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Daily Tasks

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Daily Tasks Tab.png

Daily Tasks are a set of daily goals completed to earn rewards, and are also a tab in the To-Do-List. The tasks can be completed throughout a 24-hour period in exchange for various rewards. Daily Tasks unlock at Player Level 10, they reset each day at 03:00 UTC, and they are accessed by pressing the To-Do-List Button.png button at the left of the main screen, then selecting the Daily Tasks Tab.png tab.

Rewards given include:

Additionally, either Experience Icon.png Experience or Season Point Icon.png Season Points are awarded if a Dragonmaster Pass event is active.

Tasks[edit source | edit]

The Trainer receives 10 tasks per day. The objective of most tasks scales in accordance with Player Level. When a task is completed, a notification pops up in the middle of the screen.

Notification - Daily Task Completed.png
Exploration Icon.png Explore of a Ruin
Feeding Event.png Feed Dragons 4 times
Scrolls Icon.png Win a Side Quest[1] battle or conquer a Mine
Attack (Old) Icon.png Score 3 perfect hits
Bottomless Dungeon Icon.png Earn 3 KOs in the Dungeon
Dragon League Icon.png Fight 1 battle[2] in the Arena
Food Icon.png Plant OR Harvest Food 3 times
Gift Icon.png Send gifts to your friends 3 times
Gold Icon.png Collect Gold from Habitats 5 times[3]
Clans Icon.png Complete a Clan Quest
  1. Instant Win counts toward this task.
  2. The battle does not need to be won or lost and can even be forfeited right after being started.
  3. Using the Gold Vault counts toward this task.

Level Multiplier
Reward Objective
10 1 1
11 1.7 1.1
12 2.4 1.3
13 4.7 1.5
14 9.2 1.7
15 14 1.9
16 21 2.1
17 26 2.303
18 2.504
19 2.706
20 32 2.901
21 3.101
23 42 3.5013
24 3.7015
25 3.9017
26 4.101
27 42 4.302
28 44 4.502
29 60 4.702
30+ 60 4.902

Rewards[edit source | edit]

Daily Task Card Pack.png

Each task gives rewards on completion based on current Player Level, with Experience starting from a base of 35 Experience Icon.png. There are different milestones, one for every two tasks completed. The first milestone rewards the Trainer with (1,000*Level Modifier) Food; the second milestone rewards a card pack with one Dragon Piece for either Foxglove Dragon, Bog Dragon, or Scout Dragon; the third milestone rewards either (10,000*Level Modifier) Gold or (in case of an active Dragonmaster Pass Season) Season points; and the fourth and last milestone rewards 3 Gems.

Dragon Icon Type Elements Cost # of Events
Foxglove Dragon Foxglove Dragon Icon.png Epic (classification) Icon.png Light (Element) Icon.pngVoid (Element) Icon.pngFire (Element) Icon.png 45 Dragon Pieces Icon.png  
Bog Dragon Bog Dragon Icon.png Epic (classification) Icon.png Shadow (Element) Icon.pngPlant (Element) Icon.pngLight (Element) Icon.png 45 Dragon Pieces Icon.png  
Scout Dragon Scout Dragon Icon.png Rare (classification) Icon.png Plant (Element) Icon.pngWater (Element) Icon.png 15 Dragon Pieces Icon.png  

*There are 3 entries (at 300 further entries stop displaying and must be paginated). Boss and/or Clan Dragons are not included in this table, please see Table of Boss & Clan Dragons.

History[edit source | edit]

  • Update 6.2: Changed the Fight 1 battle in the Enchantment League task to Perfect Hits when the Enchantment League was merged with the Arena.
  • Update 5.3: Revamped Daily Tasks to make up to ten quests per day that have lower completion requirements. When Dragonmaster Pass was running, tasks were made to award Season Points and other prizes (see update page for details).
    • Changed pieces received for Daily Task Dragons from a random piece to follow an order:
    • Pieces for Scout Dragon only.
    • After completing this, Foxglove Dragon pieces were rewarded.
    • After completing this, Bog Dragon pieces were rewarded.
    • after completing this, Scout Dragon pieces were rewarded again, and so on.
    • Changed Task pool additional milestones to a fixed pool of 10 tasks, adding rewards according to tasks and also Season Points.
  • Update 5.1: Moved to the To-Do-List.
  • Update 4.8: Added Bog Dragon as a new Daily Task Dragon.
  • Update 3.8: Renamed Daily Quests (or sometimes called Daily Missions) to Daily Tasks.
    • Moved Daily Tasks to the sidebar, instead of being accessible only from the Campaign Map screen.
    • Made quests available at game start, instead of being unlocked after beating Quest 20 (Steam City) in Normal Mode.
    • Revamped quests and rewards (see update page for details).
  • Update 2.8: Made notifications more noticeable.
  • Update 2.3: Discontinued obtaining Dragons (Cookie Dragon, Kangaroo Dragon, and Piggy Bank Dragon) from puzzles and Puzzle Icon.png pieces, in favor of three new quest types (see update pages for details).
  • Update 1.4: Introduced.

Historical Images[edit source | edit]

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