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Enchantment Altar

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Enchantment Altar.png
By Ascending a dragon, you can send it back to its origins. In return, the Divines will grant you some enchantment materials! You can only Ascend duplicate dragons!
Enables dragon Enchantment, Enchantment Material Fusion, and Ascension.

Cost: Free
Requirements: None
Upgradable: No
Can go in Inventory: No

The Enchantment Altar is a building and part of the Enchantment System. The Altar is located on Main Island, sitting below and to the left of Chronos. The Enchantment Altar is the only place Dragons can be ascended.

Visual Description[edit source | VE]

The altar sits upon a circular platform of stone tiles. A row of tiles circles its edge, and in the center is a larger, circular tile carved with a Viking tribal symbol. The altar itself consists of a blue glowing stone basin with upturned feet, flanked on either by two yellow Dragon statues akin to Chinese dragons. Floating between the statues and above the basin is a large circular display of two disjointed rings; one large gold ring rotates slowly clockwise and a smaller teal ring, floating inside of it, rotating counter-clockwise.

Building Functions[edit source | VE]

The following function buttons appear when the building is selected:

  1. Ascension Button.pngAscend, for trading Dragons for Enchantment Materials (appears at Player Level 50).
  2. Fusion Button.pngFuse, for fusing lower to better quality materials.
  3. Enchant Button.pngEnchant, for accessing the Enchantment screen.
  4. Speed-Up Button 2.pngSpeed up, for speeding ascension (appears when ascension is in progress).

Ascending[edit source | VE]


Ascension is a process used to permanently "send back" or trade a duplicate Dragons in exchange for Enchantment Materials. The process unlocks at Level 50, its ascension function cannot be viewed or used before that time. Ascension is done by pressing the Ascension Button.png, the Ascend Dragon! button, then selecting a Dragon to ascend and either pressing the No, I want to keep it! button to cancel, or the Yes! Ascend the Dragon! button to confirm. After confirming, the ascension process immediately begins and takes 24 hours to complete, though it can be sped up using Gems.

During ascension, the Enchantment Altar can still be used to fuse materials and enchant Dragons. While fusing and enchanting can also be accessed through the Enchantment System, ascending can only be done through this building.

Rules[edit source | VE]

Only duplicate Dragons can be ascended. One Dragon can be selected from all duplicates currently housed on islands or stored in the Dragon Vault. Duplicates (as determined by the game) always feature those with the lowest Dragon Level and Enchantment Level, the only two factors taken into consideration. When two or more duplicates have the same levels, the displayed one is always given at random. Duplicates in inventory must first be hatched to appear in selection screen. Dragons currently busy with tasks such as breeding, skill training, Elemental awakening and so on, appear in the selection screen but are not eligible for ascension until free.

Since ascending a Dragon is an irreversible process, the same as selling, the ascended Dragon is permanently removed from the Trainer's game. Simplified rules for ascension are accessed by pressing the ? button.

Materials[edit source | VE]

The materials given match the Elements of the ascended duplicate.

When ascension finishes, a Yellow-Bordered Ascension Icon.png icon appears above the Enchantment Altar. Selecting the altar provides a chest Super League Chest.png containing between one and three Enchantment Materials - Card Back.png material cards. In the case of Divine and Ancient Dragons, a separate Enchantment Materials - Divine Card Back.png or Enchantment Materials - Ancient Card Back.png material card is given for Divine and Ancient Elements, respectively.

The number of material cards, and the quantity of Enchantment Materials depend solely on the rarity of the Dragon, and whether it is marked with Full Set Tag.png in the selection screen. No other factors are taken into consideration. The rarer a Dragon is, the higher the chance that more and higher-quality materials are given.

Full Set[edit source | VE]

Dragons not marked full set give only one material card, for one Element, chosen at random. Dragons marked full set give one material card for each Element. In the majority of cases, only Limited-Time Dragons LTD Icon.png bear the Full Set Tag.png mark. Dragons with inactive Elements need not have their secondary Elements awoken to count for ascending.

Given Materials[edit source | VE]
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Rarity Minimum Maximum Chance
Common (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 1 Fair Materials Icon.png 3 Fair Materials Icon.png 90%
1 Average Materials Icon.png 2 Average Materials Icon.png 9%
1 Good Materials Icon.png 1%
Uncommon (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 5 Fair Materials Icon.png 15 Fair Materials Icon.png 50%
3 Average Materials Icon.png 10 Average Materials Icon.png 35%
1 Good Materials Icon.png 5 Good Materials Icon.png 15%
Rare (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 5 Average Materials Icon.png 20 Average Materials Icon.png 60%
3 Good Materials Icon.png 15 Good Materials Icon.png 35%
1 Excellent Materials Icon.png 5 Excellent Materials Icon.png 5%
Epic (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 10 Average Materials Icon.png 30 Average Materials Icon.png 60%
2 Good Materials Icon.png 10 Good Materials Icon.png 35%
1 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 5%
Legendary (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 15 Good Materials Icon.png 40 Good Materials Icon.png 50%
5 Excellent Materials Icon.png 13 Excellent Materials Icon.png 35%
2 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 3 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 15%
Primal (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 20 Good Materials Icon.png 45 Good Materials Icon.png 40%
5 Excellent Materials Icon.png 15 Excellent Materials Icon.png 30%
2 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 4 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 30%
Divine (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 20 Good Materials Icon.png 45 Good Materials Icon.png 40%
5 Excellent Materials Icon.png 15 Excellent Materials Icon.png 30%
2 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 4 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 30%
Ancient (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 20 Good Materials Icon.png 45 Good Materials Icon.png 40%
5 Excellent Materials Icon.png 15 Excellent Materials Icon.png 30%
2 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 4 Extraordinary Materials Icon.png 30%
Tyrant (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png ? Good Materials Icon.png ? Good Materials Icon.png ?%
? Excellent Materials Icon.png ? Excellent Materials Icon.png ?%
? Extraordinary Materials Icon.png ? Extraordinary Materials Icon.png ?%

Fusion[edit source | VE]

Fusion is an irreversible process through which identical Enchantment Materials of the same grade and Element are merged to obtain materials of a higher grade. A predetermined number of lower-grade materials and Enchanted Trinkets are necessary for fusing. The costs vary in accordance to material quality and Element.

See Fusion for more information

Enchantment[edit source | VE]

See Enchantment for more information

Enchantment is the process through which Dragons, Level 16 or higher, have their Attack and Health stats increased. Enchantment is done through a combination of Enchantment Materials and Enchanted Trinkets. Enchantment also enables Enchanted Breeding to take place.

Time Reduction[edit source | VE]

Ascension time can be reduced by selecting the Enchantment Altar, pressing the Speed-Up Button 2.png button, then pressing the Skip All Gems Icon.png button to pay the number of Gems required to skip the remaining time.

The Gem cost for skipping the ascension timer is calculated based upon the following formula: (TimeInSeconds ^ 0.45) * 0.15 and the final result is rounded up by 1 if it is between the 1-10 range, and by 5 if it is between the 10-100 range. For example, the cost to skip the initial ascension time (1 day) is: (86400 ^ 0.45) * 0.15 = 24.9—rounding by 5 applies, thus the cost to skip the timer is 25 Gems.

Outside the Altar, ascension time can also be reduced through forging Chronosian Seals or activating Chronos's power, actions which reduce several timers in the game by 6 hours.

Moving, Storing, Selling[edit source | VE]

The Enchantment Altar is part of the mountain on the Main Island, as such, it cannot be moved, stored in Inventory Inventory Icon.png or sold.

History[edit source | VE]

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