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DML Planner (and Breeding Calculator)

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DML Planner is an (unofficial) Dragon Mania Legends web app and planning tool developed by Toomas, a valued DML player and community member. The DML Planner is the property of its developer, not the DML wiki, though it is linked from Dragon pages, due to its well-designed, well maintained, and useful nature.

Breeding Calculator

Breeding Calculator.gif

The DPL Planner Breeding function calculates Dragon breeding in different modes:

  • Normal breeding mode
    • Two parents are selected to display all possible outcomes, their odds, breeding time and hatch time.
  • Reverse breeding mode
    • A desired result Dragon is selected to display all possible parent combinations, their chances, breed time, and the type and number of offspring.
  • Elements breeding mode
    • Three or four (if required) Elements are selected to determine all possible combinations, their chances, breed time, and the type and number of offspring.

Trainers may use each function to suit their needs and sort results by their current priority (e.g., the lowest number of outcomes, highest odds, lowest breed time etc.). The selections can also be linked to and shared as needed (as is used on this wiki).

Other Planner Features

Dragons Collection


The DPL Planner Dragons function allows Trainers to search for and keep track of their Dragon Collection. Numerous search options are provided to rapidly filter between, and find, Dragons to add to the collector's stable of Dragons, which can be saved via Settings > Login. This aids in keeping track of owned Dragons and other planner activities.

See Dragons for a list of Dragons in various categories of obtainment and also see Table of Dragons for a complete list of all Dragons released in the game.

Gold Planner (Economy)

Sack of Gold.png

The DPL Planner Economy function provides an overview of all gold Gold Icon.png produced by Dragons, stored in habitats. Tracking is done per habitat and island, to determine income and help identify issues with, and optimize, gold production. For example, it might be learned that keeping Dragons in the habitat of their highest Element (excluding Legendary, Primal, Divine, Ancient, and Tyrant elements) can significantly optimize gold earning; prioritizing high-holding habitats (of both Gold and Dragons) over low holding ones can also be useful, particularly at the outset of a new game when gold is needed the most, and earning is most difficult.

See Gold for more information about the various ways to earn gold.

Team Planner

Dragon League Icon.png

The DPL Planner Team Planner provides a way to plan a Dragon Battle team that covers all or most elements at least once, which can provide a well-rounded battle team and may help ensure less difficulty is encountered in game features that restrict Dragons used in battle by Element, such as in Castle Events, and Boss Challenge Events.

Temple (Upgrade) Planner

Fire Temple - Level 1.png

The DPL Planner Temples function provides a way to plan which Dragons to feed to cover all the Elements required to upgrade temples. For example, by using this function, it might be learned that feeding 3-Element Dragons, with certain elements, allows all temples to be upgraded to the maximum, while wasting as little food as possible.

See Notable Formulas or Tables for more information and comparison tables and formulas for upgrades.

Enchantment Planner

Extraordinary Materials - Any.png

The DPL Planner Enchantment function provides a way to determine precisely how many Enchantment Materials are required to enchant a Dragon to the desired level. This can be determined in advance without wasting Enchanted Trinkets Enchanted Trinkets Icon.png, required to fuse lower-quality materials into better quality materials needed for certain Enchantment levels.

See Enchantment System and Enchantment for more information about Enchantment and Enchantment-related features.

Sigil Planner

Sigil System Whats New 1.png

The DPL Planner Sigils function allows Trainers to experiment with and determine which Sigils provide the best strength to their team to match their given strategy. When experimented with outside the game, sigil configurations can be applied and tested without spending Sigil Trinkets, which can be a precious resource.

See Sigil System and Sigils for more information about Sigils, their powers, and configurations.

Food Calculator

Pile of Food.png

The DPL Planner Feeding function provides a way to determine precisely:

  • How much Food is required to Level up a Dragon to the desired level.
  • How many levels a Dragon can be leveled up based on the amount of food currently in possession.
  • How much food is needed to level a team of Dragons at the same time.

See Food for more information about optimal food planting and yields.

Farming Calculator

Farm - Level 4.png

The DML Planner Farming function provides a way to calculate what types of Food to Farm, based on:

  • Farm level
  • Gold possessed/budgeted
  • Numner of farms owned
  • Minimum to-harvest duration
  • Maximum to-harvest duration
  • Farm Gold production per hour

Calculating farming parameters before farming can help optimize production and reduce of gold expense.

See Farming for more information farm upgrading, yields, comparison table and per hour yields.


The Settings section allows the user to log in, sync data, set a preference for a start page, and save changed data to preserve if for future log in sessions.

User Guide

The User Guide explains how to get the most out of the suite of applications, add dragons, and begin planning with in-game resources.

Note: There is no ability to import data from the game automatically, possessed Dragons and resources need to be manually entered.


Item - Joker.png

The DML Planner Minigames function features mini-games such as:

  • Into Unknown – A card-based minigame that lays out an alternative battle mechanic using cards rather than elements.
  • Tower Defense – A tower defender game where enemies must be stopped from reaching their goal, by defending against them.
  • 2048 – An element-based version of 2048, where the goal is to get to the highest element.

See All DML Mini-games for the list of games.

Related Wiki Tables

  • Food – A comparison table of food production per hour.
  • Farms – A table of per planting maximum per farm level.
  • Gold – A table of different methods for gold obtainment.
  • Temples – Tables of upgrade cost, Dragon level, and required number of Dragons.
  • Sigil Powers – A table of sigil power comparison and useful elements to pair with.
  • Skill Effects – A table reference of Element Skill effect types.
  • Enchantment – Info and tables about enchantment cost and fusion requirements.
  • Table of Dragons – Sortable tables displaying all Dragons available in the game, their health and attack powers and elements for comparison.
  • VIP Levels – A table of VIP benefit increases that affect gold, food earning etc.


At the current time, mobile support is in beta, though the app works well on most mobile devices.

Errors or Feedback

For error reporting and/or feature requests, please contact the developer directly using the email provided here.

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