigma Egg Button.png

Clan Event Button.png

In the Clans interface, the Clan Fortress button houses all functions related to the Clan Fortress Powers, Clan Dragons, and Clan Events. This button features an Enigma Egg if the clan is new or has a Clan Dragon needing to be hatched, or it features the current active Dragon if no hatching is needed. Once a Clan dragon is hatched, the Clan is eligible to play in events and the Clan Fortress button may also display one or more countdowns timers, including days until event participation opt-in, the next event, or the current event's end.

Tapping the Clan Fortress option from the Clan interface opens the Clan Fortress courtyard, displaying the current egg or active Dragon and other buttons:

  • Power Button 2.png – Open Clan Fortress power, which reduces the timers on all Hatchery slots depending on Fortress Level.
  • Collection Button 2.png – Open the Clan Dragons Collection.
  • Next Event Button.png – Show the next Clan Event type, time until start, and recommended Clan Dragons for the event.
  • Hatch – Hatch a Clan Dragon egg (appears only if there are eggs to hatch).

Fortress Power[edit source | edit]

Though the fortress cannot be upgraded by individual Trainers, it is leveled collectively by member actions within a Clan, and has a power. The Clan Fortress power reduces hatching times on all occupied Hatchery slots, and is used individually; this means only members of a Clan can use the Clan Fortress power.

Hatching Time Reduction[edit source | edit]

The amount of time reduction is determined by fortress level:

Level Time Reduction
Level 1 40 minutes
Level 2 50 minutes
Level 3 60 minutes
Level 4 70 minutes
Level 5 80 minutes

Events[edit source | edit]

Clan Events are limited-time competitions Clans can participate in only if they have a fully hatched Clan Dragon. Clan members work together to reach milestones, compete against each other and other Clans, to earn rewards. For the duration of the event, Clan Quests give items needed for Clans to progress through the event, in addition to the regular rewards.

There are 4 types of Clan events, The Great Dragon Race, Emerald Wars, Sugar Rush and Clan Siege. Clan events begin on Mondays at 09:00 UTC and end Fridays at the same hour. On rare occasions, these events occur during the weekend. Members who joined the clan after an event starts, cannot participate and have to wait until the next event.

Leagues[edit source | edit]

Clans are grouped into 5 different leagues of approximately the same strength. Each league has several leaderboards, each having a maximum of 100 Clans. The current Clan league affects the prizes and requirements in Clan Events. Leagues also give the Clan several shields in addition to those unlocked through leveling:

Icon League Shields Available Milestone Card Pack Grand Prize Card Pack MVP Reward
Clan Banner - League 1.png League 1 None 1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons
(except Kutter, Boone and Feather)
500 Clan Coins Icon.png
Clan Banner - League 2.png League 2 None 2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack 750 Clan Coins Icon.png
Clan Banner - League 3.png League 3 Curved Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Curved Blue Double Rose Shield.png Edged Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Elegant Gray Double Emerald Shield.png Elegant Blue Double Rose Shield.png 3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack 1,000 Clan Coins Icon.png
Clan Banner - League 4.png League 4 Curved Gray Peridot Shield.png Edged Gray Sapphire Shield.png Edged Blue Rose Shield.png Elegant Gray Emerald Shield.png Elegant Blue Ruby Shield.png 4 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons (except Boone and Feather) 2,000 Clan Coins Icon.png
Clan Banner - League 5.png League 5 Curved Gray Sapphire Shield.png Curved Blue Amethyst Shield.png Edged Gray Peridot Shield.png Edged Blue Amethyst Shield.png Elegant Gray Peridot Shield.png 5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png per pack All Clan Dragons (except Feather) 3,000 Clan Coins Icon.png

Note: Feather Dragon Pieces are only awarded weekly to the top 5 clans of League 5.

Promotion and Demotion[edit source | edit]

Scores are determined in accordance with the final leaderboard position at the end. The league leaderboard resets at 23:00 UTC and Clans are promoted and demoted accordingly.

The number of Clans promoted and demoted depends on the league:

Icon League Promoted Demoted
Clan Banner - League 5.png League 5 Top 5 (Feather Dragon Pieces Icon.png) Bottom 40
Clan Banner - League 4.png League 4 Top 20 Bottom 35
Clan Banner - League 3.png League 3 Top 20 Bottom 25
Clan Banner - League 2.png League 2 Top 10 Bottom 25
Clan Banner - League 1.png League 1 Top 5 n/a

See Clan Events for information on rewards and Clan event types.

Member List[edit source | edit]

Clan Member List Button.png

The Members List button has two numbers on it, the first represents the current number of Clan members, the second represents the current maximum members. Pressing it provides a list of all Clan members and their information including avatar, Player Level, rank (if any), name, Dragon Collector Points, donations to other players, MVP score (and badge MVP Icon.png if present), Clan Power Booster points, the last time the Trainer logged in (depending on their privacy settings), and a more ••• button.

The ••• button on each player's listing provides additional functions:

  • Visit – Visit the Trainer's islands.
  • Invite – Send a friend invite (appears if not already friends in-game)
  • Check Profile – Check the Trainer's profile.

Ranked members see further functions (depending on their rank):

  • Remove – Remove player from the Clan.
  • Promote – Promote the player to another Rank.
  • – Accept non-member request to join (if Clan status is Join by request).
  • Decline – Decline non-member request to join (if Clan status is Join by request).

Competition Ranking[edit source | edit]

Clan Ranking Button.png

The Competition Rankings (represented by 1,2,3) button displays rankings as follows:

  • Top Clans – List the Top Clans on the same platform and server by monthly ranking.
  • Clans Icon.png Clan
    – List the Clan Leagues by Leaderboard scores (ongoing events only).
  • Clan Event
    – List the Clan MVP and scores of all other Clan members (current event if ongoing, or last event if not).

Collection[edit source | edit]

Collection Button.png

The Collection option provides a list of currently owned Clan Dragons.

Clan Dragons[edit source | edit]

Clan Dragons are unique Dragons that can only be obtained in, and belong to, a Clan. Each Clan receives an Enigma Egg when the Clan is created, this egg houses Chip, the first of 2 clan Dragons that can be earned by obtaining Card Packs in Clan Events. Each Clan Dragon requires multiple eggs to be hatched, performed though Community Hatching where members incubate and hatch the required number of eggs, before it can be used.

Clan Dragons cannot be placed in Habitats, fought with in individual battles, or sold. Clan Dragons have a Rarity but no Dragon Codex entry, no Elements, and they give no experience nor DCP. Instead, they have Powers that can be activated before Clan Event start, making events easier, though it cannot be changed after the event's start.

See Clan Dragons for a list of Clan Dragon and their Powers.

Hatching[edit source | edit]

Clan Dragons can be hatched by pressing the Clan Fortress option and then pressing the Hatch button. When all required eggs are hatched, the image of the Enigma Egg is replaced by the Adult Dragon and its Clan Dragon Powers become usable.

Actions[edit source | edit]

Only one Clan Dragon can be active at a time, and only certain ranks of Clan members can set which is available for a Clan Event. Once a Clan Dragon is hatched, pressing the Clans Collection screen, for an upcoming Clan Event, Trainers can:

  • Power Up! Power Boosters Icon.png⁣ – Power up the Clan Dragon (if Clan Quests were completed to earn Power Boosters).
  • Change or Activate⁣ – Change or Activate the Clan Dragon.
    • Once a Clan Dragon is activated, 60 minutes must pass before it can be changed to another Dragon, and active Dragons cannot be changed once a Clan Event starts.

Card Packs[edit source | edit]

Card Packs Button.png

See Main Shop for more information.

Clan Event Card Packs can only be obtained from The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege events. There are two types:

Card Pack Type Recipient Obtainment Details
Clan Events - Grand Prize Card Pack.png Clan Dragon Pieces The Clan Minimum score required and a Top 7 position in the league required. The number awarded varies from 1 to 6 in accordance with final leaderboard rank.
Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png Clan-Exclusive Dragon Pieces All Clan members Obtained up to four times by reaching Clan score milestones. The Number awarded varies from 1 to 5 depending on the league the Clan is currently in.

See Clan-Exclusive Dragons for a complete list of Dragon Piece Dragons available in The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege.

Clan Quests[edit source | edit]

Clan Quest Button.png
Notification - Clan Quest Progress.png
Notification - Clan Quest Completed.png

The Clan Quests option provides a list of tasks Clan Quest Icon.png individual Clan members can complete between or during Clan Events to earn personal rewards and help the clan. Between Clan Events, Clan Quests earn individual players up to 1,000 Clan Coins Icon.png Clan Coins per day, unlimited Power Boosters, and Clan experience Clan Experience Icon.png.

During clan events, Trainers are given 5 quest options to earn items needed for Clan Events. Only one quest can be selected at a time, though they can be refreshed, with a wait time, to produce alternate quests. Once the Clan Coins daily limit is reached, quests can be continued for Clan Experience and Power Boosters only.

Clan Experience & Power Boosters

Clan Experience helps the Clan rise in level, it stops accumulating when the maximum Clan level is reached. Clan Power Boosters are used to Power Up the Clan Dragon. Completing Clan Quests is the only way to earn either, and between 90 and 130 is given of each (though limited events are featured providing double Power Boosters).

  • Start – Begin a quest.
  • Trash Icon.png – Delete a started quest (begins the refresh timer).
  •    Refresh    – Refresh a quest (free, takes two hours to finish unless sped up with Gems).
  •   Claim   – Claim quest rewards once completed.

There are several types of quests:

Quest type Requirements Quantity Range
Clan Quest - Breed Dragons.png Breed Dragons. At least one of the parents must have the required Element: Water, Plant, Metal or Energy. The Clan Quest is completed when the Yellow-Bordered Heart Icon.png icon is tapped after the breeding is finished. 2
Clan Quest - Collect Gold.png Gather Gold from any Habitat until the required total has been collected. Gold can be collected at any time and does not require a Trainer to wait until the Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png icon appears above a Habitat. 64,800-96,000
Clan Quest - Collect Food.png Gather Food from Farms until the required total has been collected. Food can be collected in any increments. 3,240-4,800
Clan Quest - Explore Ruins.png Explore any of the ruins available. The Clan Quest is completed once the exploration is finished and the Yellow-Bordered Chest Icon.png icon is tapped. 1
Clan Quest - Feed Dragons.png Feed Dragons the required amount of Food. Food can be given in any increments. 3,640-4,800
Clan Quest - Side-Quest Battles.png Win battles that are off from the Main Quest path on the Campaign Map. Battles off from the Main Quest path include both Side Quests and mines. 7-9
Clan Quest - Arena Battles.png Win battles in the Dragon League. These do not need to be consecutive. 7-9
Clan Quest - Perfect Hits.png Score perfect hits during battle. Perfect hits can be performed in any battle venue (Bottomless Dungeon, Campaign Map, and Dragon League) and do not need to be obtained in consecutive order. 14-17
Clan Quest - Dragon Fury.png Unleash Dragon Fury during battle. Dragon Fury can be performed in any battle venue (Bottomless Dungeon, Campaign Map, and Dragon League). 4
Clan Quest - Pet Dragons.png Pet various Dragons in their Habitats until the required total has been reached. 18-22
Clan Quest - Collect KOs in the Dungeon.png Gather KOs from the Bottomless Dungeon during Dragon Brawls, until the required total has been collected. KOs are collected for each Dragon defeated, and the points for a KO range from x1 to x3, depending on the level of the Trainer's attacking Dragon. ??-15
Clan Quest - Collect Gold from Mines.png Gather Gold from any mine until the required total has been collected. Gold can be collected at any time and does not require a Trainer to wait until the Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png icon appears above a mine. 12,150-17,850
Clan Quest - Conquer Mines.png Conquer mines on the Campaign Map. 2

Membership Benefits[edit source | edit]

In addition to receiving Card Packs for Clan-Exclusive Dragons (Dragons members get only from participating in a Clan) and use of the Fortress Power to speed all occupied Hatchery spots, Clan members can also receive Gifts, participate in Clan Chat, grow additional Clan Food' exclusive to Clans, and request Donations of Enchantment Materials from members.

Gifts[edit source | edit]

Gift Giver Icon.png

Clan members receive a gift of a Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Clan Dragon Power Token whenever another Clan member purchases 50 or more Gems, during a Gift Giver promotion. There are five different gifts in such promotions, and the gift awarded depends on the number of Gems purchased. This promotion is made available occasionally for a limited time, usually no longer than 3 days.

Box Gem Purchase
Gifts Awarded
Food Gold Gems
Bronze Gift.png 50-250 1 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png n/a Gold Icon.png 5,000 n/a
Silver Gift.png 251-500 2 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png n/a Gold Icon.png 10,000 n/a
Golden Gift.png 501-1,200 3 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 5,000 Gold Icon.png 10,000 Gems Icon.png 2
Platinum Gift.png 1,201-3,000 5 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 10,000 Gold Icon.png 20,000 Gems Icon.png 5
Diamond Gift.png 3,001-10,000 7 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png Food Icon.png 15,000 Gold Icon.png 40,000 Gems Icon.png 10

Clan Food[edit source | edit]

Additional types of food can be grown by Clan members, including Clan Sour Cone, Clan Blue Hazel, Clan Star Fruit, and Clan Royal Fig. These food options take the same amount of time to cultivate, but they yield more food.

Food vs. Clan Food Comparison:
Type Farm Level Gold Icon.png Price Duration Food Icon.png Food[1] Experience Icon.png Experience Cost/Food Duration/Food Food/Hour Cost/Hour
Food - Spiky Cherry.png Spiky Cherry 1
Farm - Level 1.png
15 30 seconds 5 1 3 6 seconds 600 1,800
Food - Purplemon.png Purplemon 150 5 minutes 25 6 6 12 seconds 300 1,800
Food - Sour Cone.png Sour Cone 750 30 minutes 75 30 10 24 seconds 150 1,500
Food - Sour Cone.png Clan Sour Cone 750 30 minutes 85 30 10 24 seconds 170 1,500
Food - Blue Hazel.png Blue Hazel 2
Farm - Level 2.png
1,500 2 hours 200 60 7.5 36 seconds 100 750
Food - Blue Hazel.png Clan Blue Hazel 1,500 2 hours 220 60 7.5 36 seconds 110 750
Food - Dragonscale.png Dragonscale 4,000 6 hours 400 160 10 54 seconds 66.67 666.67
Food - Dragolandic Berry.png Dragolandic Berry 15,000 12 hours 1,500 600 10 29 seconds 125 1,250
Food - Star Fruit.png Star Fruit 3
Farm - Level 3.png
60,000 1 day 5,000 2,400 12 17 seconds 208.33 2,500
Food - Star Fruit.png Clan Star Fruit 60,000 1 day 5,500 2,400 12 17 seconds 229.17 2,500
Food - Spring Cherry.png Spring Cherry 200,000 1 hour 7,500 8,000 26.67 0.48 seconds 7,500 200,000
Food - Sweetroot.png Sweetroot 800,000 2 days 50,000 32,000 16 3.46 seconds 1,041.67 16,666.67
Food - Squarey Berry.png Squarey Berry 4
Farm - Level 4.png
1,600,000 6 hours 40,000 64,000 40 0.54 seconds 6,666.67 266,666.67
Food - Candied Pear.png Candied Pear 2,500,000 2 days 130,000 100,000 19.23 1.33 seconds 2,708.33 52,083.33
Food - Royal Fig.png Royal Fig 3,600,000 1 day 120,000 144,000 30 0.72 seconds 5,000 150,000
Food - Royal Fig.png Clan Royal Fig 3,600,000 1 day 132,000 144,000 30 0.72 seconds 5,500 150,000
  1. The amount is increased by 1.5 whenever a Food Frenzy Day is occurring.

Chat[edit source | edit]

The Clan Chat interface appears on the left of the main Clan screen, and is used to communicate with other Clan members. After joining a Clan or as a member, a limited number of past messages remain in chat (50). However, if the screen stays active, the number of retained messages increases until full log-off.

Messages input appear at the top of the interface after pressing either the Chat Button.png button or enter on the keyboard. Messages sent display Clan member name, rank, equipped badge, time sent, and the MVP Icon.png icon if the member is the current MVP.

The color of text is changed by adding a # symbol immediately followed by any number from 1 to 8, then the desired text to color. Messages are limited to 512 characters, and profanity is censored with asterisks. Profanity filtering is enabled or disabled by members of the appropriate rank, who can edit the Clan settings.

Clan Chat sends automated messages when:

  • The Clan levels up.
  • A Clan event starts or participation period becomes active.
  • MVP is rewarded.
  • A Legendary recipe is completed.
  • A clan member joins, leaves, or is removed.
  • Donation are newly requested, or not fully completed.
  • The Clan Dragon is changed.
  • Clan settings are changed.
Donations[edit source | edit]

During Clan Events clan members can request help from, or help other, clan members through donation. A limited number of event items, earned through the completion of Clan Quests, can be donated to other players.

When a donation request appears in chat, pressing the   Donate   button at the right of the request allows donation. The i button on the request displays how many donations the Trainer has made that day, and how many remaining donations can be made.

If members leave a Clan, their donation counter resets, even if they re-join the same clan; however, Clan Coins are not lost when leaving or switching Clans.

Enchantment Material can be requested from Clan members by pressing the Enchantment Materials Icon.png Request Material button in Clan Chat. The Trainer can request either 16 fair or 2 average materials at once, every 24 hours. Once sent, the Trainer must wait either until a Clan mate has donated the requested material, or until 24 hours has passed, before a new request can be sent. Donators receive 1 Enchanted Trinket for 1 Fair Material, and 6 Enchanted Trinkets for 1 Average Material in exchange for donation, and can donate up to a maximum of 24 times per day. Legendary, Primal, Divine, and Ancient materials cannot be requested or donated, except for extremely rare special occasions.

If a requestor does not receive all materials asked for, a Purple-Bordered Enchantment Request Icon.png notification stays on-screen while scrolling through chat messages. This notification indicates how many people have not received all the items asked for.

Information Button[edit source | edit]

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following help/tutorial information panels:

Gallery[edit source | edit]

History[edit source | edit]

  • Update 6.2: Introduced Clan Food.
  • Update 6.0: Made win side quest battles and conquer 2 mines Clan Quests indicate the next possible battle on the campaign map screen border.
    • Changed the number of past messages retained in chat to 50.
  • Update 5.9: Changed Clan Quests requiring Ruin exploration to be completed when starting an exploration, rather than when finishing.
  • Update 5.1: Add ability to sort Clan members list by Donation and Clan Power Booster.
  • Update 5.0: Added a drop-down list to the Clan Profile to sort clan members by MVP Score, Dragon Collector Points, Last Online, Clan Rank, and gave Leaders an Applicants list.
  • Update 4.6: The Clockwork Dungeon was replaced by Bottomless Dungeon, thereby eliminating the Collect Dungeon Tokens quest and replacing it with the Collect KOs in the Dungeon quest.
  • Update 4.5: Added ability to donate Enchantment Materials to Clan Members.
  • Update 4.3: The equipped badge of the Trainer was added next to their name.
  • Update 3.1: Opened Clan League 4.
  • Update 4.0: Added the ability to check the last time a Clan member logged in.
    • Added announcements about Clan changes in chat, such as for demotions, promotions, Clan Dragon and so on.
    • Added ability to turn on or off profanity filtering.
  • Update 3.8: League 5 was opened. Previously, the top and bottom 30 Clans of a League were promoted and demoted, respectively.
  • Update 3.2: Added Feeding Dragons task to Clan Quests.
  • Update 3.1: Opened League 4.
  • Update 3.0: Introduced Clan Siege events and the Clan League system.
  • Update 2.9: Trainers no longer must confirm the choice to refresh a quest.
  • Update 2.8: Introduced Clan Ranks, giving various powers to Clan Members.
    • Made MVP automatically promoted to co-leader if the leader shows no activity for 2 weeks.
    • Made notifications for Clan Quests more visible.
  • Update 2.7: Added an icon to the Clan tab whenever notifications or messages occur.
    • Added ability for MVP to manage the Clan Dragons if the Clan Leader is absent for 2 weeks.
    • Made collecting ruin rewards complete the related clan quest automatically on collection.
  • Update 2.6: Introduced Clan Dragons.
    • Changed the main Clan screen to show fewer Clan details.
    • Made multiple changes to clan quests, MVP, and rankings.
  • Update 2.5: Removed the Explore Ruins task.
  • Update 2.1: Changed Weekly MVP to Monthly MVP.
    • Made the Clan leaderboard reset each month, with Top Clans of the previous month displayed on a different list.
    • Made Clan score based on the Loyalty Points (later renamed Clan XP) a Clan gathers each month.
    • Added ability to befriend other clan members without the needing to use a social media platform.
    • Changed the Clan leaderboard to reflect the activity of members in Clan Quests, based previously on Dragon power, a cumulative score of skills, level, and type of the top 5 Dragons of each member.
    • Changed the election of the MVP to the end of each week instead of each month.
    • Changed the requirements for some Clan Quests.
  • Update 2.0: introduced.

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