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Dragon Board (20/06/22)

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Dragon Dice (20.06.22) Promotion.jpg
Roll your two dice and make your Dragon progress on the board. Roll pairs to make the story unfold. Collect keys to open chests with parts for different dragons.
Started 29 June 2020
Ended 6 July 2020
Duration 7 Days
Type Dragon Dice
Capricorn Dragon Capricorn Dragon Icon.pngN
Envoy Dragon Envoy Dragon Icon.png
Revelry Dragon Revelry Dragon Icon.png
Familiar Dragon Familiar Dragon Icon.png


Roll two dice and move through the spaces to progress on the board.
Roll pairs to activate the battle story and defeat the elite opponents to win rewards.
Collect keys to open chests with parts for different Dragon rewards.


Dragon Dice events are limited-time competitions with individual goals and battle story content. Trainers work individually, using event currency to move around the board, collecting Dragon Pieces and other prizes from chests. Each roll of doubles accumulates until the Trainer is eligible to enter combat in the battle story; the double count is reset to a new goal once the current battle level is won.

Event Currency

Lucky Stones Icon.png

Every six hours, from the beginning of the event, Trainers can earn a set amount of currency (referred to as stones) specific to the event by doing various tasks throughout Dragolandia. A maximum number of stones (appearance changing to the event thematic) that can be received each iteration from a task in this event is 200.

This event's currency are referred to as Lucky Stones.

Earning Event Currency (no Limit).jpg


There are six different actions that can earn Lucky Stones Icon.png Lucky Stones to navigate through the game board. Each move costs a number of Lucky Stones to navigate through the game board. There is a limit of 200 Lucky Stones per task that can be earned within a 6-hour period, totaling 1,200 per pool. Lucky Stones are earned by collecting Gold (only when the Gold icon appears atop a Habitat), harvesting Food from Farms, breeding Dragons, feeding Dragons, winning battles, and catching flying creatures; more information on how to fulfill each task can be seen by pressing the i button.

Important Icon.png Lucky Stones obtained from food-collecting tasks are awarded upon collecting the Food and not planting it, whereas Lucky Stones acquired from breeding tasks are awarded upon selecting the Breed button inside the Breeding Den and not upon moving an egg to the Hatchery.

# of Actions required to obtain Maximum Lucky Stones Icon.png per Cycle
Collect Gold Feed Dragons Win Battles Catch Creatures
50 Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png 25 Feeding Event Icon.png 8 Attack Icon.png 10 Flying Creature - Lucky Stone.png
Points for Collecting Food

The maximum amount of Lucky Stones that can be received from a task in this event is 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png, thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 200 are merely representative.

Duration Food Lucky Stones Icon.png per Farm Lucky Stones Icon.png per 15 Farms Maximum Lucky Stones Icon.png per cycle[1]
30 seconds Spiky Cherry - Level 1 Farm 1 Lucky Stones Icon.png 15 Lucky Stones Icon.png 10,800 Lucky Stones Icon.png
5 minutes Purplemon - Level 1 Farm 1 Lucky Stones Icon.png 15 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,080 Lucky Stones Icon.png
30 minutes Sour Cone - Level 1 Farm 7 Lucky Stones Icon.png 105 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,260 Lucky Stones Icon.png
1 hour Spring Cherry - Level 3 Farm 15 Lucky Stones Icon.png 225 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,350 Lucky Stones Icon.png
2 hours Blue Hazel - Level 2 Farm 31 Lucky Stones Icon.png 465 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,395 Lucky Stones Icon.png
6 hours Dragonscale - Level 2 Farm Squarey Berry - Level 4 Farm 93 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,395 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,395 Lucky Stones Icon.png
12 hours Dragolandic Berry - Level 2 Farm 187 Lucky Stones Icon.png 2,805 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,402.5 Lucky Stones Icon.png
1 day Star Fruit - Level 3 Farm Royal Fig - Level 4 Farm 375 Lucky Stones Icon.png 5,625 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,406.25 Lucky Stones Icon.png
2 days Sweetroot - Level 3 Farm Candied Pear - Level 4 Farm 750 Lucky Stones Icon.png 11,250 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1,406.25 Lucky Stones Icon.png
  1. These values are calculated based on perfect cycles, assuming that there is no loss of time in between re-planting Food. However, one must take into account that collecting and planting Food does consume a certain amount of time, which depends on the Trainer's speed, therefore, the amounts will vary (lower than shown).
Points for Breeding Dragons

The maximum amount of Lucky Stones that can be received from a task in this event is 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png, thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 200 are merely representative.

The listed Dragons are maximum two examples for breeding - there may be more than two available breeding options.
If only one Dragon is listed, this is the only option.

Breed Time VIP Breed Lucky Stones Icon.png per Breed Recommended Offspring[1] Parent
Other Dragon(s)[2]
30 seconds 24 seconds 1 Lucky Stones Icon.png Fire Dragon Icon.png
Wind Dragon Icon.png
Fire + (FirePlant)
Wind + (WindEnergy)
1 minute 48 seconds 1 Lucky Stones Icon.png Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth + (EarthVoid) -
5 minutes 4 minutes 2 Lucky Stones Icon.png Water Dragon Icon.png Water + (WaterMetal) -
30 minutes 26 minutes 16 Lucky Stones Icon.png - Smoke Dragon Icon.png
45 minutes 36 minutes 25 Lucky Stones Icon.png - Bee Dragon Icon.png
1 hour 48 minutes 33 Lucky Stones Icon.png Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant + (PlantFire) Lava Dragon Icon.png
1h 30m 1h 12m 50 Lucky Stones Icon.png Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal + (MetalWater) Tribal Dragon Icon.png
Elephant Dragon Icon.png
2 hours 1h 36m 66 Lucky Stones Icon.png Energy Dragon Icon.png Energy + (EnergyWind) Dust Dragon Icon.png
3 hours 2h 24m 100 Lucky Stones Icon.png Void Dragon Icon.png Void + (VoidEarth) -
4 hours 3h 12m 133 Lucky Stones Icon.png - Breeze Rock Dragon Icon.png
Elemental Dragon Icon.png
6 hours 4h 48m 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png War Dragon Icon.png Fire + Metal Seed Dragon Icon.png
Tree Dragon Icon.png
The breedings below give only 200 points while taking longer.
8 hours 6h 24m 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png Lumino Dragon Icon.png
Mist Dragon Icon.png
Fire + Void
Wind + Void
Leaf Dragon Icon.png
Armored Dragon Icon.png
10 hours 8 hours 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png Shard Dragon Icon.png
Solar Dragon Icon.png
Metal + Void
Fire + Light
Brick Dragon Icon.png
Nightshade Dragon Icon.png
12 hours 9h 36m 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png Jungle Dragon Icon.png
Reaper Dragon Icon.png
Plant + Light
Metal + Shadow
Prickly Dragon Icon.png
UV Dragon Icon.png
14 hours 11h 12m 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png Missile Dragon Icon.png
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png
Energy + Light
Void + Shadow
Lightning Dragon Icon.png
Rust Dragon Icon.png
16 hours 12h 48m 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png - Orange Dragon Icon.png
Black Armor Dragon Icon.png
18 hours 14h 24m 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png - Coral Dragon Icon.png
Blueflame Dragon Icon.png
  1. Recommended Offspring indicates those Normally-Breedable Dragons with guaranteed combinations as well as Base Dragons that share the specified breeding time. It is suggested to breed these to obtain Lucky Stones Icon.png because there is at least one combination that will result only in the desired outcome, avoiding unwanted offspring with breeding times different than the one looked after.
  2. Other Dragons include Normally-Breedable Dragons that share the specified breeding time with the exception of Dragons with guaranteed combinations and Base Dragons. Dragons with breeding times over 18 hours non-VIP are not shown, as obtaining them will award the maximum of 200 Lucky Stones Icon.png within the highest level. They take longer to breed, but yield the same amount of Lucky Stones Icon.png as shorter options, making them a less efficient alternative.


Dragon Dice Board (Generic).jpg

The Trainer is provided a pair of dice. Rolling these dice costs a set amount of Event Currency. With each roll, the Trainer can select which of the two dice outcomes they want to use first, to progress around the game board. The goal is to land on specific colored tiles that match the Key type required to open the relevant Chest. The second dice roll can then be used to move again.

In addition, there are three checkpoints across the board (the two big green tiles and the starting field) that, when passed through, remove all unused Keys the Trainer has accumulated. However, landing on this checkpoint awards the Key of the Trainer's choice. Any unused Keys are then converted into Event Currency.

A die can be rerolled, for free, up to 3 times in each lap. After using up the three free rerolls, each subsequent reroll costs Event Currency gathered by completing tasks.

Rolling a die value of six grants the Trainer 2 Keys of the tile type they land on. In this case, landing on a checkpoint grants the Trainer 2 Keys of their choice.

Completing one full lap of the Dragon Dice Board grants the ability to open one of each Chest, and three free dice rerolls to use any time within the duration of the next lap.


Acquired Keys Rare Key Icon.pngEpic Key Icon.pngAncient Key Icon.png from around the game board correspond to tile colors landed upon. Collecting three of the same Key type unlocks a corresponding Chest and grants a reward.


There are three Chest types available, each containing Dragon Pieces relevant to the Chest type. Once all pieces for a Dragon are collected, the chest offers different rewards.

Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png
Rare Chest
Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png
Epic Chest
Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png
Ancient Chest

Chest Rewards

Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png
Each Chest
1 - 40 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Envoy Dragon Icon.png Envoy Dragon
1 - 80 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Revelry Dragon Icon.png Revelry Dragon
1 - 100 Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Familiar Dragon Icon.png Familiar Dragon
1 out of:
2 - 36 Good Materials - Water.png
2 - 32 Good Materials - Energy.png
1 - 28 Excellent Materials - Earth.png
2 - 25 Excellent Materials - Plant.png
2 - 25 Excellent Materials - Shadow.png
1 - 10 Excellent Materials - Legendary.png
1 - 10 Extraordinary Materials - Legendary.png
After All Dragon Pieces Icon.png
60 - 300 Lucky Stones Icon.png 1 out of:
1 - 16 Average Materials - Earth.png
3 - 24 Good Materials - Earth.png
3 - 24 Fair Materials - Water.png
5 - 36 Average Materials - Water.png
5 - 32 Average Materials - Plant.png
5 - 32 Average Materials - Energy.png
1 - 14 Average Materials - Shadow.png
1 - 21 Good Materials - Shadow.png
2 - 12 Good Materials - Legendary.png
2 out of:
2 - 36 Good Materials - Water.png
2 - 32 Good Materials - Energy.png
1 - 28 Excellent Materials - Earth.png
2 - 25 Excellent Materials - Plant.png
2 - 25 Excellent Materials - Shadow.png
1 - 10 Excellent Materials - Legendary.png
1 - 10 Extraordinary Materials - Legendary.png
Guaranteed Dragon
After Opening:
50 Chests 80 Chests 80 Chests

Bingo Card

Bingo Card Icon.png
Row/Column Diagonal Blackout
150 Lucky Stones Icon.png 5 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 3 Sigil Key Icon.png

Double Dice

Battle Story

Double Dice Meter.png

When two dice of the same value (doubles) are rolled, a Double Dice point is given. A meter fills with each successful Double Dice and, upon reaching the level's required amount, the Trainer is prompted to enter a Double Trouble battle. Completing such battles awards different prizes and unfolds the Battle Story, which usually ends with obtaining a unique Dragon or Badge. Skipping the battle in exchange for stones is also possible.


Professor Hogwin.png Summertime! When Dragolandia heats up, it's time to gather 'round and tell spooky stories. The chills down our spines will cool us right down!
Ned.png That's all well and good, Dad. But, uh, where ARE we?! Last thing I remember was a Familiar Dragon offering us some sort of sweet juice...
Professor Hogwin.png Ahh, yes! The witches of Numa must have sent their trusty Familiar Dragon to deliver an illusion potion!
Professor Hogwin.png This will make our "10 Scary Battles" game all the more interesting. If we can spook our battle buddies, they'll give us ingredients for an antidote!
Professor Hogwin.png Here, I'll show you how it's played... by telling this Crone Dragon a horror tale!
Professor Hogwin.png I call it... "The Day the Fruit Trees Stood Still"...

Professor Hogwin.png Do try to stop trembling, my son. The witches mean no REAL harm -- and I'm sure the potion will wear off EVENTUALLY.
Ned.png You really worry me, Dad...
Professor Hogwin.png No need to worry. Why, look, the Crone Dragon gave us some pungent Claw Wart! Perfect for a potion.
Ned.png I... I hope it doesn't taste as bad as it looks... and smells.
Professor Hogwin.png Arya, my dear girl! Why don't you try telling this Nightmare Dragon a spooky yarn? It doesn't look like it scares easily!
Arya.png Sounds fun, Professor! Get ready for "The Cask of Spoiled Milk"...!

Professor Hogwin.png Delightful -- some dried Royal Grub Dust! And just in time... it seems as though we have some visitors of great import.
Professor Hogwin.png Even the soul-stealing Hel Dragon and its envoy have left the swamp to play "10 Scary Battles"!
Arya.png Ned? You've gone white as a sheet... Don't tell me the Hel Dragon already stole your soul?
Ned.png N-no, I'm just remembering how awful its swamp smelled... Which gives me an idea!
Ned.png Okay, Envoy Dragon, Hel Dragon, get ready for my story: "The Stench of Olaf"!

Professor Hogwin.png We got a very fine gift from our Divine friends: Thorny Death Bloom! Take care when you touch it...
Ned.png S-s-s-speaking of--!
Professor Hogwin.png Oh, Ned, don't fear the Reaper Dragon! See those gorgeous roses adorning its back? There is beauty even in fear.
Professor Hogwin.png Ah-ha! Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to tell the tale of the haunted Royal Fig garden!
Professor Hogwin.png It's called... "The Tale of the Haunted Royal Fig Garden"!

Professor Hogwin.png Our spoils from the last battle seem to be Heedless Grapes! They'll be a fine garnish for our potion, but eat them slowly, or your tongue will burn!
Professor Hogwin.png And right on time -- a Revelry Dragon has shown up to the party! It's said these dragons are responsible for some pretty wild jamborees.
Professor Hogwin.png Yes, indeed... Numa's witches sure knew how to party.
Ned.png H-how do you know that--?
Arya.png In THAT case, how about an urban legend I once heard... "Dancing with the Demonic Dragon"!

Professor Hogwin.png Mmm! Some Heavenly Swamp Salts! These sure pack a punch... Here, Ned, have a smell!
Ned.png G-G-G-G-G-G-G--
Professor Hogwin.png Erm. What's that, my boy? "Good"? I'm not certain that's the adjective I'd use, but...
Arya.png Way to go, Ned! Your ear-piercing scream totally scared the plants right off that Gloom Lady Dragon!

Professor Hogwin.png How odd. The Gloom Lady Dragon gave us one of its clovers and simply retreated. I've never heard of THIS being used in a potion...
Professor Hogwin.png Perhaps potions have changed since the time I was a young man. I wouldn't be too surprised!
Ned.png Dad, did you, like, used to party with witches...?
Arya.png Say, Professor, maybe the Briar Dragon will give us one of its thistles if we tell it a scary enough story?
Professor Hogwin.png Let's find out! I'll be reciting an old favorite: "The Young Professor and the Witch's House Party"!
Ned.png Oh, come on!

Professor Hogwin.png Seems that Briar Dragon did indeed give us one of its thistles. Fascinating! I can't wait to discover its magical properties...
Professor Hogwin.png And just in time: It seems our friendly Familiar Dragon wants its own scary story.
Professor Hogwin.png Perhaps afterwards it will help us mix our illusion antidote potion! Although I'm certain I remember a few details of the recipe myself...!
Ned.png (Hey, Arya, don't you think it's a little strange how much my dad seems to know about witches? And, like, BEING a witch?)
Arya.png (Hmm... not especially! I mean, Hogwin is a professor -- shouldn't he know tons of stuff?)
Ned.png ... Fine. This one is called "My Dad: The Secret Witch"!

Professor Hogwin.png That last tale was truly special, Ned! A real spine-tingler. Did you come up with that one on the spot?
Ned.png ... ... Never mind that -- why won't the Familiar Dragon give us our potion?!
Professor Hogwin.png I've been wondering the same thing. Perhaps we haven't quite finished the witches' game yet! What else might they have in store for us?
Arya.png Well, battling this Darkfire Dragon for starters. This one looks like it's gonna be a hard scare!
Professor Hogwin.png Hm?! A Darkfire Dragon... Why, a Darkfire Dragon was my erstwhile companion, back in my youth. Could this be merely coincidence?
Professor Hogwin.png Much like witches, this dragon is feared without reason. I would love a chance to battle it once more!

Professor Hogwin.png It seems the Darkfire Dragon has led us here... to find a Capricorn Dragon?! Why, this was your mother's...
Ned.png Dad, you're doing a really bad job of being sneaky. If you used to run with witches, just tell me now -- or wait till I'm older!
Professor Hogwin.png Sharp as a tack, my boy! I wasn't sure the best way to tell you... and I can't help but wonder if this is a special greeting from my old friends.
Professor Hogwin.png In fact, as you might have guessed, I met your mother... Well, no, that's a story for another time. But I promise I will tell you, Ned.
Professor Hogwin.png And I might even add a few spooky embellishments, just for fun!
Arya.png All right, you two; enough with the chitchat -- we've got a dragon to battle and a spooky tale to tell! Let's put our heads together and think of one...!

Read the full story on the Event Dialogues page.

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