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Gem Island

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The features below appear to be available as purchase-only, which means they are currently available only in exchange for real money, in USD.
Gem Island.jpg

Gem Island is the twelfth of the Islands that can be unlocked and have Habitats and decorations placed on it. This island is obtainable only by spending $9.99 USD (real money). All obstacles are removed instantly on purchase, giving 4, 10 or 20 experience points each, for a total of 680 Experience. Players are also awarded 300 VIP points and 300 Gems upon purchase. A total of 18 different obstacles/decorations are unlocked in the Main Shop when the island is purchased.


Small Objects (30) – free, instant clearing, 4 experience
Decoration - Gold Nodule.png Decoration - Royal Blossom.png Decoration - Shining Stone.png Decoration - Shining Pillar.png Decoration - Pillar Shard.png Decoration - Luminous Gems.png
Medium Objects (20) – free, instant clearing, 10 experience
Decoration - Lustrous Tree.png Decoration - Luminous Crystal.png Decoration - Gem-Laden Stone.png Decoration - Shining Ruins.png Decoration - Luminous Gem Crop.png Decoration - Shining Boulders.png
Large Objects (18) – free, instant clearing, 20 experience
Decoration - Royal Crystal.png Decoration - Luminous Elder Tree.png Decoration - Gem-Laden Boulder.png Decoration - Empress Blossom.png Decoration - Royal Elder Crystal.png Decoration - Shining Altar.png

Ruins & Other Structures

There are no ruins or other structures located on this island.

Island Grid

The grid below displays the occupiable spaces of this island, in which Decorations, Habitats, or moveable Buildings can be placed.

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