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Dragon Interactions

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Dragon Interactions are small animations dragons do when tapped in the Dragon Codex and Shop. Each Body Shape has its own interactions but some individual Dragons have special interactions.

Table of Dragon Interactions[edit source | VE]

Currently in-game Dragon Interactions[edit source | VE]

Dragon Name/Body Shape Description
Anserine Body Shape Snaps forward.
Bicipital Body Shape Sways back and forth.
Cobby Body Shape Snaps forward and then goes on its hind legs.
Finned Body Shape Nods.
Leonine Body Shape Roars upward.
Reptilian Body Shape Sticks its tongue out.
Saurian Body Shape Jumps twice on the spot excitedly.
Serpentine Body Shape Hisses diagonally up and then diagonally down.
Stout Body Shape Yawns.
Upright Body Shape Jumps twice on the spot.
Ursine Body Shape Roars upward and then punches the air twice.
Winged Body Shape Giggles.
Alien Dragon Gets stuck inside of its alien companion.
Aphrodite Dragon Creates a floating mirror.
Apollo Dragon Rubs its harps together to make music.
Banana Dragon Slips and falls.
Bee Dragon Sneezes.
Clay Dragon Yawns before a fly enters its mouth which it then spits out.
Dracula Dragon Turns into a bat and flies around.
Earth Dragon Spits out a rock before kicking it forward.
Fire Dragon Breathes fire.
Geyser Dragon Blows air out of its geysers.
Hephaestus Dragon Hits its hammer on the ground.
Ice Dragon Slips and falls.
Jelly Dragon Wobbles.
Machine Dragon Hovers in a more robotic form.
Magnet Dragon Gets its head stuck to its tail.
Meteor Dragon A small meteor falls from the sky which it then begins to bury.
Minotaur Dragon Slides its foot on the ground and then itches its nose.
Mud Dragon Stomps its feet.
Pixel Dragon Giggles pixely.
Pixie Dragon Flies around.
Sunset Dragon Jumps forward twice before looking smug.
Swamp Dragon A fly appears which then gets eaten by a frog which attempts to jump off before it eats the frog.
Tribal Dragon Does a dance while a rain cloud forms above it.
Typhoon Dragon Performs a 360 degrees jump spin.
Witch Dragon Brushes the floor with its tail.

Removed Dragon Interactions[edit source | VE]

Dragon Name/Body Shape Description
Lava Dragon Shakes.

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