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Divine Chest (20/09/14)

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Divine Chest (20.09.14) Promotion.jpg
Open the bottomless Chest with Tickets to claim Dragon parts, Event themed Decorations and other rewards.
Started: 14 September 2020
Ended: 21 September 2020
Duration: 7 Days
Type: Chest Opening
Prize: Chrono Osiris Dragon Icon.png Chrono Osiris Dragon
The event took place during The Final Time Rift Divine event series.

Trainers received 1 free Chest for every 10 chests opened and 2 guaranteed matching Dragon Pieces for the main reward Dragon for every 50 chests opened in this event.

Divine Chest (The Final Time Rift Part I).png


Chest Opening Events are events in which a chest can only be opened in exchange for 1 Event Ticket, the tickets being dependent on the chest type — Divine, Ancient, or Tyrant.


Each event has two prize pools, and each time a chest is opened, it gives two cards, one for each prize pool. Chests are always located within an event-themed Chest Room. Pressing the ? button in the interface displays chest contents, which are limitless; thus, the Trainer can win the same prizes repeatedly, including Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces for already collected Dragons. Pressing the i button displays the average number of each reward given per 100 chests opened.

Between 1 and 10 chests can be opened at the same time, provided the necessary amount of tickets is possessed. The number of tickets currently held appears in a counter    50+ Button.png (ticket appearance themed to the event) at the top of the screen. A chest (or set of chests) is opened by pressing on the chest repeatedly, or by pressing the Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png speed-up button to bypass this requirement. Prize cards are given, either a Chest Card Back.png for regular prizes or talismans, or a Dragon card for Dragon Pieces given.

If duplicates of a Dragon are obtained, the choice of keeping the duplicate Get Dragon is given, or exchanging it Get Ticket for 1 ticket. The exchange can only take place immediately after a chest is opened, and the duplicate has been obtained. Pressing the X button closes the Chest Room.

Important Icon.png
Important: When Chest Opening Events end, their associated chests and tickets disappear.



Prize Amount/Card Chance
Chrono Osiris Dragon.png
Chrono Osiris Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 16.2 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.49 %
50 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.16 %
300 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.016 %
Seth Dragon.png
Seth Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.81 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.24 %
20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.16 %
120 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.016 %
Furnace Dragon.png
Furnace Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3.24 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.65 %
50 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.16 %
100 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.016 %
Orange Throat Dragon.png
Orange Throat Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 16.2 %
20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 2.27 %
80Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.016 %
Red Talon Dragon.png
Red Talon Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 25.93 %
20 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3.73 %
80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.016 %
Lilac Horn Dragon.png
Lilac Horn Dragon
2 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 24.31 %
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 5.35 %
40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.016 %


The amount of Food or Gold awarded depends on Trainer Level, the highest Level Modifier amount is displayed.

Prize Amount/Card Chance
Decoration - Time God's Tile.png
Time God's Tile
1 Decoration 3.01 %
Decoration - Chronos Tile.png
Chronos Tile
1 Decoration 3.01 %
Decoration - Divine Tile.png
Divine Tile
1 Decoration 3.01 %
Decoration - Chronosian Crossing.png
Chronosian Crossing
1 Decoration 3.01 %
Decoration - Chronosian Energy Font.png
Chronosian Energy Font
1 Decoration 3.01 %
Decoration - Eldritch Altar.png
Eldritch Altar
1 Decoration 3.01 %
Decoration - Chronosian Clock.png
Chronosian Clock
1 Decoration 3.01 %
Decoration - Time Sentinel.png
Time Sentinel
1 Decoration 3.01 %
VIP Ticket Icon.png
VIP Ticket
1 Ticket 0.67 %
Chest of Gold.png
225,000 25.08 %
375,000 5.85 %
900,000 2.51 %
1,500,000 0.33 %
Chest of Food.png
45,000 25.08 %
75,000 5.85 %
120,000 2.51 %
300,000 0.33 %
Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png
Dragon Fury Essence
1 Bottle 2.68 %
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