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Mystic Pasture

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And here you are on a peaceful, yet mystical, pasture. The air is tense, as if there were constant magical tremors flying over the quiet field. The presence of something powerful is perceptible.

Mystic Pasture.png

Mystic Pasture is a type of special event available only to Trainers who have not logged into the game for a period of 2 weeks or longer. The event is intended to refamiliarize the Trainer with certain game features by assigning different quests. Each quest is found within a tile on a trail path. Unlike events in general, Mystic Pasture is not level locked, the only requirement is to have completed the initial game tutorial.

Buildings[edit source | VE]

Mystic Pasture.jpg

Along the path several buildings are encountered, including the Arena, Enchantment League Tower, Clan Fortress and the Bottomless Dungeon that, when selected, displays basic information about each. After completion, the Trainer is rewarded with a Normally-Breedable Dragon. The Elemental Dragon is given to Trainers that are Level 10 or lower, the Storm Dragon is given to Trainers who are of or between levels 11 to 24, and the Empress Dragon is given to Trainers who are Level 25 or higher.

Quests[edit source | VE]

The event is available over a period of 5 days, but the quests are separated in half by a gate in the middle of the map, which opens only after the first 24 hours have passed. Each quest gives Gold or Food, and the objectives require the collection of Gold from Habitats, both of which scale based on current Player Level.

Quest Pool[edit source | VE]

There are ten different quests, out of twenty-one possible, that are received to complete the event.

# Quest
1 Food Icon.png Harvest 1,000 Food
2 Food Icon.png Harvest 4,000 Food
3 Farm - Level 1.png Harvest Food three times
4 Farm - Level 1.png Harvest Food five times
5 Farm - Level 1.png Harvest Food six times
6 Farm - Level 1.png Plant Food three times
7 Gold Icon.png Collect 1,000 Gold from Habitats
8 Gold Icon.png Collect 4,000 Gold from Habitats
9 Gold Icon.png Collect 8,000 Gold from Habitats
10 Happy Dragon Icon.png Pet any Dragon(s) five times
11 Happy Dragon Icon.png Pet any Dragon(s) ten times
12 Item - Viking Doll.png Train a Dragon one time
13 Feeding Event.png Feed any Dragon(s) four times
14 Feeding Event.png Feed any Dragon(s) eight times
15 Feeding Event.png Level up any Dragon(s) three times
16 Exploration Icon.png Commence the exploration of any ruin
15 Health Icon.png Breed a Dragon
16 Health Icon.png Hatch a Dragon
17 Attack Icon.png Win two battles on the Campaign Map
18 Attack Icon.png Win three battles on the Campaign Map
19 Attack Icon.png Win three Dragon League fights
20 Dragon League Icon.png Win four Dragon League fights
21 Bottomless Dungeon.png Win five battles in the Bottomless Dungeon

Reward Multiplier[edit source | VE]

Level Multiplier
Reward Objective
7 1 1
8 1.2 1.1
9 1.7 1.3
10 2.2 1.3
11 2.8 1.5
12 3.8 1.7
13 5.7 1.9
14 7.8 2.1
15 10 2.3
16+ 10 2.5

Gallery[edit source | VE]

History[edit source | VE]

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