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This is a wiki quick-start guide for users who are primarily viewers or subscribers. If you plan to become an editor, please refer to the Manual of Style for the editors guide.

The wiki is a constant work in progress, you are welcome to contact a Staff member if you have questions or suggestions about something not covered on the wiki.

Creating an Account

An account is not needed to view and use the wiki, an account is only needed to contribute/edit on the wiki. To create an account:

  1. Click the personal menu (person icon) at the top-right.
  2. Click Log in.
  3. On the login page, scroll down to where it says "Don't have an account?" and press the "Join Dragon Mania Legends (DML) Wiki" link.
  4. Enter the following:
    • Your desired username (please consider using a nickname, not a real full name).
    • Your desired password.
    • Re-enter the desired password.
    • Your email address (allows for password recovery, though can be removed after verifying your account through Special:Preferences).
    • Enter the correct answer to the security question.
  5. Press the Create your account button.
    • You may be prompted to verify your email before you can edit pages.


The site navigation is as follows:

  • Primary navigation and search bar, left-hand side of every page (on larger devices)
  • Primary navigation and search bar (smaller mobiles), top-left-hand corner under the (≡) icon.
  • Personal menu, top-right-hand person-icon.

Personal Profile

Clicking the (person) icon provides a Log-in link (and allow users to create an account). Once logged in, the following personal links allow users to customize their account (click Expand to show the contents):

Personal Links:

  • Language - To set preferred interface language.
  • User Page - Navigates to your user page (existing or not).
  • Talk (Page) - Discussion space for the user (follow the Code of Conduct to avoid this being removed).
  • Preferences - To set preferences for interacting with the wiki.
  • Watchlist - To follow and receive notifications for pages saved to watchlist.
  • Contributions - To view editing contributions.
  • Log Out - To log out.

User Page

Only logged in and Autoconfirmed users can create user pages. Becoming autoconfirmed requires you to have your account for a certain span of time, or have a certain number of minor edits (which we do not disclose, to prevent spam/abuse). Once you are autoconfirmed, if you plan to edit routinely, please set up your User by:

  1. Clicking the user (person icon) menu at the top-right.
  2. Clicking your username in the menu to create your user page.
  3. Clicking the "Create this page" option.
  4. Entering the desired content and saving.

Until you have something saved to this page, you are met with Creating User or Creating User talk edit boxes.

Adding a user infobox and Dragon: You can add a user infobox to your user page and select whatever existing non-clan, non-boss dragon displays in it by using the {{UserInfobox}} template. To use the template, copy and paste the following into your user page, changing the dragon name and other details as desired:

|about=Player level x
* {{ws}}

Note: The name accepts standard dragons only (not Boss or Clan dragons) and its entry doesn't include the word "Dragon". To display Fireball Dragon, you'd just enter "Fireball" as the first (unnamed parameter) value. Do not add personal/private information, it will be removed.

Personal Use Images

  • Do not upload non-game images for personal use.
  • Official Wiki images can be used on Talk and User pages.
  • Links to (only appropriate) personal images can be used, but the images themselves cannot be added to the wiki. (See: Code of Conduct).

User Talk Page

Once you can (are autoconfirmed), please set up your User Talk (discussion) page. Until you have something saved to this page, you are met with Creating User or Creating User talk edit boxes. Note that only Autoconfirmed users can create user pages.

  • User page: Add the information you want to show on your public profile and click Save page.
  • Talk page: Add the greeting you want the public to see when they visit this page and click Save page.

After initial creation, these pages can be edited by going to Actions > Edit.

Commenting Talk/Help Pages

Follow these steps to make comments on a talk or help page.

  • Sign and date your comment by typing four tildes: ~~~~.
  • Start a new comment thread at the bottom of the page via Actions > Edit, then type ==Topic title== followed by the topic text on the next line.
  • To reply to a comment in an existing thread, click the Edit link next to the topic you want to reply on. Scroll to the bottom of the edit box and begin your comment with one colon : per each level it needs to be indented (remember to sign your comment with 4 tildes ~~~~):
    • Thread post - (no colon)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 1st reply - : (one colon)text(signature) ~~~~
    • 2nd reply - :: (two colons)text(signature) ~~~~


There are multiple user preferences available for interacting on the wiki, including:

  • User Profile: Number of edits, groups (privileges), registration date and time, number of edits, password change, signature, email options, etc.
  • Appearance: Reading preferences, data format, time zone and offset, diff preferences, etc.
  • Editing: Editing behaviors and accessibility.
  • Recent Changes: Recent Changes page default number of changes and days to show, changes grouping, and changes viewing preferences.
  • Watchlist: Watchlist editing, clearing, display options, advanced options, changes shown and default behavior.
  • Search: Search results default number.
  • Notifications: Notification grouping, opt-in or opt-out for individual web vs. email notifications.
    • Note: "Thanks" notifications can be disabled of by unchecking the "Thanks" option in the notifications section.
  • Gadgets: Any gadgets that can be enabled or disabled (if applicable, may only apply to Staff).


The Watchlist feature allows users to subscribe to pages to get notifications (on wiki or via email, depending on preferences set) when the page is changed. It provides a display for tracking changes, similar to the Recent changes display, but limited to showing changes only across your set of "watched" pages. You can see your Watchlist by following the "Watchlist" link in your user (account) menu (on the top-right). This feature is only available to users who have registered and logged in.

Add pages to Watchlist

Before you see anything in the Watchlist, you have to actually add pages to it. Do so by navigating to a page that interests you, and clicking the Actions button, then the Watch option. Pages can be removed from the watch list in the same manner.

Pages can also be removed from your Watchlist by going to the user menu at the top-right, then clicking the Edit your list of watched pages button. After clicking, you can check items to remove from your Watchlist and submit the selection.


Your personal User Contributions page can be viewed by clicking this option. This page provides a list of all pages edited, dates and times, a difference comparison (or diff), the page's entire history, your edit comment, and a search box to search changes.


Wikis are intended to be collaborative editing environments, a spirit that needs to be upheld by all. As such, all contributions may be edited mercilessly but with good intention, that doesn't mean a contribution isn't appreciated, it means the information is useful but can be taken further, adjusted, or in some cases, reverted. As stated on, if you do not want your writing to be reverted, or edited mercilessly or redistributed at will, then please do not submit it here.

If you intend to become an editor or regular contributor to the wiki, please review the Manual of Style.

Known Issues

  • Slideshow – Slideshows in galleries do not have adjustable sizes due to MediaWiki itself; thus we will not change this.
  • Templates – These are intentionally locked down for editing to privileged users, since changes cascade.


For suggestions, questions or complaints, please post on our Wiki Support.

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