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Dragon Academy

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Dragon Academy - Level 6.png
Select a Dragon for Training!
Enables the Trainer to train their Dragon's to obtain new special fighting Skills.

Cost: 2,500 Gold Icon.png (plus upgrades)
Boss Quest Icon.png Quest 5 in Normal Mode Icon.png Normal Mode
Player Level 4
Upgradable: Yes
Can go in Inventory: No

6 x 6

The Dragon Academy, also called the Academy, is a school building where Dragons are sent to learn or upgrade Skills for battle.

Building Functions

The following function buttons appear when the building is selected:

  1. Rebuild Button.png Rebuild – to reconstruct the building.
  2. Upgrade Button.png Upgrade – to upgrade the building (appears if an upgrade is available).
  3. Train Button.png Train or Speed-Up 2 Button.png speed-up – to train or speed up training (appears after the Academy is rebuilt).


Before the Dragon Academy is used, it must first be rebuilt. Rebuilding requires Hogwin to be rescued by completing Boss Quest Icon.png Boss Quest 5 in Normal Mode Icon.png Normal Mode of the Campaign Map. Once the battle is won, selecting the academy ruins and then pressing the Rebuild Button.png Rebuild button provides two options:

  • Rebuild    2,500 Gold Icon.png – Rebuild for 2,500 Gold Icon.png Gold, waiting 1 hour.
  • Instant Rebuild Gems Icon.png – Rebuild for 12 Gems Icon.png Gems instantly, no waiting.

Academy Levels

Once rebuilt, the Academy begins at Level 1, and Dragons can be trained to the Skill Level 1 of their Elements. Available Skill training levels coincide with Dragon Academy levels, and further skill levels require upgrades. For example, if the Academy has only been increased to Level 4, Dragons can only learn 4 skill levels.

Dragon Academy Icon.png Academy Skill Level Unlocked
Level 1 (after rebuild) 1
Level 2 2
Level 3 3
Level 4 4
Level 5 5
Level 6 Mastery Dragon Academy Icon.png


The Academy has 5 additional upgrades, each unlocked at different Trainer Levels and having a different cost, completion time, and Experience Icon.png Experience earned.

Dragon Academy Icon.png Academy Level Required

Trainer Level

Gold Cost Instant
Upgrade Time Experience


Level 1 (after rebuild) Level 4 Gold Icon.png 2,500 Gems Icon.png 12 1 hour Experience Icon.png 100
Level 2 Level 8 Gold Icon.png 40,000 Gems Icon.png 45 3 hours Experience Icon.png 1,600
Level 3 Level 10 Gold Icon.png 400,000 Gems Icon.png 235 5 hours Experience Icon.png 16,000
Level 4 Level 12 Gold Icon.png 1,000,000 Gems Icon.png 371 8 hours Experience Icon.png 40,000
Level 5 Level 14 Gold Icon.png 2,000,000 Gems Icon.png 673 10 hours Experience Icon.png 80,000
Level 6 Level 16 Gold Icon.png 4,000,000 Gems Icon.png 1,252 15 hours Experience Icon.png 160,000
Totals n/a Gold Icon.png 7,442,500 Gems Icon.png 2,588 42 hours Experience Icon.png 297,700

To upgrade the Academy, select the building (while inactive) and press the Upgrade Button.png Upgrade button, which provides two options:

  • Upgrade  Gold Icon.png – to upgrade for Gold Icon.png Gold, after waiting the requisite time.
  • Instant Upgrade  Gems Icon.png – to upgrade instantly for Gems Icon.png Gems, no waiting required.


After rebuilding, the Academy's appearance is restored and changes slightly with each successive upgrade. The size of the building is 6x6 squares, regardless of level.

Skills Training

Skills are Element-specific, thus training one Element at a time is required. A Dragon must be Level 4 or above, and must be selected before training can commence, and only one Dragon can be trained at a time.

Dragon Selection

To select a Dragon to train, press the Academy building, the Train Button.png Train button, then choose a Dragon on the selection screen. Only Dragons eligible for skill training appear for selection, by level, in decreasing order. Dragons in the Dragon Vault cannot be selected.

To Filter, press an Element icon or the All Icon.png All filter, which removes previous element filters:

  • Fire (Element) Icon.png Wind (Element) Icon.png Earth (Element) Icon.png Water (Element) Icon.png Plant (Element) Icon.png Metal (Element) Icon.png Energy (Element) Icon.png Void (Element) Icon.png Light (Element) Icon.png Shadow (Element) Icon.png Legendary (Element) Icon.png Primal (Element) Icon.png Divine (Element) Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png Tyrant (Element) Icon.png All Icon.png

Dragons can also be sent to the Academy by visiting a Dragon in their Habitat, and then pressing the Dragon Academy Icon.png Academy   button, which opens the training interface directly.

Training Interface

Dragon Academy Skills Screen.jpg

After selecting an eligible Dragon, the Dragon Academy interface appears, displaying tabs for each Element the Dragon possesses. Pressing an Element's tab displays its current skill level, a skill description, the training upgrade cost, the Scroll Icon.png Scroll cost, the study time (training time), and the i information button to open the Dragon's Codex Entry. The amount of Scrolls Icon.png Scrolls possessed appears at the top of the window, as well the X close button to exit the window.

If no skill was taught prior, the Unlock Scrolls Icon.png Gold Icon.png button is pressed to begin training. Alternatively, if a skill was taught prior, the Upgrade   Scrolls Icon.png  Gold Icon.png button appears instead, and is pressed to train a skill upgrade.

See Skills for skill and mastery details.

Training Time

Upgrading an Element's Skills requires Scrolls Icon.png Scrolls and Gold Icon.png Gold, and takes a certain amount of time to complete before that skill can be used. Training time depends on the skill level being taught:

Skill Level Training Time
Level 1 2 minutes
Level 2 10 minutes
Level 3 1 hour
Level 4 3 hours
Level 5 6 hours
Mastery 12 hours
Total Time 22 hours, 12 min

See Skills for skill training cost, which depends on the Element and Skill Level being trained.

Training Completion

When skill training finishes, the Academy Notification Icon.png Academy Notification appears above the building, which must be pressed to conclude the training before the skill is usable. After pressing the notification, the Academy immediately becomes available again for training.

Mastery Selection

At Skill Level 5, the Choose Your Mastery! button appears. When pressed, it prompts for a choice between one of two available Masteries, and pressing the Unlock  Scrolls Icon.png  Gold Icon.png button below the desired mastery begins its training. A skill mastery can later be changed on the same screen by pressing the Switch Icon.png switch button, and selecting a new one. Switching masteries costs 15 Scrolls Icon.png Scrolls and 35 Gems Icon.png Gems, and takes effect instantly.

See Skills for skill and mastery details.

Time Reduction

The Gem Icon.png Gem cost for skipping timers is calculated based on the following formula: (TimeInSeconds ^ -0.44) * 0.15 * TimeInSeconds for training skills; (TimeInSeconds ^ -0.46) * 0.12 * TimeInSeconds for the construction time; and the final result is rounded up by 1 if it is between the 1-10 range, and by 5 if it is between the 10-100 range. For example:

  • The cost to skip the initial upgrading time to a Level 2 skill (10 minutes) is: (600 ^ -0.46) * 0.12 * 600 = 5.3 – rounding by 1 applies, thus the cost to skip the timer is 6 Gems.
  • The cost to skip the initial upgrading time to a Level 2 Dragon Academy (3 hours) is: (10800 ^ -0.46) * 0.12 * 10800 = 18 – rounding by 5 applies, thus the cost to skip the timer is 20 Gems.

Outside the Dragon Academy, training time can be reduced through:

  • Forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos Icon.png Chronos's power, both of which reduce timers by 6 hours.
  • Timer Boosts, from visiting Trainers, which reduce certain individual timers by 5 minutes.
  • Use of a Clan Fortress Power if a member of a Clan, which reduces training timers by an amount depending on Clan Fortress and Clan League level.


A single object is moved by pressing and holding it until move options activate, indicated by X Edit Mode Icon.png Check Mark Icon.png buttons below it and move arrows on each side. Green move arrows indicate sufficient space in the currently chosen area to place an item, gray arrows indicate not enough. Move the object by dragging, or by pressing the move arrows or the destination, then press the Check Mark Icon.png or X button to accept or cancel.

Edit Mode moves multiple objects, once move options are activated as described above, after pressing the Edit Mode Icon.png button. Moving or swapping instructions appear:

  • Select one or more objects to move them at the same time.
  • Swap two objects by selecting them and pressing the Swap Icon.png button.
  • Store multiple objects in inventory by selecting them and pressing the Inventory Icon.png Inventory button (for eligible buildings or objects only).

Dragging or pressing a destination a does not move objects in Edit Mode, the initial state is selection-only; instead, pressing the Move Icon.png Move button enables these options, the base of all objects turns green or gray indicating if there's enough space to move the items to as a unit.

  • Selected objects are moved exactly parallel to their former positions, any destination must have the corresponding spaces freed for a successful move.
  • The Inventory Icon.png Inventory button only appears if all selected items are eligible for inventory storage, and appears below the last item selected.
  • Objects cannot be selected from different islands at the same time.


Professor Hogwin.png It's time to rebuild the Academy! Let's start with the Hall of Heroes!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Dragon Academy.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Rebuild button, then select a rebuild cost option to begin rebuilding)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the notification to complete the rebuild.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the training button.)
Professor Hogwin.png I really have let this place get out of hand... even before the Vikings attacked. I'll tell you about it while we clean it up!
Professor Hogwin.png You need to assign a dragon to learn skills in the Academy by tapping on any one of them.
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select a Dragon.)
Professor Hogwin.png Your dragon's elements are listed at the top. Select one you'd like to upgrade with a powerful skill!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select an Element.)
Professor Hogwin.png Wise decision. You've chosen (x Element). As you can see, all skills have 6 levels.
Professor Hogwin.png The final level is Mastery! You'll need to choose from two very special effects when you reach there!
Professor Hogwin.png I know, I know, I'm getting ahead of myself. Forgive me. Is that all? Oh, yes! The Scrolls!
Professor Hogwin.png You need Scrolls to teach skills, and you can collect them in battles. Win 3 stars in battles to recover the Scrolls from the Vikings!
Professor Hogwin.png That's it, young friend. Now I leave you to explore on your own... and be careful—knowledge is power.

See Also

  • Skills, for detailed skill and mastery information, including skill effects, upgrade costs, and times.
  • Scrolls, for information on obtaining scrolls.


  • Update 7.6: Added the Clan Fortress Power time reduction option to the Academy speed up dialog.
  • Update 4.2: Modified the graphical interface to make it more intuitive.
    • Made only Dragons stored in the Dragon Vault, not eligible to attend the Academy.
    • Made the skill-training screen more intuitive.
  • Update 1.5: Made the building moveable.
  • Update 1.1: Increased the costs for upgrading the building.
  • Update 1.0: Introduced.

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