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The first Rarity is Common, and it is the lowest tier of Rarity in terms of classification. It mostly applies to Dragons, but there are other instances where gameplay elements have a designed Rarity.

In terms of Dragons, this Rarity includes all Base Dragons, all Guaranteed-Breedable Dragons, as well as some Bi-Elemental Dragons (most of which are normally obtainable).

Common Rarity Dragons

Dragon Rarity Elements Cost
Fire Dragon Icon.png Fire Dragon (edit) Common Fire 100 Gold Icon.png
Boiling Dragon Icon.png Boiling Dragon (edit) Common FireWater 50 Gems Icon.png
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png Ceremony Dragon (edit) Common FirePlant 5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Plasma Dragon Icon.png Plasma Dragon (edit) Common FireEnergy 185 Gems Icon.png
Lumino Dragon Icon.png Lumino Dragon (edit) Common FireVoid 190 Gems Icon.png
Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon (edit) Common Wind 200 Gold Icon.png
Smoke Dragon Icon.png Smoke Dragon (edit) Common WindFire 30 Gems Icon.png
Dust Dragon Icon.png Dust Dragon (edit) Common WindEarth 60 Gems Icon.png
Ice Dragon Icon.png Ice Dragon (edit) Common WindWater 55 Gems Icon.png
Seed Dragon Icon.png Seed Dragon (edit) Common WindPlant 165 Gems Icon.png
Tornado Dragon Icon.png Tornado Dragon (edit) Common WindMetal 150 Gems Icon.png
Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth Dragon (edit) Common Earth 1,000 Gold Icon.png
Lava Dragon Icon.png Lava Dragon (edit) Common EarthFire 35 Gems Icon.png
Goblin Dragon Icon.png Goblin Dragon (edit) Common EarthWind 5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Tree Dragon Icon.png Tree Dragon (edit) Common EarthPlant 150 Gems Icon.png
Minotaur Dragon Icon.png Minotaur Dragon (edit) Common EarthMetal 125 Gems Icon.png
Geiger Dragon Icon.png Geiger Dragon (edit) Common EarthEnergy 200 Gems Icon.png
Water Dragon Icon.png Water Dragon (edit) Common Water 10,000 Gold Icon.png
Snow Dragon Icon.png Snow Dragon (edit) Common WaterEarth 50 Gems Icon.png
Melon Dragon Icon.png Melon Dragon (edit) Common WaterPlant 145 Gems Icon.png
Eel Dragon Icon.png Eel Dragon (edit) Common WaterEnergy 220 Gems Icon.png
Rain Dragon Icon.png Rain Dragon (edit) Common WaterVoid 200 Gems Icon.png
Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant Dragon (edit) Common Plant 40,000 Gold Icon.png
Venom Dragon Icon.png Venom Dragon (edit) Common PlantMetal 250 Gems Icon.png
Honey Dragon Icon.png Honey Dragon (edit) Common PlantEnergy 300 Gems Icon.png
Nightshade Dragon Icon.png Nightshade Dragon (edit) Common PlantVoid 300 Gems Icon.png
Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal Dragon (edit) Common Metal 140,000 Gold Icon.png
War Dragon Icon.png War Dragon (edit) Common MetalFire 150 Gems Icon.png
Energy Dragon Icon.png Energy Dragon (edit) Common Energy 400,000 Gold Icon.png
Tesla Dragon Icon.png Tesla Dragon (edit) Common EnergyMetal 300 Gems Icon.png
Witch Dragon Icon.png Witch Dragon (edit) Common EnergyVoid 350 Gems Icon.png
Void Dragon Icon.png Void Dragon (edit) Common Void 800,000 Gold Icon.png
Mist Dragon Icon.png Mist Dragon (edit) Common VoidWind 200 Gems Icon.png
Shard Dragon Icon.png Shard Dragon (edit) Common VoidMetal 300 Gems Icon.png
Light Dragon Icon.png Light Dragon (edit) Common Light 1,000,000 Gold Icon.png
Solar Dragon Icon.png Solar Dragon (edit) Common LightFire 310 Gems Icon.png
Classical Dragon Icon.png Classical Dragon (edit) Common LightWind 335 Gems Icon.png
Spikey Dragon Icon.png Spikey Dragon (edit) Common LightEarth 310 Gems Icon.png
Lightfish Dragon Icon.png Lightfish Dragon (edit) Common LightWater 295 Gems Icon.png
Jungle Dragon Icon.png Jungle Dragon (edit) Common LightPlant 415 Gems Icon.png
Yeti Dragon Icon.png Yeti Dragon (edit) Common LightMetal 395 Gems Icon.png
Missile Dragon Icon.png Missile Dragon (edit) Common LightEnergy 435 Gems Icon.png
X-Ray Dragon Icon.png X-Ray Dragon (edit) Common LightVoid 444 Gems Icon.png
Shadow Dragon Icon.png Shadow Dragon (edit) Common Shadow 1,500,000 Gold Icon.png
Demonic Dragon Icon.png Demonic Dragon (edit) Common ShadowFire 350 Gems Icon.png
Obsidian Dragon Icon.png Obsidian Dragon (edit) Common ShadowWind 290 Gems Icon.png
Rogue Dragon Icon.png Rogue Dragon (edit) Common ShadowEarth 255 Gems Icon.png
Pirate Dragon Icon.png Pirate Dragon (edit) Common ShadowWater 300 Gems Icon.png
Fungus Dragon Icon.png Fungus Dragon (edit) Common ShadowPlant 380 Gems Icon.png
Reaper Dragon Icon.png Reaper Dragon (edit) Common ShadowMetal 390 Gems Icon.png
Crusader Dragon Icon.png Crusader Dragon (edit) Common ShadowMetal 5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Dark Matter Dragon Icon.png Dark Matter Dragon (edit) Common ShadowEnergy 399 Gems Icon.png
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png Nightmare Dragon (edit) Common ShadowVoid 399 Gems Icon.png
There are 53 Dragons with this Rarity/Classification.
Note: Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included, see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

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