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This is an article that lists most of the frequently asked questions in regard to the wiki itself. If you can not find an answer here, then use the support page to post your question, or even ask any of the active staff members. For frequently asked questions about the game, check the Guide:FAQ.

How accurate is the wiki?

There has been no formal study so far, but we daresay the wiki is at least 98.5% accurate. We thoroughly check the game after each update and we inquire with Gameloft for information that we are not 100% sure of. Naturally, we also depend upon the help of our contributors to keep the accuracy as high as possible, as there can be small and hidden changes, after each update, which may not be observed right away.

Who owns the wiki?

The wiki is an independent site, not owned by or affiliated with anyone, not even Gameloft. However, we maintain a close collaboration with Gameloft and we do not release new information until Gameloft has had the opportunity of being the first to present it to the player base. The wiki is administered by the staff, who are also volunteers, just like our contributors, but everyone is free to edit it, with no exceptions, aside from the very few namespaces or pages that are edit-locked for administrative purposes.

Can the wiki be accessed from the game?

Yes. Press the Options Icon.png button in the top-right corner of the main screen, then scroll down to Community and the link to the wiki will be the fifth one from within that sub-menu.

Why are some words/sentences underlined with a dotted line and/or an asterisk?

Anything underlined with that sort of line contains a rollover text (an additional, explanative text) that can be read when hovering with the mouse over the containing word/text. Unfortunately, it can only be read when a cursor is hovering over it, thus there is no way for mobile/tablet users to read it, other than by opening the page in source editing mode. In some cases, simply hovering under underlined text might not display its contents if that text is linked (blue colored). To avoid that, we add an asterisk at the end of the text over which the user can easily hover.

Why do articles about updates not reflect the number of Dragons in the Codex?

Because Clan Dragons and Chronos are not included in the Codex while we include them in the total count of Dragons. Basically, Dragons that can not be housed in Habitats are not included in the Dragon Codex.
Furthermore Dragons get auto-listed on the update pages once they have their page created, so Dragons without a page are not listed.

Why do normally-unbreedable Dragons have a breeding time?

Even though they are unbreedable, their theoretical breeding time (calculated according to the formula) is still displayed for informational purposes.

Why does the Dragon Infobox not display the complete breeding/hatching time?

There simply is not enough space for the information to fit on a single line and having it on two different lines would make it aesthetically unpleasant. The complete time, however, is shown under the Obtaining section and also in a rollover text in the infobox itself.

Why do a lot of events use the same generic image?

For storage and administrative purposes, we decided it would be easier to just use repeating images instead of keeping them separate in cases where the images show the exact same prizes or requirements. In fact, we check each event to make sure they are accurate and reflect the prizes and requirements given to the highest-level brackets. The images act merely as a graphical representation of the event for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, starting with Update 4.0, the graphical interface for accessing events was drastically changed, meaning it would have meant more work in editing event banners, thus we decided to also use custom-created image for banners and milestones.

Why do some event banners display a slightly different time than the one shown in the infobox?

If your device can retrieve the event super quickly you would see, on its banner, the duration that is shown in the infobox of its article, but only for 1 second. It can also occur when there is a timefreeze glitch. The two biggest units of time are usually displayed while the rest are not shown. This also applies when breeding and hatching Dragons.

Why are some Dragons displayed/not displayed as Limited-Time Dragons on the wiki?

Most Dragons that are displayed in the game as being limited are also displayed as such on the wiki. However, we consider any Dragon that is not available 24/7 (after it has been unlocked) as limited, regardless of the method of acquisition.

Some information is shown on the wiki, but not in the game

That is correct, and that information is 100% accurate. We maintain an active collaboration with Gameloft and we do not publish unverified/unconfirmed information before cross-checking it with them. Thus, for example, the percentages of success (such as those of recipes or the effect of some skills) are verified before being added to the wiki.

Some Dragons have missing data, even though they have been on the wiki for a longer time

We have an agreement with Gameloft, wherein we receive high-quality and high-definition renders, as well as additional data about new Dragons in exchange for not releasing said information ahead of them.

How do I become a staff member?

Contribute with good and significant edits, respond to questions asked by users, or help the wiki in any other way that you can. Bonus if you know how to work with templates, widgets, extensions or/and even have the necessary patience to create almost flawless articles of events and keep the Main Page up to date. If you think you have what it takes to join our team, you can apply for a staff member position by e-mailing us. Join us - we have Prizes to award.

Is there a way to rename my user account?

Contact one of the bureaucrats through their talk pages and state clearly that you are 100% sure of this decision and specify the new name you wish for your account to have. Before making a request, make sure that your new username follows the Code of Conduct.

How do I delete my wiki user account?

If you are sure you want to delete your account, please e-mail us from the e-mail address your account is associated with and write Account deletion request in the subject of the message.

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