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The following is a list of categories for which contributions are needed, as well as a brief description of each category.

Before You Begin

Before editing, please read:

Please familiarize yourself with the Wiki Staff who provide oversight and are regular contributors to routine maintenance.

Need Guidance?

To help new editors get familiar with how to edit (we have quite a few tricks up our sleeves), and also to help with template use (indicated by {{ and }}), the Wiki Staff have a Messenger group where we gladly and patiently answer editing questions. To join or for help, contact an active Staff member via their "Talk" page or post on the Wiki Support page. Come, get in touch and join us.

General Wishlist

The following is a "wishlist" of sorts, for desired edits or changes.

  • TBD


Descriptions Needed

There are 485 Dragons that need visual descriptions written following this guide.

Codex Entries Needed

There are 0 Dragons that require their in-game Dragon Codex Icon.png Dragon Codex entry text filled in (exactly as it appears in-game).

Update Entry Needed

There are 0 missing an update number using the |update= Update x.y parameter at the end of the {{DragonBox template, before the }} on the Dragon's page.


Regular Updates Needed

Pages needing regular updates include:

Other days


All contributions may be edited mercilessly with good intentions. As stated on, if you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly, do not submit it here.

Creating New Pages

Before create new articles, please read the Manual of Style on how to Create a new page. Wiki Staff create pages following naming conventions, with some exceptions. All contributions must be factual and follow Manual of Style guidelines and site Policies or they will be removed/undone.

Important Icon.png
NEVER add game content not yet released by Gameloft. Doing so without permission from Gameloft may result in a ban from wiki editing, or if repeated, a ban from accessing the wiki. Information released by Gameloft can generally be posted in the form it was released (e.g., if text about something was released by Gameloft, that text can be added; if an image was released by Gameloft, a corresponding image can be added). The wiki Staff may have a bit of added discretion in posting very minor things, when in doubt, please ask a Staff member before posting.

Articles Needing Maintenance

Pages that need fixing, editing, copy editing, or rewriting into proper articles after the information-gathering stage. This may include improper or missing links, bad grammar, spelling errors, misinformation, outdated images, improperly sized or cropped images, jumbled order, or informal style.

Article Status Templates Used

Articles using an Article Status template may need updating. Once complete, the Article Status template is changed or removed.

Wanted Pages

Wanted Pages are pages needed on the wiki because they have already been linked to. These include new content brought by recent updates or just missing events.

Wanted Files

Wanted Files are images needed on the wiki. These are usually images of Dragons mentioned in-game or by Gameloft but have not yet been seen, usually wiki staff uploads these images (getting high-quality versions direct from Gameloft). Note: Please do not create Dragon Icons (e.g., File:Leo Dragon Icon.png), these files are created by Staff (Kim or Lori) to ensure size and image consistency.

Wiki Policies & General Information

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