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Nurture Dragon

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Nurture Dragon.png
Nurture Dragon.png
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Nurture Dragon Egg.png
The Nurture Dragon always knows when this trainer has had a bad day, and how to make it better. If only he could reciprocate the favor by showing them what they mean to him every day of the year!

Type Epic
Plant Wind Water
Health 216 Health Icon.png
Attack 63 Attack Icon.png
Gold/Hour 380 Gold Icon.png
Experience 860 Experience Icon.png
Selling Cost 8,450 Dragon Selling Icon.png
Base DCP 105 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png

Availability Dragon League
Method Top 1-3
Dragon of the Week
Breeding Token Limited Breeding Token Icon.png
Unlocked Trainer Level 11
Cost 1,555 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time 16 Hours [1]
Hatching Time 23 Hours & 30 Minutes
VIP Breeding 12 Hours & 48 Minutes [1]
VIP Hatching 18 Hours & 48 Minutes
Game Update Update 1.2
  1. 1.0 1.1 This Breeding time is merely representative as this Dragon can only be bred during special events.


The Body Shape of the Nurture Dragon is Upright. It has a light peach body with a light yellow underbelly, along with many orange-pink freckles scattered on its face, thighs, and tail. This Dragon wears a pink apron with a purple ribbon and two hearts on the front. It has large bright green eyes, and thick orange-red hair cascades down its back. Some of this hair is tied up in a small bun at the back of its head with a pale white strip, while two blue flowers are set in the hair on either side of its head. It has a pair of small wings on its back that consist of only one wing bone with light blue flaps in between. The claws on this Dragon are bright pink, and it has two on its hands and three large ones on its feet.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.pngEnchantment Star.png Enchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png Enchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png
14 Average Materials - Plant.png 21 Good Materials - Plant.png 25 Excellent Materials - Plant.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png
14 Average Materials - Wind.png 32 Average Materials - Wind.png 25 Excellent Materials - Wind.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Wind.png
14 Average Materials - Water.png 32 Average Materials - Water.png 32 Good Materials - Water.png 39 Excellent Materials - Water.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 27 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 36 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 40 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png 44 Extraordinary Materials - Water.png


Level 216 Attack Gold/Hour
1 216 63 380
10 1,115 326 1,316
20 6,901 2,013 2,356
30 42,728 12,462 3,396
40 264,559 77,163 4,436
50 1,638,079 477,773 5,476
60 10,142,552 2,958,245 6,516
70 62,800,012 18,316,670 7,556
80 388,841,123 113,411,994 8,596
90 2,407,601,745 702,217,175 9,636
100 14,907,235,414 4,347,943,662 10,676
120 571,507,627,280 166,689,724,623 12,756
125 1,422,093,859,114 414,777,375,575 13,276
120Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png 45,433,054,521,487 13,251,307,568,767 12,756
125Enchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).pngEnchantment Star (Red).png 113,051,978,226,910 32,973,493,649,515 13,276


The Nurture Dragon is a limited-time Arena-Prize Dragon which is made available on rotation approximately once every three months in its respective league. At the end of a Dragon League iteration, it is given as a time-limited Breeding Token for the Top 1–3 spots. The Breeding Token is activated instantly upon being received, after which this Dragon can be bred through the pairing of two Dragons having together or being able to pass the Plant, Wind and Water Elements.

Once the Nurture Dragon is obtained and then subsequently housed on an island, duplicate eggs can be purchased through the Dragon Codex in exchange for 1,555 Gems Icon.png Gems. Prior presence on the islands is not necessary to buy this Dragon if its Breeding Token is currently active.

Breeding for this Dragon takes 16 hours while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 23 hours and 30 minutes. With an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 12 hours and 48 minutes while the hatching time is reduced to 18 hours and 48 minutes.

Limited Breeding

During the time the Nurture Dragon is temporarily breedable, it can be bought in exchange for Gems without prior presence on the islands.


If a Breeding Token is made available for this Dragon, it is activated instantly upon being received, after which the Dragon can be obtained through the breeding of two Dragons having together the Plant, Wind and Water Elements. This method requires the Trainer to have reached Level 11.

Plant + Wind + Water

Available Combination(s)
Breed the Plant Dragon with any of the following:

Although any combination of the required elements can be used, breeding a single-element Dragon with another that has the remainder of the required elements (and no extras/duplicates) can have better odds and/or fewer unintended outcomes. For combination odds, try the Breeding Planner.

Other Combinations

Choose the Wind Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Choose the Water Dragon and breed it with any Dragon from the section below:

Dragon of the Week

Seed Dragon Icon.png + Ice Dragon Icon.png 10-17 August 2015
Dragon Breed Time VIP Breed Hatch Time VIP Hatch
Wind Dragon 30 seconds 24 seconds 30 seconds 24 seconds
Ice Dragon 4 hours 3h 12m 6h 30m 5h 12m
Melon Dragon 6 hours 4h 48m 8h 30m 6h 48m
Seed Dragon 6 hours 4h 48m 8h 30m 6h 48m
Cloud Dragon 6 hours 4h 48m 9h 40m 7h 44m
Candy Dragon 8 hours 6h 24m 11h 20m 9h 4m
Leaf Dragon 8 hours 6h 24m 11h 20m 9h 4m
Nurture Dragon 16 hours 12h 48m 23h 30m 18h 48m


Event Name Type Started Duration Ended
Dragonmaster Pass (edit)     Milestone Rewards 01 July 2021 31 Days 01 August 2021
Dragonmaster Pass (edit)     Milestone Rewards 03 August 2020 34 Days 06 September 2020
Golden Gatherer (edit)     Gold Collecting 17 April 2020 3 Days 20 April 2020
Bottomless Dungeon (edit)     Bottomless Dungeon 13 January 2020 7 Days 20 January 2020
Caretaker's Quest (edit)     Solo 19 August 2019 4 Days 23 August 2019
Crowded Nursery (edit)     Hatching 26 November 2018 3 Days 29 November 2018
Crowded Nursery (edit)     Hatching 19 November 2018 3 Days 22 November 2018
Crowded Nursery (edit)     Hatching 12 November 2018 3 Days 15 November 2018
Young Fun (edit)     Arcade 31 May 2018 4 Days 04 June 2018
Dinnertime! (edit)     Feeding 29 September 2017 3 Days 02 October 2017
Hearts and Flowers (edit)     Gem Spending 13 February 2017 4 Days 17 February 2017
Matriarch's Day (edit)     Gold Collecting 06 May 2016 3 Days 09 May 2016
Lovestruck (edit)     Gem Spending 12 February 2016 4 Days 15 February 2016
Child's Play (edit)     Solo 09 June 2015 15 Days & 16 Hours 25 June 2015
Happy Mother's Day (edit)     Feeding 08 May 2015 3 Days 11 May 2015
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Campaign Map Encounters

Map Quest Level
Normal 278 75Enchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).pngEnchantment Star (Purple).png
Heroic 156 69
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