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The following article is in development.
***The information may be incorrect or incomplete, and may change without warning.***

See also Workboard.

Greet New Editors

Add the {{welcome}} template to user pages when new contributors edit (not including friend page).

Regular Updates Needed

Pages needing regular updates include:

Other days


Add/Edit Dragon

  1. Create new dragon page using {{DragonBox}} following this guide (copying/pasting from a Dragon with similar rarity and obtainment method is the easiest start).
    • If the information is uncertain or incomplete, add {{Uncertain}}.
    • If added to the game but not made obtainable, and at least two updates have passed, add {{Apolloed}}.
  2. Upload dragon images, appropriately categorized in upload summary (usually Staff using official images).

Change Dragon Name

  1. Move/rename page (moving is renaming).
  2. Move/rename all files used on old page.
  3. Create a redirect from old page name to new.
  4. Visit old page name and use Special:WhatLinksHere (left sidebar) to see items still linking to old page, to update.

Rename a Page

When renaming, other pages may still link to the wrong name.

  • Visit the old page, click "what links here" (left sidebar) to list all pages still linking to the old page, updated links.
    • If nothing to the old page, simply rename it.
    • If other pages link to the old page, rename but check the "leave a redirect behind" move option.
      • Visit the old page name again, use "what links here" again. Open each page, then use "ctrl + f" (find) to find and then update links.
      • If the link exists in a template, check with a Bureaucrat prior to changing (the link will continue to work and redirect appropriately).
  • It may take up to an hour to update "what links here" links, due to MediaWiki job queue.
  • Pages whose link text was generated by a template may need to be purged to update (click time at top-right).
  • Links inside DPL3 templates may take up to an hour for cache to clear, then another for job queue to clear.

Rename a Section

Currently, there's no report for dead-end links or double-redirects on page sections as there is for pages. Instead, search for wikitext links:

  1. Visit the page you intend to rename the section of to get the old page#section name.
  2. Search for the OLD page and/or section name as a link, the beginning only (e.g., [[page name or [[page name#section).
    • This searches for redirects without taking you to actual page(s).
    • Go through search result list, update old page redirects.

Move/Rename Page (Excluding Dragons)

  1. Visit the page to move/rename.
  2. Click What links here (left sidebar) to find outdated liks (leave tab open, needed in subsequent step).
  3. On the old page, click the Actions (button) > Move, then enter the new page name and save.
  4. Visit the old page name, re-create it, make a redirect from old page name to new.



Create redirects to common terms or those similar to proper page names using:

#REDIRECT [[Category:Page Name]]


#REDIRECT [[Page Name]]


Transclusion is the inclusion of page content into another by reference, this wiki mostly uses Labeled Section Transclusion extension (use guide on page). Typically, we include page sections with:

  • Parts of the included section to be excluded, get wrapped in <noinclude></noinclude> tags.

Link to History Diff

Rather than repeating large volumes of old information (such as from tables) in history sections, refer link to the history diff using:

[[Special:Diff/96632|Revision 96632]]

Visit the page in history by clicking its date to view page content and copy the page number from the brower URL "&oldid=96632".


Divine/Ancient Events

  • Create an entry on Divine or Ancient island page.
  • Copy the contents of last Divine or Ancient island event page.
  • Create new page with exact event name, adapt the content for new event (follow prior file naming conventions).
  • Create new schedule of released dates.
  • Create event pages in the correct order.
    • Calculate drop odds for chest dragon pieces, decorations, gold, etc., add to event page(s).
  • Upload (released) images:
    • Ancient/Divine chest(s).
    • Ancient/Divine tickets.
    • Currencies, flying creatures (if applicable).
    • Shrine/Altar ticket/talisman generator (change cost as appropriate).
    • Event screen buttons/tiles.
    • Island.
    • Ad images (if applicable).
    • Event Decorations categorize either [[Category:Images:Divine Event Decorations]] or [[Category:Images:Ancient Event Decorations]] and add (changing proper update number):

Dragon Dice

  • Create event page.
  • Upload Dragon Dice background image (if applicable, typically Ancient events) and put on Dragon dice page.
  • Upload ad image.
  • Determine setup for double-trouble milestones.
  • Format and post Event Dialogues (if applicable).

Castle Events

  • Determine level reset pool currency amounts.
  • Upload images:
    • Currencies (and update In-Game Currency page).
    • Flying creatures.
    • Maps (once they are released in-game).
  • Compose castle page wikitext.
  • Create event page.
  • Format and post Event Dialogues (if applicable).

Updates (wiki Staff use)

  • Add release date to Game Updates.
  • If any new items were introduced that need regular updates, add to Editing Central.
  • Copy/paste the update information provided by Gameloft Community Manager(s):
    • Divide the information into separate lines.
    • Determine each page changes apply to and put it above (for your reference) the divided text.
    • Rewrite the text to follow history section convention:
      • Make it concise and neutral.
      • Begin with an action word such as: Introduced (for new feature), Added (for additions to existing features), Made, Renamed, Changed, Discontinued, Dropped support for, etc.)
      • Use: Past tense, remove extra words, avoid language like "will", "got", and "in order to" (just "to" is fine), and only use "trainer" when necessary (players know who they are).
    • Add update details only (not page name) to the history section of each page using {{update}} template.
      • For a single item:
  • * {{update|x.x|Introduced}} (no period, the template adds it)
  • For multiple items (no period after the last item only, other lines add periods).
* {{update|6.8|Introduced x feature.
** Changed y feature to z}}
  • During page history edits, if pages need other review/changes, add {{review}} template at the bottom, with a note about what needs changing. The text is not seen on-page, it appears on Workboard for Staff to edit/update/fix at their convenience:
|notes=Note about what needs changing (please be specific about section etc)
When review is finished

Wiki Staff remove status and/or notes parameters, so only the update number remains:


New Island

  • Add new island on Islands category page.
  • Create an island page, categorized [[Category:Islands]] that redirects to the corresponding section of the Islands page.
    • If the island has multiple sub-sections, ensure you create those redirect pages also, categorized, and redirected as above.
  • Create the Grid (Staff has a spreadsheet generator) and categorize as:
[[Category:Images:Maps]] [[Category:Images:Grids]]
  • Upload images:
    • Island
    • Obstacles
|type=(Path, Sculpture, Natural)
|island=Main Island
|method=Dungeon, Event, Divine, Ancient, Arena, Whale-Mart, Seasonal, Enchantment, Mentor
|currency=Gems, Tokens, USD (Note: "Gold" is default, leave blank for default)
|time=1h 30m
|dungeonshop=No (default is yes, only applies to currency = Tokens)
    • Add to Islands page.
    • Check that all appear on Obstacles page, and that stats are appropriate.

New Element

New Rarity

Check Housekeeping items

  • Check the Workboard for items to be done.
  • Check each page in Article Status for change of status or information that can be added/completed.
    • If a dragon has gone several updates with no obtainable release in the game, mark the dragon {{apolloed}}.
  • Check other categories in Housekeeping.
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