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Clay Dragon

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Clay Dragon.png
Clay Dragon.png
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Clay Dragons are flexible beyond belief! They will be crucial in breeding a truly malleable dragon.

Rarity: Epic (classification) Icon.png
Earth (Element) Icon.png Water (Element) Icon.png Energy (Element) Icon.png
Health: 216 Health Icon.png
Attack: 64 Damage Icon.png
Gold/Hour: 430 Gold Icon.png
Experience 980 Experience Icon.png
Selling Cost: 9,950 Dragon Selling Icon.png
Base DCP: 105 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png

Availability: Standard
Method: Breeding or Purchasing
Unlocked: Trainer Level 19
Cost: 850 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time: 18 Hours
Hatching Time: 1 Day & 2 Hours
VIP Breeding: 14 Hours & 24 Minutes
VIP Hatching: 21 Hours & 12 Minutes
Game Update: Release 1.0


The Body Shape of the Clay Dragon is Stout. It has a light orange body with a pale cream underbelly; these colors give it the appearance that it's made of clay. Its eyes shine a bright blue on a rectangular head. From its head jut out four light-brown curling horns that seem to have a rocky texture. Upon its back rests a large fin consisting of five dark brown fin bones, while the flaps in between are an orange color, with a cluster of three dark brown spots in the second flap and one in the third. Below this fin is a cluster of three small light-brown rocks to further accentuate the texture of this Dragon. Its tail ends in a heavy craggy circular rock which has a rocky blunt spike jutting out of the side. Each of its feet have three short claws that are the same color as the rock formation on its tail. Unlike other Stout-Style Dragons, the Clay Dragon's idle animation features it hammering the ground with its tail, causing some sort of tremor that slightly lifts the Dragon off the ground and back. In its Habitat, a fly enters its mouth as it yawns, suffocating it and causing it to spit it out.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star 1.png Enchantment Star 2.pngEnchantment Star 2.png Enchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.png Enchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.png Enchantment Star 5.png Enchantment Star 6.pngEnchantment Star 6.png Enchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.png Enchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.png Enchantment Star 9.png Enchantment Star 10.pngEnchantment Star 10.png Enchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.png Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png
14 Average Materials - Earth.png 21 Good Materials - Earth.png 25 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png
14 Average Materials - Water.png 32 Average Materials - Water.png 25 Excellent Materials - Water.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png
14 Average Materials - Energy.png 32 Average Materials - Energy.png 32 Good Materials - Energy.png 39 Excellent Materials - Energy.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Energy.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 216 64 430
10 1,115 329 1,510
20 6,901 2,032 2,710
30 42,728 12,581 3,910
40 264,559 77,898 5,110
50 1,638,079 482,323 6,310
60 10,142,552 2,986,419 7,510
70 62,800,012 18,491,115 8,710
80 388,841,123 114,492,108 9,910
90 2,407,601,745 708,904,958 11,110
100 14,907,235,414 4,389,352,650 12,310
120 571,507,627,280 168,277,245,810 14,710
125 1,422,093,859,114 418,727,636,295 15,310
120 Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 45,433,054,521,487 13,377,510,497,993 14,710
125 Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 113,051,978,226,910 33,287,526,922,367 15,310


The Clay Dragon is a Normally-Breedable Dragon which can be obtained through the breeding of two Dragons having together or being able to pass the Earth, Water and Energy Elements or through purchasing it from the Main Shop in exchange for 850 Gems Icon.png Gems. Both methods require the Trainer to have reached Level 19.

Breeding for this Dragon takes 18 hours while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 1 day, 2 hours and 30 minutes. With an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 14 hours and 24 minutes while the hatching time is reduced to 21 hours and 12 minutes.

No combination is guaranteed to result in this Dragon. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary to obtain it.

Available Combinations

Breed the Earth Dragon with any of the following:

Although any combination of the required elements can be used, breeding a single-element Dragon with another that has the remainder of the required elements (and no extras/duplicates) can have better odds and/or fewer unintended outcomes. For combination odds, try the Breeding Planner.

Other Combinations

Choose the Water Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Choose the Energy Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:


Event Name Type Started Duration Ended
Top of the Class (edit)     Solo 09 September 2016 10 Days 19 September 2016
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Campaign Map Encounters

Map Quest Level
Normal 202 63
294 83 Enchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.png
Heroic 18 35
64 46
79 49
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