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Emerald Wars (20/10/19)

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Emerald Wars is an event in which the participating Clans compete over possession of 5 Emerald Mines. The Clan that reaches a higher score than the rival comes out on top at the end of the event.
Started 19 October 2020
Ended 23 October 2020
Duration 4 Days
Type Clan
Clan Event MVP Icon.png Reward 3,000 Clan Coins Icon.png
First Prize
Clan Events - Grand Prize Card Pack.png 1


The requirements, milestone rewards, and Clan Coin rewards stated in this article are that of Clan League 5, while the Food and Gold rewards belong to the highest level modifier.

Progress Rewards

Score 800,000 2,000,000 6,000,000
Reward Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png 1 (5 x Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png) Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png 1 (5 x Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png) Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png 2 (5 x Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png)

Victor Reward

Clans must earn a minimum of 400,000 points to be eligible for receiving the grand prize. The winner is awarded a limited card pack containing 3 Dragon Pieces for Clan Dragons.


Pile of Emerald.png

Two competing clans fight for the control of 5 Emerald Mines throughout the event. All mines produce emeralds at a different rate every minute for the controlling clan, and the objective is to collect more Emeralds Emerald Icon.png than the rival Clan. The Clan that holds the highest number of emeralds at the end of the event is the winner.

Clan Dragon Boosters

Clan Dragons can wield special powers during events. The effect can be improved by earning Power Boosters before an event by completing Clan Quests and powering up the Dragons. Striker Striker Icon.png, Kutter Kutter Icon.png, or Feather Feather Icon.png is recommended for Emerald Wars.
Read the full Emerald Wars article for more details.


Emerald Wars runs for 4 days. All participating, qualified Clans in the game are split into groups of two, in accordance with the league they are currently in.

Trainer's must fight Battles compete to control (and keep control of) five emerald mines. Controlled mines produce Emeralds Emerald Icon.png every minute for the controlling clan. The Emeralds earned from this production and Emeralds rewarded from battles is what comprises the Clan's Score. Mines controlled by the Trainer's Clan are shown with a yellow background notification above the mine, whereas those controlled by the opposing Clan have a red background notification above the mine. Each mine has a Battle Score counter, and it is controlled, at any given time, by the clan with the higher Battle Score. Clan members increase the Battle Score by attacking mines and defeating Trainers from the opposing Clan.

Trainers must select the Dragons to take into battle, then choose from three opposing Trainers with different levels of difficulty (as in Arena Battles). If the Trainer is victorious, they will be awarded Battle Points for the mine's Battle Score and a number of Emeralds Emerald Icon.png for the Clan's Score. The points rewarded increase with difficulty and earning of win streaks. Once enough battles are won to overtake an opponent-controlled mine, the red background notification color above the mine changes to yellow, indicating the Trainer's Clan now controls it.

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