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Dragolandia is the mystical realm in which Dragon Mania Legends takes place, and where Dragons and humans reside together. The land consists of two primary maps:

  1. The Archipelago (a group of islands), which serve as the Player's home base.
See Islands for more information.
Campaign Map
  1. The Campaign Map, made up of islands with forts and mines that must be reclaimed from enemies.
    • Various characters wage a war for control of the land, in different battle difficulty modes, with the Vikings and the Tyrants as the villainous characters. Trainers must successfully collaborate with the heroes of the game to retake occupied areas, thus driving back the enemy forces and restoring peace to the land. Both sides make use of the Dragons' abilities and powers in these ongoing battles.
    • See the Campaign Map for more information about the different Campaign Map modes, including:

See Campaign Map for more information about the Campaign Map and its different modes.


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