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See Social System for more information.

Get cool rewards for each of your friends who reach a certain Level!
Provides a physical location to house Recruitment functions.

Cost: Free
Requirements: Level 3 after beating Quest 2 (Mountain Trail)
Upgradable: No
Can go in Inventory: No

The Lighthouse is a building that houses the Social System's new player recruitment functions. The building is located on the smaller island branching off from the Main Island, placed next to the Clan Fortress and Totem of Friendship.

Unlocking[edit source | edit]

The Lighthouse does not need to be assembled or bought, and is unlocked at Level 3 after beating Quest 2 (Mountain Trail) on Normal Mode of the Campaign Map. Selecting the Lighthouse brings up the Recruit a Friend window, allowing the Trainer to view their recruitment code, recruit another.

Building Functions[edit source | edit]

No functions buttons appear when the building is selected, selecting it functions instead as a shortcut to open the Social System's Recruitment a Friend screen.

Recuriting[edit source | edit]

The Recruit a Friend option opens a window to invite non-playing users, on the same platform and server, to the game and to request the friendship of playing users.

Every Trainer has a Recruitment Code Icon.png Recruitment Code, pressing the   Copy   button copies the code to the clipboard to paste where needed. Alternatively, pressing the Share button provides options to send the code via the same options provided in the Inviting section above. Both groups must be on the same platform and server. Multiple new users can sign up using the same code; however, only one Recruitment Code may be submitted per person.

Whenever the Trainer's code is used by someone who has never entered a code before, a window appears informing them, displaying the name of the Trainer who used it. Additionally, a window appears whenever any recruit reaches Level 10 or 15. Both windows display the   Go To Inventory   button, pressing it takes the Trainer to the inventory.

Rewards[edit source | edit]

Recruitment Code Rewards.png

Once the invitation is successfully accepted by the recruiting Trainer, both Trainers become friends and receive compensation for using the code. The rewards are given regardless of whether the recruiting Trainer accepts the friend invitation or not. The recruited Trainer receives a welcome basket of (500*Level Modifier) Food and (5,000*Level Modifier) Gold upon entering the Recruitment Code, 1,000 Food upon reaching Level 10, and 50 Gems upon reaching Level 15.

Important Icon.png Because the game is not cross-platform and cross-server, the code can only be used between Trainers sharing the same device operating system and server.

Recruit Milestones[edit source | edit]

The Trainer whose code was used for new recruitment receives up to five milestone rewards depending on the number of people who used their code. Additionally, they receive (500*Level Modifier) Food and (5,000*Level Modifier) Gold for each recruit, (1,000*Level Modifier) Food when the recruit reaches Level 10, and 10 Gems when the recruit reaches Level 15. Under the same tab where the Recruitment Code is, the Trainer's progress toward the five milestones displayed, as well as the progress of the recruited Trainer. Trainers who have already used a Recruitment Code to receive rewards do not receive additional rewards for each new code entered, nor do they count toward the amount of recruited Trainers, of the Trainer whose code was used.

Gems Icon.png

Pop Art Dragon Icon.png
Gems Icon.png

Farmer Dragon Icon.png
Gems Icon.png


See Recruit a Friend for a complete overview of how recruitment works, and its rewards.

Upgrading, Moving, Selling, or Storing[edit source | edit]

The Lighthouse is part of an island and not on space that can be arranged, as such, it cannot be upgraded, moved, sold, or stored in Inventory.

Information Button[edit source | edit]

The ? button, when pressed, provides the following help/tutorial information panels:

See Also[edit source | edit]

  • Social System, for full information about Recruitment and other social feature functions and rewards.

History[edit source | edit]

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