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See Social System for more information

Get cool rewards for each of your friends who reach a certain Level!
Provides a physical location to house Recruitment functions.

Cost: Free
Requirements: Level 3 after beating Quest 2 (Mountain Trail)
Upgradable: No
Can go in Inventory: No

The Lighthouse is a building that houses the Social System's new player recruitment functions. The building is located on the smaller island branching off from the Main Island, placed next to the Clan Fortress and Totem of Friendship.

Unlocking[edit source | VE]

The Lighthouse does not need to be assembled or bought, and is unlocked at Level 3 after beating Quest 2 (Mountain Trail) on Normal Mode of the Campaign Map. Selecting the Lighthouse brings up the Recruit a Friend window, allowing the Trainer to view their recruitment code, recruit another.

Building Functions[edit source | VE]

No functions buttons appear when the building is selected, selecting it functions instead as a shortcut to open the Social System screen to Recruitment a Friend.

See Recruit a Friend for a complete overview of how recruitment works, and its rewards.

Upgrading, Moving, Selling, or Storing[edit source | VE]

The Lighthouse is part of an island and not on space that can be arranged, as such, it cannot be upgraded, moved, sold, or stored in Inventory.

History[edit source | VE]

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