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Dragon Board (22/10/10)

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Dragon Board Promotion - Origin of Void.jpg
Roll your two dice and make your Dragon progress on the board. Roll pairs to make the story unfold. Collect keys to open chests with parts for different dragons.
Started 10 October 2022
Ended 7 November 2022
Duration 28 Days
Type Dragon Dice
Axolotl Dragon Axolotl Dragon Icon.png N
Ivory Dragon Ivory Dragon Icon.png N
Painting Dragon Painting Dragon Icon.png N
Molten Dragon Molten Dragon Icon.png N
Adatz Dragon Adatz Dragon Icon.png N
Puenwyn Dragon Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png N

Badge Origin of Void Badge.png

The event took place during the Origin of Void Ancient event series.

Synopsis[edit source | VE]

Roll two dice and move through the spaces to progress on the board.
Roll pairs to activate the battle story and defeat the elite opponents to win Rewards.
Collect keys to open chests with parts for different Dragon Rewards.

Mechanics[edit source | VE]

Dragon Dice events are limited-time competitions with individual goals, and a battle story content. Trainers work on their own using event currency to move around the board collecting Dragon Pieces and Silver Horns from chests. Each roll of doubles is accumulated until the Trainer is eligible to enter combat in the battle story; the double count is reset to a new goal once the current battle level is won.
Instead of rolling dice, there is also the possibility to accumulate stepping stones and directly spend a multiple of 3,000 on one or more sets of chest rewards and double trouble points.

Trade Offer Set
4 Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png Rare Chests
3 Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png Epic Chests
3 Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png Ancient Chests
2 Double Dice.png Double Dice points

Event Currency[edit source | VE]

Voidstone Icon.png

Every six hours, from the beginning of the event, Trainers can earn a set amount of currency specific to the event by doing various tasks throughout Dragolandia. The maximum amount of Voidstones that can be received each iteration from a task in this event is 200.

Gameboard[edit source | VE]

Dragon Dice Board (Void).jpg

The Trainer is provided with a pair of dice. Rolling these dice cost a set amount of Event Currency. With each roll of the dice, they can then select which of the two dice outcomes they would like to use first to progress around the game board – aiming to land on colored tiles that match the Key type they require to open the relevant Chest. They can then use their second dice roll to move again.

In addition, there are three checkpoints across the board (the two big green tiles and the starting field) that, when passed through, will remove all the unused Keys the Trainer has accumulated. However, landing upon this checkpoint will award the Trainer with a Key of their choice. Any unused Keys at this point are converted into Event Currency.

A die can be rerolled for free up to 3 times in each lap. After using up the three free rerolls, each subsequent reroll of a die costs Event Currency that can be gathered by completing tasks.

Rolling a dice value of six will grant the Trainer with 2 Keys of the tile type they land upon. In this case, landing upon a checkpoint will grant the Trainer 2 Keys of their choice.

Completing one full lap of the Dragon Dice Board will grant the Trainer the ability to open one of each Chest, and three free dice rerolls to use at any time within the duration of the next lap.

Keys[edit source | VE]

Acquire Keys around the game board corresponding to each colored tile landed upon. Collecting three of the same type of Key will unlock a corresponding Chest and grant the Trainer a reward.

Chests[edit source | VE]

There are three Chest types available, each containing rewards relevant to the Chest type. Once all the pieces for a Dragon are collected, the chest will offer different rewards.

Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png
Rare Chest
Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png
Epic Chest
Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png
Ancient Chest

Chest Rewards[edit source | VE]

Ancient Chest Promotion (Void).jpg
Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png
Each Chest
50 - 200 Voidstone Icon.png
per chest
1 - 50 Silver Horn Icon.png
Silver Horn
per chest
2 out of:
1 - 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png Adatz Dragon Icon.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Fire.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Water.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Metal.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Metal.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Void.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Void.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Divine.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Divine.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Ancient.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Ancient.png
After All Dragon Pieces Icon.png
(relevant for Ancients)
Guaranteed Dragon
After Opening:
220 Chests

Silver Horns[edit source | VE]

Amount Chance
1 Silver Horn Icon.png 49.95 %
5 Silver Horn Icon.png 44.66 %
10 Silver Horn Icon.png 5.09 %
100 Silver Horn Icon.png 0.2 %
300 Silver Horn Icon.png 0.1 %

Double Dice[edit source | VE]

Battle Story[edit source | VE]

Double Dice Meter.png

In the event of the Trainer rolling two dice of the same value, this triggers a Double Dice point – a meter will fill with each successful Double Dice and, upon reaching the level amount of these, the Trainer will be prompted to enter a Double Trouble battle. Completing the battles awards different prizes and unfolds the Battle Story. Skipping the battle in exchange to stepping stones is also possible.

Opponents and Milestones[edit source | VE]

Chapter Opponent Reward Element restriction # Of Doubles
# Of Doubles
for Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png
1 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 40% 1 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png All Icon.png 1 211
2 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 40% 1 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png All Icon.png 1 210
3 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 40% 2 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png All Icon.png 2 209
4 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 50% 2 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Earth Water Plant Energy Void Shadow Legendary Primal Divine Ancient 2 207
5 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 50% 3 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Fire Wind Metal Void Light Legendary Primal Divine Ancient 3 205
6 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 50% 3 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Earth Water Void Shadow Legendary Primal Divine Ancient 3 202
7 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 50% 3 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Fire Wind Metal Void Light Legendary Primal Divine Ancient 3 199
8 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 60% 3 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Fire Water Plant Void Shadow Legendary Primal Divine Ancient 3 196
9 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 60% 3 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Plant Energy Void Legendary Primal Ancient 3 193
10 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 60% 4 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Fire Earth Metal Void Legendary Primal Ancient 5 190
11 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 70% 4 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Water Plant Energy Void Legendary Primal Ancient 5 185
12 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 70% 5 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Plant Void Light Legendary Primal Ancient 10 180
13 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 70% 5 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Earth Energy Void Primal Divine Ancient 10 170
14 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 80% 5 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Void Light Legendary Primal Ancient 10 160
15 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 80% 8 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Water Energy Void Primal Divine Ancient 15 150
16 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 80% 8 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Plant Energy Void Light Primal Ancient 15 135
17 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 85% 8 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Metal Void Legendary Primal Ancient 20 120
18 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 85% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Metal Void Light Primal Ancient 25 100
19 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 85% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Energy Void Primal Divine Ancient 25 75
20 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 85% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Plant Metal Void Primal Ancient 25 50
21 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 85% Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png Puenwyn Dragon Plant Void Legendary Primal Ancient 25 25
22+ Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 85% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png All Icon.png 10 n/a

Ancient Market[edit source | VE]

Ancient Market Promotion.jpg

The Dragons available in the market are as follows:

Dragon Cost In Stock
Axolotl Dragon Icon.png Axolotl Dragon 300 Silver Horn Icon.png 1
Ivory Dragon Icon.png Ivory Dragon 300 Silver Horn Icon.png 1
Painting Dragon Icon.png Painting Dragon 200 Silver Horn Icon.png 1
Molten Dragon Icon.png Molten Dragon 50 Silver Horn Icon.png for 10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 8

Other items available in the market are as follows:

Item Cost In Stock
10 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 250 Silver Horn Icon.png 3
1M Food Icon.png 150 Silver Horn Icon.png 5
1 Double Egg Relic Icon.png 125 Silver Horn Icon.png 1
1 Premium Sigil Chest.png 100 Silver Horn Icon.png 3
1 Extra Den Relic Icon.png 50 Silver Horn Icon.png 5
2 VIP Ticket Icon.png 30 Silver Horn Icon.png 3
2 Relic of Breeding Icon.png 20 Silver Horn Icon.png 3
2 Relic of Hatching Icon.png 20 Silver Horn Icon.png 3
3 Arena Gems Icon.png 15 Silver Horn Icon.png 3
1 Relic of Exploration Icon.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 5
1 Relic of Farming Icon.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 5
1 Decoration - Death Light.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20
1 Decoration - Tezacueva's Pauldron.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20
1 Decoration - Puenwyn's Mark.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20
1 Decoration - Tile of Chaos.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20
1 Decoration - Reef Plants.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20
1 Decoration - Purple Metal Floor.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20
1 Decoration - Ember Well.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20
1 Decoration - Venchu's Light.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20

Dialogues[edit source]

Chronos Icon.png (Edward Hogvanhog... can you hear me...?)
Ned.png Ugh... Chronos? Is that you? I-I can hear you, but I can't see you...
Chronos Icon.png (What you will witness here will be confusing... and terrifying... but I have equipped you with three gifts. Use them well.)
Chronos Icon.png (All I ask is that you remember what you experience in this forgotten time... and keep the love of dragons alive in your heart...)
Arya.png Ned! Hey! Are you okay? We gotta find out where we are... This place is crazy!
Ned.png S-sure, I just heard Chronos' voice and-- Whoa, Arya, watch out!

Arya.png Those Lightning and Energy Dragons seemed pretty upset... They wanted to battle, but definitely not for fun!
Tesla Dragon Icon.png (Can you blame them? The Void Tribe is swallowing our world whole -- and us Energy Dragons are some of the last lines of defense!)
Ned.png Wh-what?!
Eel Dragon Icon.png (Do not play dumb. We know you are a servant of the Void... Just look; one of their kind is following you!)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (... ... ...)
Tesla Dragon Icon.png (Like any other Void Dragon, it keeps its secrets... But we'll beat it out of you!)

Ned.png A Dynamo Dragon! When I met the Ancient Energy Tribe, I learned that these guys are sort of like their devotees...
Dynamo Dragon Icon.png (We remain loyal to the Energy Tribe.)
Dynamo Dragon Icon.png (This is why I must demand you give Adatz to us.)
Arya.png Adatz...? I wonder if the Dynamo Dragon is talking about our quiet companion!
Arya.png Well? What do you say, Adatz?
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I... cannot. Not yet. I request your protection, for now.)

Arya.png Adatz, you said you need our help... But, with what?
Solar Dragon Icon.png (Forget that horrible Void dragon! My companion needs help -- I can't understand it anymore!)
Doomsday Dragon Icon.png (...)
Ned.png Ugh... it's true; I can't tell what the Doomsday Dragon is saying...
Solar Dragon Icon.png (...)
Arya.png And I can't understand the Solar Dragon now, either! But I know that look... They wanna get their claws on us something fierce!

Ned.png Adatz, can't you tell us what's going on? It feels like the end of the world!
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (The end of your world, yes. It's very likely. Despite the efforts of many, Void has nearly overtaken reality as you know it.)
Ned.png W-well why aren't you doing anything about it?! Why shouldn't we stop you right now?!
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (Stopping me will accomplish nothing. I am merely a knowledge database. I gather information, to be deleted when the Void Tribe completes their mission.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (You... are a new source of information. Yet you feel somehow familiar.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I would like to battle you -- it is the quickest way to learn more about you.)

Ned.png We defeated Adatz, but it's still following us around...
Arya.png I can't help thinking it's more than just a dragon computer. Maybe these two dragons can clear things up?
Ned.png According to the Codex, they have the Energy element, but...
Arya.png I know. I can't understand them, either.
Ned.png And what's worse -- they do NOT seem friendly!
Arya.png Battle time, Ned!

Arya.png Agh! Watch out! That Dark Mech Dragon nearly gave you a close shave!
Ned.png *shudder* And my beard hasn't even started growing in yet...!
Arya.png What's come over all these dragons...? I thought I could understand them now, but--!
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (Creatures like you cannot hope to comprehend them as they are.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (Their only thoughts are of spreading the Void. They are like new hatchlings.)
Arya.png Grr... I'd like to have a "word" with these Void Ancients, but for now we'd better save our own hides!

Arya.png Heeere Doom Dragon... You can't resist a Royal Fig, can you--?
Arya.png YOWCH! It bit me... I guess Adatz was right -- you really can't reason with these dragons!
Ned.png If the best Trainer I know can't wrangle the dragons here, we might be in real trouble...
Arya.png Aww, I'm the best Trainer you know?
Ned.png Th-that's not the point!

Ned.png I-is that the Hel Dragon?! Finally, a dragon we can reason with!
Arya.png Hel Dragon, we're way better friends in the future than we are now, but can't you help us stop the Void Ancients?
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Hm... I seem to remember you two from some hundreds of years ago. You seem as meddling now as you were then.)
Hel Dragon Icon.png (And I happen to believe the Void would provide a lovely improvement to my underworld!)
Hel Dragon Icon.png (So, if you plan on disrupting the plans of the Void Tribe, I'm afraid I may have to disrupt YOU.)

Solum Dragon Icon.png (*bloop* *gloop* *burble*)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (The Void of Abyss, Abrua, approaches. It is impossible for two young humans to defeat it.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I would like to learn more from you while you are alive, so I suggest you flee. Now. Immediately. Please.)
Arya.png Y-you heard, Adatz, Ned-- P-please, let's hurry! Ned!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Oy! Not so fast, Void beast! You kids have done great -- don't worry. We'll take care of things here.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Surprised to see us, are you? Never fear; we'll make short work of this Void Ancient!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Ned, Arya... are you two okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Ned.png N-no, we're just freaked out. At least, I am, but I don't think I've ever seen Arya look so scared, either.
Arya.png I-I'm fine... I just wasn't expecting to see Heinrich of all people! What are you two doing here?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Some smug dragon calling itself Chronos sent us to this nightmare. I'VE got no idea why, but Otto seems to know something...
Ned.png Yeah, Otto seems to know a LOT, doesn't he? And he's tight-lipped about it, too!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Grrmm... I'll explain later. For now, let's make sure we don't become dragon food.

Ned.png Thank you for saving us, Otto... but I don't know how I'm supposed to trust you.
Arya.png What are you talking about, Ned? Are you feeling okay?
Ned.png H-he's a Tyrant! He told me so himself, when we were sent to the time of the Energy Ancients!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I'm sorry... I had my reasons for keepin' it a secret.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Bah! With a reaction like THAT, can you blame him? We Tyrants have been persona non grata in Dragolandia for years now!
Arya.png Y-you too, Heinrich?! Everyone just... COOL IT -- we need to focus on this battle before we reveal any more secrets!

Arya.png So... let me get this straight: Otto, and Heinrich, you two are Tyrants...?
Heinrich the Hideous.png We're also cousins. I bet Otto didn't tell you that either, did he?
Ned.png WHAT?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Well, it ain't like I'm particularly proud of it!
Ned.png We don't have to deal with this, Arya... Let's go.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png No! Like it or not, you two need our help, and we need yours. These dragons are too far gone to show you what I mean... but I promise I'll explain. Soon as I can.

Arya.png Watch it! These dragons are really aggressive, too... Are you sure you can help them, Otto?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Listen. I've read your notes on the history of Dragolandia, Ned, and I saw a common thread: My ancestors, Tyrants, have always worked with dragons.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Except when things got really bad, but, well... If we can get these beasts to remember our shared history...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ...then maybe we'll have a few more allies. We'll stand half a chance against these Void Ancients.
Ned.png ... Maybe a few of the Ancients will listen to you, too. It's worth a shot. Let's see if it works!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Let's try our method on this dragon. Ned, Arya, you can translate for us, can't you?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Tell these dragons... "Remember your place, as the allies of Tyrants!"
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Mmm... too self-important. How about "Remember our friendship, from history's start -- humans and dragons shall never be part... ed."
Ned.png D-does it have to rhyme...? I don't think the meter is quite right--
Arya.png It doesn't matter! We'll get the point across!

Arya.png I think the plan might be working! Dragons are still attacking us, but they feel way less hostile...
Arya.png It's like they're trying to figure out if they can trust us... like they're hatchlings!
Ned.png This entire time, dragons and humans -- Tyrants, even -- had been fighting and making up again...
Ned.png But I had no idea Ancient Dragons could take it this far. It's... scary.
Heinrich the Hideous.png We'll take them down -- never fear! After all, I'd hate to see a future where the Void Tribe succeeds!
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (...)

Ned.png Hey, Adatz... you've been pretty quiet.
Heinrich the Hideous.png It's part of the Void Tribe -- it's probably plotting our downfall, should we get more dragons on our side.
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I am not on a "side." I am a database. I am merely compiling information.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (However... I contain materials from the Energy Ancient O'won. That part of me... wishes for your safety.)
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (Whatever may happen, I... hope you will not hate my brethren. They are simply doing what is natural to them.)
Arya.png Don't worry, Adatz -- no matter what, there will be people who love dragons!

Heinrich the Hideous.png After seeing all of this, I'm not surprised by Rathorn's decision to keep this power in check. Machines are far easier to control than dragons.
Ned.png All my research points toward Ancient Dragons being forces of nature... Maybe that's why the Tyrants of our time try to rule over the natural world...
Arya.png So... they think dragons are too strong? But that's why Dr. Hogwin had such a hard time convincing people to train dragons! They were afraid!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Unfortunately, they might've had good reason to be fearful...
Arya.png Well, I don't buy it! Let's show these dragons they have a friend in us, and vice versa!
Ned.png Heh... Arya, I'm gonna borrow some of your confidence.

Singularity Dragon Icon.png (Thank you for your efforts. You might be too late. What you see here is the last bit of solid ground in all the world.)
Arya.png I can understand you... but I don't like what I'm hearing!
Singularity Dragon Icon.png (Our only hope is to seek E'mun, and Nihl. If they are defeated, the Void will begin to fade, and Dragolandia will be born anew.)
Singularity Dragon Icon.png (If you really can do it... we will help you. We will lead you to E'mun, at least -- but please, show us you are strong enough.)
Ned.png We've come this far... we can't go back now. Chronos was right -- you three are my gifts!
Arya.png Aww... that's sweet. But don't go making it my new nickname!

Adatz Dragon Icon.png (We are close to Nihl, the creator of Void... This is E'mun, whom Nihl also created. It remains close to its creator...)
Ned.png But... if "Void" is nothingness, then why did Nihl create E'mun? Why did it make something out of nothing?
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (I do not know.)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Dragons... They're always more complicated than we think.
Arya.png But they all love to battle. I bet E'mun is no different... right, E'mun? Let's try to understand each other.
Adatz Dragon Icon.png (... Be careful.)

Ned.png Ugh... my head... I can't think... Being around this dragon... tears all the thoughts from my head...!
Chronos Icon.png (Ned Human... now you know the truth. This is the event that separated humans and dragons for centuries. This is what birthed Tyrants as we know them...)
Chronos Icon.png (But it must come to pass. The alternative is too terrible.)
Ned.png Wh-why did you send us to the past... if we weren't able to help...?!
Chronos Icon.png (You planted the seeds of friendship in the hearts of Ancients. You will tell the true history of Dragolandia, you will absolve the wrongs of the past--)
Arya.png Ned...! Can you hear me...? Let's finish this together -- and we'll see each other in the future! No matter what it brings...!

Read the full story on the Event Dialogues page.

Tasks[edit source | VE]

Earning Event Currency (no Limit).jpg
Points for Collecting Food

The maximum amount of Voidstone that can be received from a task in this event is 200 Voidstone Icon.png, thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 200 are merely representative.

Duration Food Voidstone Icon.png per Farm Voidstone Icon.png per 15 Farms Maximum Voidstone Icon.png per cycle[1]
30 seconds Spiky Cherry 1 Voidstone Icon.png 15 Voidstone Icon.png 10,800 Voidstone Icon.png
5 minutes Purplemon 1 Voidstone Icon.png 15 Voidstone Icon.png 1,080 Voidstone Icon.png
30 minutes Sour Cone 7 Voidstone Icon.png 105 Voidstone Icon.png 1,260 Voidstone Icon.png
1 hour Spring Cherry 15 Voidstone Icon.png 225 Voidstone Icon.png 1,350 Voidstone Icon.png
2 hours Blue Hazel 31 Voidstone Icon.png 465 Voidstone Icon.png 1,395 Voidstone Icon.png
6 hours Dragonscale Squarey Berry 93 Voidstone Icon.png 1,395 Voidstone Icon.png 1,395 Voidstone Icon.png
12 hours Dragolandic Berry 187 Voidstone Icon.png 2,805 Voidstone Icon.png 1,402.5 Voidstone Icon.png
1 day Star Fruit Royal Fig 375 Voidstone Icon.png 5,625 Voidstone Icon.png 1,406.25 Voidstone Icon.png
2 days Sweetroot Candied Pear 750 Voidstone Icon.png 11,250 Voidstone Icon.png 1,406.25 Voidstone Icon.png
  1. These values are calculated based on perfect cycles, assuming that there is no loss of time in between re-planting Food. However, one must take into account that collecting and planting Food does consume a certain amount of time, which depends on the Trainer's speed, therefore, the amounts will vary (lower than shown).
Points for Breeding Dragons

The maximum amount of Voidstone that can be received from a task in this event is 200 Voidstone Icon.png, thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 200 are merely representative.

The listed Dragons are maximum two examples for breeding - there may be more than two available breeding options.
If only one Dragon is listed, this is the only option.

Breed Time VIP Breed Voidstone Icon.png per Breed Recommended Offspring[1] Parent
Other Dragon(s)[2]
30 seconds 24 seconds 1 Voidstone Icon.png Fire Dragon Icon.png Fire Dragon
Wind Dragon Icon.png Wind Dragon
Fire + (FirePlant)
Wind + (WindEnergy)
1 minute 48 seconds 1 Voidstone Icon.png Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth Dragon Earth + (EarthVoid) -
5 minutes 4 minutes 2 Voidstone Icon.png Water Dragon Icon.png Water Dragon Water + (WaterMetal) -
30 minutes 26 minutes 16 Voidstone Icon.png - Smoke Dragon Icon.png Smoke Dragon
45 minutes 36 minutes 25 Voidstone Icon.png - Bee Dragon Icon.png Bee Dragon
1 hour 48 minutes 33 Voidstone Icon.png Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant Dragon Plant + (PlantFire) Lava Dragon Icon.png Lava Dragon
1h 30m 1h 12m 50 Voidstone Icon.png Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal Dragon Metal + (MetalWater) Tribal Dragon Icon.png Tribal Dragon
Elephant Dragon Icon.png Elephant Dragon
2 hours 1h 36m 66 Voidstone Icon.png Energy Dragon Icon.png Energy Dragon Energy + (EnergyWind) Dust Dragon Icon.png Dust Dragon
3 hours 2h 24m 100 Voidstone Icon.png Void Dragon Icon.png Void Dragon Void + (VoidEarth) -
4 hours 3h 12m 133 Voidstone Icon.png - Breeze Rock Dragon Icon.png Breeze Rock Dragon
Elemental Dragon Icon.png Elemental Dragon
6 hours 4h 48m 200 Voidstone Icon.png War Dragon Icon.png War Dragon Fire + Metal Seed Dragon Icon.png Seed Dragon
Tree Dragon Icon.png Tree Dragon
The breedings below give only 200 points while taking longer.
8 hours 6h 24m 200 Voidstone Icon.png Lumino Dragon Icon.png Lumino Dragon
Mist Dragon Icon.png Mist Dragon
Fire + Void
Wind + Void
Leaf Dragon Icon.png Leaf Dragon
Armored Dragon Icon.png Armored Dragon
10 hours 8 hours 200 Voidstone Icon.png Shard Dragon Icon.png Shard Dragon
Solar Dragon Icon.png Solar Dragon
Metal + Void
Fire + Light
Brick Dragon Icon.png Brick Dragon
Nightshade Dragon Icon.png Nightshade Dragon
12 hours 9h 36m 200 Voidstone Icon.png Jungle Dragon Icon.png Jungle Dragon
Reaper Dragon Icon.png Reaper Dragon
Plant + Light
Metal + Shadow
Prickly Dragon Icon.png Prickly Dragon
UV Dragon Icon.png UV Dragon
14 hours 11h 12m 200 Voidstone Icon.png Missile Dragon Icon.png Missile Dragon
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png Nightmare Dragon
Energy + Light
Void + Shadow
Lightning Dragon Icon.png Lightning Dragon
Rust Dragon Icon.png Rust Dragon
16 hours 12h 48m 200 Voidstone Icon.png - Orange Dragon Icon.png Orange Dragon
Black Armor Dragon Icon.png Black Armor Dragon
18 hours 14h 24m 200 Voidstone Icon.png - Coral Dragon Icon.png Coral Dragon
Blueflame Dragon Icon.png Blueflame Dragon
  1. Recommended Offspring indicates those Normally-Breedable Dragons with guaranteed combinations as well as Base Dragons that share the specified breeding time. It is suggested to breed these to obtain Voidstone Icon.png because there is at least one combination that will result only in the desired outcome, avoiding unwanted offspring with breeding times different than the one looked after.
  2. Other Dragons include Normally-Breedable Dragons that share the specified breeding time with the exception of Dragons with guaranteed combinations and Base Dragons. Dragons with breeding times over 18 hours non-VIP are not shown, as obtaining them will award the maximum of 200 Voidstone Icon.png within the highest level. They take longer to breed, but yield the same amount of Voidstone Icon.png as shorter options, making them a less efficient alternative.
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