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Daily Rewards Daily Rewards Icon.png are free rewards given once per day for logging into the game. The reward becomes available at 00:00 UTC and the prize is different each day. Missing a day does not affect progress, the Trainer continues from the day following the last day they logged in.


The Daily Rewards screen appears automatically when the game is opened after the reset period. If closed, the screen is accessed by pressing the Events Button.png Events tab from the main screen, then selecting the Daily Rewards option.

The current day's prize appears in a snapshot, and is claimed by pressing it, then pressing the Claim button. After claiming, the screen closes automatically, but if reopened, a countdown to the next day's prize appears below that day.


Daily Prizes Screen.png

Daily Rewards are grouped into sets of 28 days each, with each day of the cycle numbered from Day 1 to Final (day 28). Within the prize set, pressing the Back Icon.png or Forward Icon.png buttons scroll to show the previous or next rewards, respectively. Claimed rewards display a Green Check Icon.png green checkmark over them. The Final prize and bonus (if VIP Status Icon.png VIP Status is active) are featured in the main area above the other prizes.

Counting today and each day since the beginning of the game, the total number of days for daily prizes is currently at 3,454, or 9.5 years (rounded).

Log in every day to get daily prizes!

Fear not! If you miss a day, you won't lose your progress!

Day & Prize

Common Prize Pool

On the days between the main prizes, Trainers can collect one given reward from the pool.

Dragon Rewards

Dragons specific to Daily Rewards, are awarded on certain days:

Day Dragon Reward
2 Salamander Dragon Icon.png Salamander Dragon
7 Faun Dragon Icon.png Faun Dragon
28 Radiant Dragon Icon.png Radiant Dragon
56 Ragnarok Dragon Icon.png Ragnarok Dragon
84 Waterlily Dragon Icon.png Waterlily Dragon
112 Pharaoh Dragon Icon.png Pharaoh Dragon
252 Tempest Dragon Icon.png Tempest Dragon
364 Firefly Dragon Icon.png Firefly Dragon
728 Sage Dragon Icon.png Sage Dragon

Other Prizes

Starting with day 729, rewards appear in the repeating cycle observed in the pages in this category (listed below).



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