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Cottontail Dragon

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Cottontail Dragon.png
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Springtime in Dragolandia is a festive season because the shy Cottontail Dragon emerges from its burrow to deliver gifts to lucky islanders.

Rarity: Epic (classification) Icon.png
Elements: Plant (Element) Icon.png Earth (Element) Icon.png Water (Element) Icon.png
Health: 232 Health Icon.png
Attack: 59 Damage Icon.png
Gold/Hour: 390 Gold Icon.png
Experience: 860 Experience Icon.png
Selling Value: 8,450 Selling Icon.png
Base DCP: 105 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png

Availability: Occasional
Method: Events
Dragon of the Week
Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon
Cost: 3,345 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time: 16 Hours [1]
Hatching Time: 23 Hours & 30 Minutes
VIP Breeding: 12 Hours & 48 Minutes [1]
VIP Hatching: 18 Hours & 48 Minutes
Game Update: Update 1.1
  1. 1.0 1.1 This Breeding time is merely representative as this Dragon can only be bred during special events.


The Body Shape of the Cottontail Dragon is Upright. It wears a white and pale blue, rabbit-based costume complete with a yellow zipper and a rabbit-eared hood. These ears show a pink inside, while one of the ears is slightly folded. Spikes edge the hood, between the ears and on the sides. The Dragon's magenta head shows a beaked snout, along with a patch of pink scales next to its eyes. These eyes, which are midnight-green, show a heart-shaped sheen, along with a black liner followed by a fuchsia shadow. The lower underbelly shows a light pink, rounded patch framed in a row of white stitches. The hands, which are fuchsia, have two cream claws, while each foot has three claws of a darker color. A row of four triangular spikes run down to the tail. The Cottontail Dragon earns its name for its tail tip, which is a large, fluffy ball resembling that of a rabbit's tail.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star 1.png Enchantment Star 2.pngEnchantment Star 2.png Enchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.png Enchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.png Enchantment Star 5.png Enchantment Star 6.pngEnchantment Star 6.png Enchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.png Enchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.png Enchantment Star 9.png Enchantment Star 10.pngEnchantment Star 10.png Enchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.png Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png
14 Average Materials - Plant.png 21 Good Materials - Plant.png 25 Excellent Materials - Plant.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png
14 Average Materials - Earth.png 32 Average Materials - Earth.png 25 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png
14 Average Materials - Water.png 32 Average Materials - Water.png 32 Good Materials - Water.png 39 Excellent Materials - Water.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 232 59 390
10 1,197 307 1,362
20 7,412 1,898 2,442
30 45,893 11,750 3,522
40 284,156 72,754 4,602
50 1,759,418 450,472 5,682
60 10,893,852 2,789,202 6,762
70 67,451,864 17,270,004 7,842
80 417,644,169 106,931,309 8,922
90 2,585,942,615 662,090,479 10,002
100 16,011,475,075 4,099,489,739 11,082
120 613,841,525,597 157,164,597,502 13,242
125 1,527,434,144,975 391,075,811,256 13,782
120 Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 48,798,465,967,523 12,494,089,993,409 13,242
125 Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 121,426,198,836,310 31,089,294,012,400 13,782


The Cottontail Dragon is an Event-Only Dragon which can be obtained most frequently through one or more of the various events within the realm of Dragolandia.

Once the Cottontail Dragon is obtained and then subsequently housed on an island, duplicate eggs can be purchased through the Dragon Codex Icon.png Dragon Codex in exchange for 3,345 Gems Icon.png Gems.

Breeding Breeding Icon.png for this Dragon takes 16 hours while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 23 hours and 30 minutes. With an active VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 12 hours and 48 minutes while the hatching time is reduced to 18 hours and 48 minutes.

Limited Breeding

During the time the Cottontail Dragon is temporarily breedable, it can be bought in exchange for Gems Icon.png Gems without prior presence on the islands.

Dragon of the Week

Geiger Dragon Icon.png + Boiling Dragon Icon.png 15-22 August 2022
Dragon Breed Time VIP Breed Hatch Time VIP Hatch
Lava Dragon 1 hour 48 minutes 1h 30m 1h 12m
Salamander Dragon 1h 10m 56 minutes 1h 40m 1h 20m
Snow Dragon 2h 30m 2 hours 3 hours 2h 24m
Mud Dragon 2h 30m 2 hours 3 hours 2h 24m
Eel Dragon 2h 30m 2 hours 3 hours 2h 24m
Elemental Dragon 4 hours 3h 12m 5h 30m 4h 24m
Plasma Dragon 8 hours 6h 24m 11h 20m 9h 4m
Meteor Dragon 10 hours 8 hours 14 hours 11h 12m
Rainbow Dragon 10 hours 8 hours 14 hours 11h 12m
Runestone Dragon N 10 hours 8 hours 16 hours 12h 48m
Clay Dragon 18 hours 14h 24m 1d 2h 30m 21h 12m
Geyser Dragon 18 hours 14h 24m 1d 2h 30m 21h 12m
Ruby Dragon 18 hours 14h 24m 1d 2h 30m 21h 12m
Cottontail Dragon 16 hours 12h 48m 23h 30m 18h 48m


Event Name Type Started Duration Ended
Farming Fanatic (edit)     Food Gathering 01 July 2022 3 Days 04 July 2022
Golden Opportunity (edit)     Gold Spending 27 May 2022 3 Days 30 May 2022
Easter Adventure (edit)     Castle 26 March 2021 10 Days 05 April 2021
Bottomless Dungeon (edit)     Bottomless Dungeon 06 April 2020 7 Days 13 April 2020
Breeding Blitz (edit)     Chain Breeding 11 November 2019 7 Days 18 November 2019
Easter Egg Hunt (edit)     Solo 02 April 2015 6 Days & 5 Hours 09 April 2015
Displaying 6 result(s).

Campaign Map Encounters

Map Quest Level
Heroic Icon.png Heroic 143.2 67
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