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Main Island

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Main Island.jpg

The Main Island is the first of the Islands that can be cleared and have Habitats and Decorations placed on it. This island comes free when beginning gameplay, though a total of 212,000 Gold is needed to clear it of obstacles.


Small Objects (16) – 500 Gold, 30 seconds to clear, 20 Experience.
Decoration - Tree Trunk (i).pngDecoration - Grassy Rock (i).png Decoration - Tiny Rock.png Decoration - White Flower.png
Medium Objects (11) – 4,000 Gold, 2 minutes to clear, 160 Experience.
Decoration - Medium Rock.png Decoration - Medium Tree.png
Large Objects (10) – 16,000 Gold, 30 minutes to clear, 640 Experience.
Decoration - Big Tree.png Decoration - Pond with Trunk.png Decoration - Pond with Rock.png


Other Structures

Aside from both ruins, various other gameplay elements are located on this island. Chronos, the Enchantment Altar and the Shop can be found in the main part of the island. In the surroundings of the Main Island, the Trainers can find the Clam, Otto's hot air balloon and a stationary ship which typically displays a Limited-Time Dragon featured in an ongoing event.

Island Grid

The grid below displays the occupiable spaces of this island, in which Decorations, Habitats, or moveable Buildings can be placed.

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  • See the Islands page History section for the history of all permanent islands.

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