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Golden Gatherer (15/03/20)

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Golden Gatherer (15.03.20).jpg
Collect as much Gold as you can from the Energy Habitats.
Started 20 March 2015
Ended 23 March 2015
Duration 3 Days
Type Gold Collecting
First Prize Liquid Fire Dragon Icon.png Liquid Fire Dragon

Progress Rewards

Score 100,000 300,000 600,000
Reward Gems Icon.png 1 Food Icon.png 8,000 Food Icon.png 16,000

Leaderboard Prizes

Position Prizes
1-5 Dragon Egg Icon.png Liquid Fire Dragon
6-20 Food Icon.png 36,000 Gold Icon.png 600,000 Scrolls Icon.png 5
21-50 Food Icon.png 24,000 Gold Icon.png 400,000 Scrolls Icon.png 2
51-150 Food Icon.png 18,000 Gold Icon.png 200,000
151-350 Food Icon.png 6,000 Gold Icon.png 100,000
351-750 Food Icon.png 3,000 Gold Icon.png 40,000
751-2000 Gold Icon.png 20,000


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