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Decoration Icon.png


Decorations are nonfunctional items used for enhancing the visual aesthetic of Islands and, with very few exceptions, serve no purpose other than as embellishments.

Obtaining[edit source | edit]

Decorations can first be bought after Quest 2 (Mountain Trail) has been defeated. Decorations can be purchased with Gold or Gems in the Main Shop and with Dungeon Tokens in the Dungeon Shop. Some decorations can only be won in events or acquired through trade in the Whale-Mart.

Duplicates[edit source | edit]

A placed decoration bought from the Main Shop can be selected, providing the Purchase Duplicate Button.png option, which indicates the currency and cost to buy one or more duplicates without having to return to the shop. If the Trainer has duplicates of said decoration in their inventory, the aforementioned button instead takes the duplicate from inventory and the currency and cost is not be shown.

When buying duplicate decorations, they can be bought and placed one after another without having to tap the Purchase Duplicate Button.png every time.

Size[edit source | edit]

Decorations have three different that take different amounts of square space. Small decorations take 1x1 squares, medium ones take 2x2 squares, and large ones take 3x3 squares.

Moving[edit source | edit]

A single object is moved by pressing and holding it until move options activate, indicated by X Edit Mode Icon.png Check Mark Icon.png buttons below it and colored move arrows on each side. Green move arrows indicate sufficient placeable space, grey arrows indicate not enough. Moved the object by dragging, tapping the move arrows, or tapping the destination, then pressing Check Mark Icon.png. A moved is cancelled by pressing X.

To move multiple objects at once, with move options activated as above, press Edit Mode Icon.png. Once enabled, moving and/or swapping instructions appear:

  • Select one or more objects to move them at the same time.
  • Swap two objects by selecting them and tapping Swap Icon.png.
  • Store multiple objects in inventory by selecting them and tapping Inventory Icon.png (eligible buildings/objects only).

Dragging or tapping does not move objects in Edit Mode, the initial state is selection-only; instead, tapping the Move (Green) Icon.png button enables dragging or tapping, the base of all objects turn green or grey indicating if there's enough placeable space to move the items to as a unit.

Added Edit Mode Notes
  • Selected objects are moved exactly parallel to their former positions, any chosen destination must have the corresponding spaces freed and placeable for a successful move.
  • If all selected items are eligible to moved into inventory, the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button appears below the last item selected, pressing it moves these into inventory; the button does not appear if any item is ineligible for inventory.
  • Objects cannot be selected from different islands at the same time.

Selling & Storing[edit source | edit]

If a Decoration is no longer needed or in use, it can be sold or stored in inventory Inventory Icon.png Inventory. Selling a decoration is done by selecting it, pressing the Sell Button.png button, and then confirming the choice.

Decorations can be sold only in exchange for Gold, and their selling value is 25% of the buying price (though selling value is different if the buying price was a currency other than Gold). The selling value of decorations that cost Dungeon Tokens is 25% of its buying price, which is then converted to Gold (e.g., Sword Sculpture costs 50 Dungeon Tokens, so its selling value is 12 Gold (50 / 4)). If the resulting amount has decimals, the final digit is rounded down. The selling value of decorations that cost Gems is calculated by multiplying the buying price by 125 and then converting it to Gold. For example, the League Idol costs 10 Gems, so its selling value is 1,250 Gold (10 * 125) while the Golden Pavilion costs 20 Gems, so its selling price is 2,500 Gold (20 * 125).

Shrines and Ticket Generators are the only decorations can not be sold.

Overview[edit source | edit]

Main Shop[edit source | edit]

See Main Shop for more information.

Decoration - Slate Tile.png Paths

Paths[edit source | edit]

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Black Granite Tile

Decoration - Black Granite Tile.png

150 Gold Icon.png 37 Gold Icon.png Small 1 Update 1.2
White Granite Tile

Decoration - White Granite Tile.png

Granite Tile

Decoration - Granite Tile.png

Slate Tile

Decoration - Slate Tile.png

500 Gold Icon.png 125 Gold Icon.png 6
Clay Tile

Decoration - Clay Tile.png

1,000 Gold Icon.png 250 Gold Icon.png 9
Marble Tile

Decoration - Marble Tile.png

1,500 Gold Icon.png 375 Gold Icon.png
Sandstone Tile

Decoration - Sandstone Tile.png

2,000 Gold Icon.png 500 Gold Icon.png 12
Unpaved Tile

Decoration - Unpaved Tile.png

2,500 Gold Icon.png 625 Gold Icon.png
Raised Tile

Decoration - Raised Tile.png

3,000 Gold Icon.png 750 Gold Icon.png 15
Claw Print

Decoration - Claw Print.png

4,000 Gold Icon.png 1,000 Gold Icon.png 20
Decoration - Flowering Shrub.png Natural

Natural[edit source | edit]

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Tall Shrub

Decoration - Tall Shrub.png

50 Gold Icon.png 12 Gold Icon.png Small 15 Update 1.2
Round Shrub

Decoration - Round Shrub.png

300 Gold Icon.png 75 Gold Icon.png 1
Red Flower

Decoration - Red Flower.png

500 Gold Icon.png 125 Gold Icon.png
Evergreen Shrub

Decoration - Evergreen Shrub.png

1,500 Gold Icon.png 375 Gold Icon.png 6
Leafy Shrub

Decoration - Leafy Shrub.png

2,000 Gold Icon.png 500 Gold Icon.png
Yellow Flower

Decoration - Yellow Flower.png

Weeping Shrub

Decoration - Weeping Shrub.png

2,500 Gold Icon.png 625 Gold Icon.png 9
Round Topiary

Decoration - Round Topiary.png

3,500 Gold Icon.png 875 Gold Icon.png
Swampy Rock

Decoration - Swampy Rock.png

Medium 12
Great Palm

Decoration - Great Palm.png

4,000 Gold Icon.png 1,000 Gold Icon.png
Palm Tree

Decoration - Palm Tree.png


Decoration - Rock.png

5,000 Gold Icon.png 1,250 Gold Icon.png 15
White Flower

Decoration - White Flower.png

Small 9
Flowering Shrub

Decoration - Flowering Shrub.png

6,000 Gold Icon.png 1,500 Gold Icon.png 15
Strange Bones

Decoration - Strange Bones.png

7,000 Gold Icon.png 1,750 Gold Icon.png Medium
Hearty Palm

Decoration - Hearty Palm.png

8,000 Gold Icon.png 2,000 Gold Icon.png
Owl Statue

Decoration - Owl Statue.png

Medium Tree

Decoration - Medium Tree.png

9,000 Gold Icon.png 2,250 Gold Icon.png
Square Topiary

Decoration - Square Topiary.png

Small 1

Decoration - Flowers.png

10,000 Gold Icon.png 2,500 Gold Icon.png Medium 9
Big Tree

Decoration - Big Tree.png

Large 17
Crispy Tree

Decoration - Crispy Tree.png

Dead Tree Trunk

Decoration - Dead Tree Trunk.png

Mystic Idol

Decoration - Mystic Idol.png

12,000 Gold Icon.png 3,000 Gold Icon.png Medium 17
Mystic Statue

Decoration - Mystic Statue.png

15,000 Gold Icon.png 3,750 Gold Icon.png
Big Rock

Decoration - Big Rock.png

15,000 Gold Icon.png 3,750 Gold Icon.png Large 20
Mushroom Tree

Decoration - Mushroom Tree.png

20,000 Gold Icon.png 5,000 Gold Icon.png 17
Huge Pine

Decoration - Huge Pine.png


Decoration - Driftwood.png

Small 10 Update 1.7
Sea Stone

Decoration - Sea Stone.png

22,000 Gold Icon.png 5,500 Gold Icon.png
Prayer Stone Pile

Decoration - Prayer Stone Pile.png

26,000 Gold Icon.png 6,500 Gold Icon.png
Small Cherry Blossom Tree

Decoration - Small Cherry Blossom Tree.png

28,000 Gold Icon.png 7,000 Gold Icon.png
Little Green Shrub

Decoration - Little Green Shrub.png

29,000 Gold Icon.png 7,250 Gold Icon.png
Pond with Rock

Decoration - Pond with Rock.png

40,000 Gold Icon.png 10,000 Gold Icon.png Large 20 Update 1.2
Snowy Stone

Decoration - Snowy Stone.png

Small 10 Update 2.3
Weathered Shrub

Decoration - Weathered Shrub.png

45,000 Gold Icon.png 11,250 Gold Icon.png
Rocky Fragment

Decoration - Rocky Fragment.png

47,500 Gold Icon.png 11,875 Gold Icon.png
Tiny Fir Tree

Decoration - Tiny Fir Tree.png

49,000 Gold Icon.png 12,250 Gold Icon.png

Decoration - Dice.png

50,000 Gold Icon.png 12,500 Gold Icon.png Update 2.8
Fae Tree

Decoration - Fae Tree.png

Large 1 Update 3.2
Seaweed Stone

Decoration - Seaweed Stone.png

55,000 Gold Icon.png 13,750 Gold Icon.png Medium 10 Update 1.7
Fungus Rock

Decoration - Fungus Rock.png

60,000 Gold Icon.png 15,000 Gold Icon.png
Mini Snowman

Decoration - Mini Snowman.png

Small Update 2.3
Li'l Viking Dolly

Decoration - Li'l Viking Dolly.png

Update 2.8
Mystical Tree

Decoration - Mystical Tree.png

Large 1 Update 3.2
Weathered Stone

Decoration - Weathered Stone.png

62,000 Gold Icon.png 15,500 Gold Icon.png Medium 10 Update 1.7
Clam Rock

Decoration - Clam Rock.png

67,000 Gold Icon.png 16,750 Gold Icon.png
Buried Anchor

Decoration - Buried Anchor.png

75,000 Gold Icon.png 18,750 Gold Icon.png
Golden Shrub

Decoration - Golden Shrub.png

Pond with Trunk

Decoration - Pond with Trunk.png

Large 24 Update 1.2
Rusty Anchor

Decoration - Rusty Anchor.png

85,000 Gold Icon.png 21,250 Gold Icon.png Medium 10 Update 1.7
Garlanded Shrub

Decoration - Garlanded Shrub.png

99,000 Gold Icon.png 24,750 Gold Icon.png Update 1.8
Meditation Stone

Decoration - Meditation Stone.png

99,999 Gold Icon.png 24,999 Gold Icon.png Update 1.7
Apple Tree

Decoration - Apple Tree.png

100,000 Gold Icon.png 25,000 Gold Icon.png Large 15 Update 1.2
Dreaming Tree

Decoration - Dreaming Tree.png

105,000 Gold Icon.png 26,250 Gold Icon.png 1 Update 3.2
Block Bush

Decoration - Block Bush.png

Medium 10 Update 2.8
Small Tranquility Tree

Decoration - Small Tranquility Tree.png

110,000 Gold Icon.png 27,500 Gold Icon.png Update 1.7
Winter Shrub

Decoration - Winter Shrub.png

Update 2.3
Big Fake Rock

Decoration - Big Fake Rock.png

Update 2.8
Wishing Boulder

Decoration - Wishing Boulder.png

Large 1 Update 3.2
Maple Tree

Decoration - Maple Tree.png

120,000 Gold Icon.png 30,000 Gold Icon.png 10 Update 1.7
Small Fir Tree

Decoration - Small Fir Tree.png

Medium Update 2.3
Red Cube

Decoration - Red Cube.png

Update 2.8
Curlicue Tree

Decoration - Curlicue Tree.png

Large 1 Update 3.2
Jagged Rock

Decoration - Jagged Rock.png

125,000 Gold Icon.png 31,250 Gold Icon.png Medium 10 Update 2.3
Little Fake Rock

Decoration - Little Fake Rock.png

Update 2.8
Spiny Brier

Decoration - Spiny Brier.png

1 Update 3.2
Stepping Stone

Decoration - Stepping Stone.png

130,000 Gold Icon.png 32,500 Gold Icon.png
Cherry Blossom Tree

Decoration - Cherry Blossom Tree.png

10 Update 1.7
Little Toy Tree

Decoration - Little Toy Tree.png

Update 2.8
Big Toy Tree

Decoration - Big Toy Tree.png

135,000 Gold Icon.png 33,750 Gold Icon.png
Wonder Flower

Decoration - Wonder Flower.png

1 Update 3.2
Tranquility Tree

Decoration - Tranquility Tree.png

136,000 Gold Icon.png 34,000 Gold Icon.png 10 Update 1.7
Juggling Balls

Decoration - Juggling Balls.png

140,000 Gold Icon.png 35,000 Gold Icon.png Update 2.8
Mesmerizing Fountain

Decoration - Mesmerizing Fountain.png

1 Update 3.2
Otherworldly Sprout

Decoration - Otherworldly Sprout.png

150,000 Gold Icon.png 37,500 Gold Icon.png
Icy Stone

Decoration - Icy Stone.png

10 Update 2.3
Striped Block

Decoration - Striped Block.png

Update 2.8
The Plank

Decoration - The Plank.png

165,000 Gold Icon.png 41,250 Gold Icon.png Large Update 1.7
Ship's Hull

Decoration - Ship's Hull.png

180,000 Gold Icon.png 45,000 Gold Icon.png
Ladybug Fountain

Decoration - Ladybug Fountain.png

Medium 28 Update 1.2
Starfish Rock

Decoration - Starfish Rock.png

200,000 Gold Icon.png 50,000 Gold Icon.png Large 10 Update 1.7
Viking Shipwreck

Decoration - Viking Shipwreck.png

Big Tranquility Tree

Decoration - Big Tranquility Tree.png

280,000 Gold Icon.png 70,000 Gold Icon.png
Serenity Garden

Decoration - Serenity Garden.png

295,000 Gold Icon.png 73,750 Gold Icon.png
Bodhi Tree

Decoration - Bodhi Tree.png

333,000 Gold Icon.png 83,250 Gold Icon.png
Lost Choo Choo

Decoration - Lost Choo Choo.png

400,000 Gold Icon.png 100,000 Gold Icon.png Update 2.8
Wishing Stone

Decoration - Wishing Stone.png

Medium 1 Update 3.2
Periwinkle Fern

Decoration - Periwinkle Fern.png

450,000 Gold Icon.png 112,500 Gold Icon.png Small
Big Block Tree

Decoration - Big Block Tree.png

Large 10 Update 2.8
Big Fir Tree

Decoration - Big Fir Tree.png

Update 2.3
Rubbery Cactus

Decoration - Rubbery Cactus.png

460,000 Gold Icon.png 115,000 Gold Icon.png Small 1 Update 3.2
Little Block Tree

Decoration - Little Block Tree.png

Large 10 Update 2.8
Medium Fir Tree

Decoration - Medium Fir Tree.png

475,000 Gold Icon.png 118,750 Gold Icon.png Update 2.3
Twin Pines

Decoration - Twin Pines.png

480,000 Gold Icon.png 120,000 Gold Icon.png
Bouncy Balls

Decoration - Bouncy Balls.png

Update 2.8
Wishing Rock

Decoration - Wishing Rock.png

Medium 1 Update 3.2
Grasping Leaves

Decoration - Grasping Leaves.png

500,000 Gold Icon.png 125,000 Gold Icon.png
Frozen Pine

Decoration - Frozen Pine.png

Large 10 Update 2.3
Wooden Blocks

Decoration - Wooden Blocks.png

Update 2.8
Cherry Tree

Decoration - Cherry Tree.png

10 Gems Icon.png 1,250 Gold Icon.png 13 Update 1.2
Festive Tree

Decoration - Festive Tree.png

25 Gems Icon.png 3,125 Gold Icon.png 10 Update 1.8
Decoration - Battle Tribute.png Sculptures

Sculptures[edit source | edit]

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Prayer Stone

Decoration - Prayer Stone.png

100 Gold Icon.png 25 Gold Icon.png Medium 20 Update 1.2
Granite Post

Decoration - Granite Post.png

2,500 Gold Icon.png 625 Gold Icon.png Small 6
Gold Nodule

Decoration - Gold Nodule.png

10,000 Gold Icon.png 2,500 Gold Icon.png Small 1 Update 5.5
Royal Blossom

Decoration - Royal Blossom.png

Shining Stone

Decoration - Shining Stone.png

Shining Pillar

Decoration - Shining Pillar.png

Pillar Shard

Decoration - Pillar Shard.png

Luminous Gems

Decoration - Luminous Gems.png

Remembrance Ruins

Decoration - Remembrance Ruins.png

15,000 Gold Icon.png 3,750 Gold Icon.png Medium 20 Update 1.2
Wyvern Post

Decoration - Wyvern Post.png

16,000 Gold Icon.png 4,000 Gold Icon.png Small 24
Dapper Dragon

Decoration - Dapper Dragon.png

25,000 Gold Icon.png 6,250 Gold Icon.png Small 20
Effigy of the Bob

Decoration - Effigy of the Bob.png

Tusk Column

Decoration - Tusk Column.png

Medium 17
Lustrous Tree

Decoration - Lustrous Tree.png

1 Update 5.5
Luminous Crystal

Decoration - Luminous Crystal.png

Gem-Laden Stone

Decoration - Gem-Laden Stone.png

Shining Ruins

Decoration - Shining Ruins.png

Luminous Gem Crop

Decoration - Luminous Gem Crop.png

Shining Boulders

Decoration - Shining Boulders.png

Deco Dragon

Decoration - Deco Dragon.png

35,000 Gold Icon.png 8,750 Gold Icon.png Small 24 Update 1.2
Royal Crystal

Decoration - Royal Crystal.png

50,000 Gold Icon.png 12,500 Gold Icon.png Large 1 Update 5.5
Luminous Elder Tree

Decoration - Luminous Elder Tree.png

Gem-Laden Boulder

Decoration - Gem-Laden Boulder.png

Empress Blossom

Decoration - Empress Blossom.png

Royal Elder Crystal

Decoration - Royal Elder Crystal.png

Shining Altar

Decoration - Shining Altar.png

Dragon's Well

Decoration - Dragon's Well.png

75,000 Gold Icon.png 18,750 Gold Icon.png Medium 20 Update 1.2
Overgrown Stump

Decoration - Overgrown Stump.png

100,000 Gold Icon.png 25,000 Gold Icon.png
Enchanted Dagger

Decoration - Enchanted Dagger.png

120,000 Gold Icon.png 30,000 Gold Icon.png Small 28
Candy Cane

Decoration - Candy Cane.png

149,999 Gold Icon.png 37,499 Gold Icon.png Medium 10 Update 1.8
Wooden Lamppost

Decoration - Wooden Lamppost.png

250,000 Gold Icon.png 62,500 Gold Icon.png Small 32 Update 1.2
Battle Blade

Decoration - Battle Blade.png

500,000 Gold Icon.png 125,000 Gold Icon.png Medium 24
Mystical Fountain

Decoration - Mystical Fountain.png

750,000 Gold Icon.png 187,500 Gold Icon.png 32
Golden Hatchling

Decoration - Golden Hatchling.png

5,000,000 Gold Icon.png 1,250,000 Gold Icon.png Small
Kooky Carl

Decoration - Kooky Carl.png

1 Gems Icon.png 125 Gold Icon.png 1
Stone Basin

Decoration - Stone Basin.png

2 Gems Icon.png 250 Gold Icon.png
Battle Standard

Decoration - Battle Standard.png

An Ode to Fruit

Decoration - An Ode to Fruit.png

5 Gems Icon.png 625 Gold Icon.png 28
Lovely Lantern

Decoration - Lovely Lantern.png

6 Gems Icon.png 750 Gold Icon.png 1
Wishing Fountain

Decoration - Wishing Fountain.png

8 Gems Icon.png 1,000 Gold Icon.png Large
League Idol

Decoration - League Idol.png

10 Gems Icon.png 1,250 Gold Icon.png Medium Update 1.3
Champion's Crest

Decoration - Champion's Crest.png

12 Gems Icon.png 1,500 Gold Icon.png 17 Update 1.2
Watchful Skull

Decoration - Watchful Skull.png

20 Gems Icon.png 2,500 Gold Icon.png 32
Battle Tribute

Decoration - Battle Tribute.png


Decoration - Snowdragon.png

Large 10 Update 1.8
Ghoulish Guide

Decoration - Ghoulish Guide.png

Medium Update 1.7
Creepy Cauldron

Decoration - Creepy Cauldron.png

25 Gems Icon.png 3,125 Gold Icon.png Large
Li'l Dragon Gate

Decoration - Li'l Dragon Gate.png

Medium 14 Update 1.2

Dungeon Shop[edit source | edit]

See Dungeon Shop for more information.

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Sword Sculpture

Decoration - Sword Sculpture.png

50 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 12 Gold Icon.png Small 28 Update 1.3
Two Sides to Battle

Decoration - Two Sides to Battle.png

50 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium 1
Elemental Energy

Decoration - Elemental Energy.png

75 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 18 Gold Icon.png
Whoo's Tombstone

Decoration - Whoo's Tombstone.png

125 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 31 Gold Icon.png 10 Update 1.7
Twinkling Shrub

Decoration - Twinkling Shrub.png

150 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 37 Gold Icon.png Update 1.8
Ornamented Shrub

Decoration - Ornamented Shrub.png

175 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 43 Gold Icon.png
Copper Cube

Decoration - Copper Cube.png

200 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 50 Gold Icon.png Small Update 4.6
Emerald Chunk

Decoration - Emerald Chunk.png


Decoration - Boiler.png

250 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 62 Gold Icon.png Medium

Decoration - Turbine.png

300 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 75 Gold Icon.png
Dragon Dryer

Decoration - Dragon Dryer.png


Decoration - Pipe-o-meter.png

Wind-Power Dungeon Battery

Decoration - Wind-Power Dungeon Battery.png

Dungeon Vent

Decoration - Dungeon Vent.png


Decoration - Refinery.png

400 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png 100 Gold Icon.png Large
Machine Tower

Decoration - Machine Tower.png

Dungeon Aerator

Decoration - Dungeon Aerator.png

Wind Machine

Decoration - Wind Machine.png

Dragon League[edit source | edit]

See Dragon League for more information.

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Glowing Stump

Decoration - Glowing Stump.png

150 Gems Icon.png 18,750 Gold Icon.png Medium 24 Update 1.3
Trainer's Monument

Decoration - Trainer's Monument.png

Winged Victory

Decoration - Winged Victory.png

Small 32
Shining Shield

Decoration - Shining Shield.png

Medium 1
Galgomor's Blade

Decoration - Galgomor's Blade.png

Large 32
Dragonscale Banner

Decoration - Dragonscale Banner.png

Medium 10 Update 1.9
Glowing Dragon Egg

Decoration - Glowing Dragon Egg.png

Events[edit source | edit]

See Event Decorations for a list of all Event decorations.

Shrines[edit source | edit]

See Castle Events for more information.

Decoration Name Update Initial Offer
(reduced cost)
Selling Price Size
Hidden Egg Shrine

Hidden Egg Shrine (2017).png

Update 2.8 1.99 USD Unsellable Medium
Divine Shrine

Divine Shrine.png

Update 3.1
Pumpkin Shrine

Pumpkin Shrine.png

Update 3.2
Frosty Shrine

Frosty Shrine (2017).png

Update 3.3
Lantern Shrine

Lantern Shrine.png

Update 3.5
Hidden Egg Shrine

Hidden Egg Shrine (2018).png

Update 3.6
Ruby Scarab Shrine

Ruby Scarab Shrine.png

Update 3.9
Azure Scarab Altar

Azure Scarab Altar.png

Emerald Runestone Shrine

Emerald Runestone Shrine.png

Update 4.1
Arctic Runestone Shrine

Arctic Runestone Shrine.png

Frosty Shrine

Frosty Shrine.png

Update 4.2
Shrine of the Pigsy

Shrine of the Pigsy.png

Update 4.3
Zeus's Shrine

Zeus's Shrine.png

Update 4.4
Hidden Egg Shrine

Hidden Egg Shrine (2019).png

Update 4.5
Pangu's Shrine

Pangu's Shrine.png

Update 4.6
Chrono Seth's Shrine

Chrono Seth's Shrine.png

Update 4.7
Red Petal Shrine

Red Petal Shrine.png

Pumpkin Shrine

Pumpkin Shrine (2019).png

Update 4.8
Gift Box Shrine

Gift Box Shrine.png

Update 4.9
Hidden Egg Shrine

Hidden Egg Shrine (2020).png

Update 5.1
Emerald Rift Orb Shrine

Emerald Rift Orb Shrine.png

Update 5.6
Azure Rift Orb Shrine

Azure Rift Orb Shrine.png

Pumpkin Shrine (2020)

Pumpkin Shrine (2020).png

Update 5.7
Frosty Shrine

Frosty Shrine (2020).png

Update 5.9
Hidden Egg Shrine

Hidden Egg Shrine (2021).png

Update 6.0
Red Jewel Shrine

Red Jewel Shrine (2021).png

Update 6.1
Green Jewel Shrine

Green Jewel Shrine (2021).png

Azure Jewel Shrine

Azure Jewel Shrine (2021).png

Update 6.3
Amber Jewel Shrine

Amber Jewel Shrine (2021).png

Frozen Jewel Shrine

Frozen Jewel Shrine (2021).png

Update 6.5
Thawed Jewel Shrine

Thawed Jewel Shrine (2021).png

Blooming Jewel Shrine

Blooming Jewel Shrine (2022).png

Update 6.7
Verdant Jewel Shrine

Verdant Jewel Shrine (2022).png

Birthday Jewel Shrine

Birthday Jewel Shrine (2022).png

Update 6.9
Ame's Jewel Shrine

Ame's Jewel Shrine (2022).png

Ancient Shrines[edit source | edit]

See Ancient Islands for more information.

Decoration Name Update Initial Offer
(reduced cost)
Selling Price Size
Emberstone Shrine

Emberstone Shrine.png

Update 4.9 3.99 USD Unsellable Medium
Malletstone Shrine

Malletstone Shrine.png

Update 5.1
Waterstone Shrine

Waterstone Shrine.png

Update 5.4
Lightstone Shrine

Lightstone Shrine.png

Update 5.8
Leafstone Shrine

Leafstone Shrine.png

Update 6.0
Shadowstone Shrine

Shadowstone Shrine.png

Update 6.4
Windstone Shrine

Windstone Shrine.png

Update 6.6
Energystone Shrine

Energystone Shrine.png

Update 6.8

Divine Islands[edit source | edit]

See Divine Islands for more information.

Divine Chests[edit source | edit]

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Doric Column

Decoration - Doric Column.png

Unbuyable 18,750 Gold Icon.png Small 10 Update 3.1
Ionic Column

Decoration - Ionic Column.png

Hephaestus's Hammer

Decoration - Hephaestus's Hammer.png

Poseidon's Trident

Decoration - Poseidon's Trident.png

Zeus's Lightning

Decoration - Zeus's Lightning.png

New Year's Candle

Decoration - New Year's Candle.png

Small Update 3.5
Lantern Post

Decoration - Lantern Post.png

Burning Incense

Decoration - Burning Incense.png

Bronze Gong

Decoration - Bronze Gong.png

Bell of Good Luck

Decoration - Bell of Good Luck.png

King's Tomb Floor

Decoration - King's Tomb Floor.png

Small Update 3.9
Queen's Tomb Floor

Decoration - Queen's Tomb Floor.png

Obelisk of Luck

Decoration - Obelisk of Luck.png

Obelisk of the Underworld

Decoration - Obelisk of the Underworld.png

Sacred Jackal

Decoration - Sacred Jackal.png

Sun Idol

Decoration - Sun Idol.png

Stone Scarab

Decoration - Stone Scarab.png

Scale Model Boat

Decoration - Scale Model Boat.png

Gilded Floor

Decoration - Gilded Floor.png

Small Update 4.1
Northern Knot Floor

Decoration - Northern Knot Floor.png

Loki Head

Decoration - Loki Head.png

Unknown Stone

Decoration - Unknown Stone.png

Aurora Crystal

Decoration - Aurora Crystal.png

Runic Rock

Decoration - Runic Rock.png

Dragon Totem

Decoration - Dragon Totem.png

Mystical Effigy

Decoration - Mystical Effigy.png

Pavement of Time 1

Decoration - Pavement of Time 1.png

Small Update 4.4
Pavement of Time 2

Decoration - Pavement of Time 2.png

Pavement of Time 3

Decoration - Pavement of Time 3.png

Pavement of Time 4

Decoration - Pavement of Time 4.png

Chronosian Hourglass

Decoration - Chronosian Hourglass.png

Fang of Hades

Decoration - Fang of Hades.png

Hearth of Aphrodite

Decoration - Hearth of Aphrodite.png

Seal of Zeus

Decoration - Seal of Zeus.png

Sapphire Pavement

Decoration - Sapphire Pavement.png

Small Update 4.5
Jade Pavement

Decoration - Jade Pavement.png

Lampion of the Future

Decoration - Lampion of the Future.png

Lampion of the Past

Decoration - Lampion of the Past.png

Flower of Nezha

Decoration - Flower of Nezha.png

Jewel of Pangu

Decoration - Jewel of Pangu.png

Wing of Erlang Shen

Decoration - Wing of Erlang Shen.png

Chronosian Lion

Decoration - Chronosian Lion.png

Twilight Tile

Decoration - Twilight Tile.png

Small Update 4.6
Sunrise Tile

Decoration - Sunrise Tile.png

Zenith Tile

Decoration - Zenith Tile.png

Midnight Tile

Decoration - Midnight Tile.png

Ancient Palm

Decoration - Ancient Palm.png

Ancient Pillar

Decoration - Ancient Pillar.png

Ancient Urn

Decoration - Ancient Urn.png

Disorder Effigy

Decoration - Disorder Effigy.png

Balance Effigy

Decoration - Balance Effigy.png

Chaos Effigy

Decoration - Chaos Effigy.png

Pantheon Floor

Decoration - Pantheon Floor.png

Small Update 5.2
Infinity Floor

Decoration - Infinity Floor.png

Binding Floor

Decoration - Binding Floor.png

Unbreakable Knot

Decoration - Unbreakable Knot.png

Lost Egg

Decoration - Lost Egg.png

Chrono Wings

Decoration - Chrono Wings.png

Northern Shards

Decoration - Northern Shards.png

Chrono Plyon

Decoration - Chrono Plyon.png

Time God's Tile

Decoration - Time God's Tile.png

Small Update 5.6
Chronos Tile

Decoration - Chronos Tile.png

Divine Tile

Decoration - Divine Tile.png

Chronosian Crossing

Decoration - Chronosian Crossing.png

Chronosian Energy Font

Decoration - Chronosian Energy Font.png

Eldritch Altar

Decoration - Eldritch Altar.png

Chronosian Clock

Decoration - Chronosian Clock.png

Time Sentinel

Decoration - Time Sentinel.png

Palace Tile

Decoration - Palace Tile.png

Small Update 6.1
Icy Tile

Decoration - Icy Tile.png

Freyr Figure

Decoration - Freyr Figure.png

Chang'e's Bloom

Decoration - Chang'e's Bloom.png

Freyr Totem

Decoration - Freyr Totem.png

Longwang Totem

Decoration - Longwang Totem.png

Ticket Generators[edit source | edit]

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Divine Ticket Booth

Divine Ticket Booth (Island of New Beginnings).png

1.99 USD Unsellable Medium 1 Update 2.8
Pyramid of the Sun

Pyramid of the Sun.png

Update 3.9
Pyramid of the Moon

Pyramid of the Moon.png

Totem of Wood

Totem of Wood.png

Update 4.1
Totem of Frost

Totem of Frost.png

Zeus's Totem

Zeus's Totem.png

Update 4.3
Pangu's Totem

Pangu's Totem.png

Update 4.5
Hou Yi's Totem

Hou Yi's Totem.png

3.99 USD Update 5.0
Chrono Seth's Totem

Chrono Seth's Totem.png

Update 5.1
Chrono Odin's Totem

Chrono Odin's Totem.png

Update 5.2
Chrono Osiris' Totem

Chrono Osiris' Totem.png

Update 5.6
Chrono Poseidon's Totem

Chrono Poseidon's Totem.png

Fortune Totem

Venchu's Totem
Fortune Totem.png

Update 5.9

Ancient Islands[edit source | edit]

See Ancient Islands for more information.

Ancient Chests[edit source | edit]

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Decoration - Ember Runestone.png
Ember Runestone
Unbuyable 18,750 Gold Icon.png Small 10 Update 4.9
Decoration - Fire Needle.png
Fire Needle
Decoration - Pine Tree.png
Pine Tree
Decoration - Small Volcano.png
Small Volcano
Decoration - Ancient Forge.png
Ancient Forge
Decoration - Ember Well.png
Ember Well
Decoration - Fire Fountain.png
Fire Fountain
Decoration - Flame Warden.png
Flame Warden
Decoration - Blue Metal Floor.png
Blue Metal Floor
Small Update 5.1
Decoration - Purple Metal Floor.png
Purple Metal Floor
Decoration - Metallic Hut.png
Metallic Hut
Decoration - Pink Steel Statue.png
Pink Steel Statue
Decoration - Ancient Steel Orbs.png
Ancient Steel Orbs
Decoration - Sacred Ore Pylon.png
Sacred Ore Pylon
Decoration - Ancient Plate Armor.png
Ancient Plate Armor
Decoration - Magnet of the Elders.png
Magnet of the Elders
Decoration - Undersea Lily.png
Undersea Lily
Small Update 5.4
Decoration - Mark of the Ocean.png
Mark of the Ocean
Decoration - Corals.png
Decoration - Reef Plants.png
Decoration - Water Needle.png
Water Needle
Decoration - Globe of the Ancients.png
Globe of the Ancients
Decoration - Obelisk of Ho'mala.png
Obelisk of Ho'mala
Decoration - Eternal Drops.png
Eternal Drops
Decoration - Light Tile.png
Light Tile
Small Update 5.8
Decoration - Solden's Step.png
Solden's Step
Decoration - Tile of Chaos.png
Tile of Chaos
Decoration - Tile of Order.png
Tile of Order
Decoration - Luminous Watcher.png
Luminous Watcher
Decoration - Luzra's Beacon.png
Luzra's Beacon
Decoration - Light Rune Obelisk.png
Light Rune Obelisk
Decoration - Order's Sentinel.png
Order's Sentinel
Decoration - Forest Tile.png
Forest Tile
Small Update 6.0
Decoration - Foroskke's Footprint.png
Foroskke's Footprint
Decoration - Iolhan's Stone.png
Iolhan's Stone
Decoration - Puenwyn's Mark.png
Puenwyn's Mark
Decoration - Life Root.png
Life Root
Decoration - Tropical Husk.png
Tropical Husk
Decoration - Life Crystal.png
Life Crystal
Decoration - Poison Fern.png
Poison Fern
Decoration - Tile of Undeath.png
Tile of Undeath
Small Update 6.4
Decoration - Tile of Shadow.png
Tile of Shadow
Decoration - Tile of Spirit.png
Tile of Spirit
Decoration - Ghastly Gourd.png
Ghastly Gourd
Decoration - Witch Shrine.png
Witch Shrine
Decoration - Haunted Ruin.png
Haunted Ruin
Decoration - Death Light.png
Death Light
Decoration - Cursed Bones.png
Cursed Bones
Decoration - Sky Tile.png
Sky Tile
Small Update 6.6
Decoration - Cloud Tile.png
Cloud Tile
Decoration - Purifying Vent.png
Purifying Vent
Decoration - Venchu's Light.png
Venchu's Light
Decoration - Sky Tree.png
Sky Tree
Decoration - Purifying Windmill.png
Purifying Windmill
Decoration - Conductor Tile.png
Conductor Tile
Small Update 6.8
Decoration - Copper Tile.png
Copper Tile
Decoration - Crackling Tile.png
Crackling Tile
Decoration - Hope's Core.png
Hope's Core
Decoration - Energy Conductor.png
Energy Conductor
Decoration - Energy Distributor.png
Energy Distributor
25 Gems Icon.png Medium
Decoration - 01 Station.png
01 Station

Discontinued Decorations[edit source | edit]

Enchantment League-Pre 6.2[edit source | edit]

See Enchantment League-Pre 6.2 for more information.

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Emblem of Grace

Decoration - Emblem of Grace.png

20 Gems Icon.png 2,500 Gold Icon.png Medium 1 Update 2.3
Emblem of Chivalry

Decoration - Emblem of Chivalry.png

Emblem of Might

Decoration - Emblem of Might.png

Mentoring Program[edit source | edit]

See Mentoring Program for more information.

Decoration Name Cost Selling Price Size Level Needed Update
Arcane Diploma

Decoration - Arcane Diploma.png

Unbuyable 2,500 Gold Icon.png Medium 1 Update 3.6
Present from Apprentice

Decoration - Present from Apprentice.png

Trivia[edit source | edit]

  • Some of the decorations are replicas of the obstacles that need to be cleared from Islands. Unlike the fixed obstacles, they behave differently as they can be moved around.
  • The League Idol decoration changes its shield in accordance to the current Dragon League the Trainer is affiliated with.
  • The Shrines were buildings formerly used as currency generators for different Castle Events while the Ticket Generators were buildings which formerly generated Divine Tickets for opening Divine Chests.
    • The Shrines and Ticket Generators are the only decorations that serve a function other than the aesthetic one, can only be bought in exchange for real currency, are unable to be duplicated or sold, and have a description of their own. The description can be seen by selecting the decoration and pressing the Information Button 2.png button.

History[edit source | edit]

Review: In-Progress.

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