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Options (Settings) Menu

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The Options Menu of Dragon Mania Legends is where various information and game settings can be found. The menu is accessed by selecting the Options Icon.png option in the top-right corner of the main screen.

More Games![edit source | edit]

Gameloft Icon.png More Games! — Lists other games developed by Gameloft that can be downloaded and installed.

Customer Care[edit source | edit]

Customer Care Icon.png Customer Care – Opens in-game Gameloft's Customer Care while automatically conveying Trainer information such as age, gender, client ID, language, country, platform, game version and firmware among many others.

News[edit source | edit]

News Icon.png News – Lists past and current news announcements related to the game with timestamp (excluding the year), a representative image and one or more tags (such as News, New Content, Event, Tips, Community, Contests, Preview, Sale, and Video). As suggested, the news is usually about upcoming Game Updates, sweepstakes, large events, Dragon of the Week, Dragon of the Month and other topics.

Whenever unread news is available, a red indicator displays the number of new articles in the top-right corner of the button. Additionally, in the bottom-right of the screen, the Trainer can access a collection of various videos.

Community[edit source | edit]

Community Icon.png Community – Lists 5 different links related to the game using the  Go  button next to each option.

Select Language[edit source | edit]

Language Selection Window.png

  Select Language   – Allows choice between multiple different languages for their game (sometimes depending on their region), including (but perhaps not limited to): American English, French, Standard German, Dutch, Italian, Peninsular Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Standard Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Modern Standard Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, and Traditional Chinese.

Settings[edit source | edit]

  Settings   – Allows control the game settings.

Notifications[edit source | edit]

  Notifications   – Allows notifications to individually be toggled on or off (all are enabled by default). These are:

Stay Informed Screen.png

For new Trainers, a screen with Arya pops up, asking the Trainer whether to enable their notifications or not. Regardless of the answer chosen, notifications remain active by default and must be manually disabled. Notifications mat be depicted by an Exclamation (Red) Icon.png exclamation mark, or by a number with a count (that tallies either the number of items/tasks that can be completed, or the number of notifications received).

The game may occasionally send a different type of notification that cannot be found under this menu, such as new bundles or events. Disabling these notifications can only be done from the app settings of the device the game is being played on.

Sound Settings[edit source | edit]

  Sound Settings   Allows sound and music volume to be controlled or enabled or disabled through the Sound Icon.png button.

The volume of advertisement videos is not affected by the in-game sound settings, even if the audio is completely disabled. The audio sound of advertisements can only be disabled from within the settings of the device the game is being played on.

Scroll Speed[edit source | edit]

  Scroll Speed   – Allows for adjustment of scrolling speed. The difference is most significant when navigating through large areas of the game, such as the islands or the Campaign Map.

Select Nickname[edit source | edit]

  Select Nickname   – Allows selection or changing of a nickname for themselves and others to view. Setting the nickname for the first time is free, while subsequent changes cost 5 Gems each. Confirming the nickname is done through either the Done button or the Done   5 Gems Icon.png button, respectively. The Trainer can also have the game suggest a random name through the Random Name button.

The nickname is limited to 24 characters, spaces are removed before or after the nickname.

Graphics[edit source | edit]

Android and Windows Trainers have the possibility of lowering or increasing the quality of their game's graphics to increase performance. This option is not available on the iOS platform. Android Trainers can do it through the   GFX Quality Settings   button, while Windows Trainers can do it through the   Graphics Settings   button. From here, Trainers can choose between low, medium and high. Once the desired value is selected and the Apply button is selected, the game will then prompt the Trainer to restart their game in order for the new settings to take effect. The game will preview the changes live, through a sample image, as the graphics are adjusted by the Trainer.

Low Graphics Medium Graphics High Graphics

Key Hints[edit source | edit]

  Key Hints   – Available only when the device is connected to a keyboard; selecting it displays turns on the display of keyboard shortcut keys (see Keyboard) over buttons, for opening interfaces or menus, or undertaking game actions.

Connect To Social Network[edit source | edit]

  Connect To Social Network   – Allows connections to various social platforms to store game progress or sometimes earn rewards. There is always at least one connection option (for some platforms, more options may also be available).

If an account already exists on a device and the Trainer wishes to connect to another account, a conflict screen appears after connecting to the second account. The screen prompts to either Keep This keep the current account, or Switch To This switch to the other.

Log Into Facebook[edit source | edit]

  Log Into Facebook   Allows connection to Facebook to save data, and is available to all platforms and Trainers; pressing it opens a prompt requesting log in to Facebook Facebook Logo.png account to connect it to the game. First connection to Facebook rewards 10 Gems and the Prairie Dragon.

Log Into Secondary Network[edit source | edit]

Android users (except for FireOS users who have no secondary network option) can connect their game to their Microsoft account through the Microsoft button; Windows users can also connect through the same button.

Apple ID can be used for iOS users as a secondary option for saved games to be retrieved.

Privacy Settings[edit source | edit]

  Privacy Settings   – Allows one of three choices for profile privacy regarding other Trainers visiting their island.

  • Default: Any visitor can see the Trainer's Dragons' levels and can check their Player Profile. The "last online" status can only be seen by friends and Clan mates.
  • Hidden: Only friends and Clan mates can see the Trainer's Dragons' levels and can check their Player Profile and their "last online" status.
  • Private: No visitor, whatsoever, can see the Trainer's Dragons' levels or can check their Player Profile or "last online" status. Additionally, the Trainer will also not be able to receive friend requests or Clan invitations nor receive log updates about visitors. The Trainer will be able to send friend requests and Clan invitations to other Trainers.

Info[edit source | edit]

  Info   – Provides general information about the game, as well as Gameloft's policies.

About[edit source | edit]

  About   – Provides vital game information, such as current version, Gameloft Trainer ID and server. Additional information such as credits (the team behind the game), software license, disclaimers, copyrights and other information appears. Unlike other menus, this one automatically scrolls.

Privacy Policy[edit source | edit]

  Privacy Policy   – Opens the privacy policy of Gameloft, the collection, usage, and disclosure of personal and non-personal information, advertising information, security, and user rights.

Cookies Policy[edit source | edit]

  Cookies Policy   – Opens Gameloft's Cookie policy provides information about their use of cookies.

Terms Of Use[edit source | edit]

  Terms Of Use   – Opens Gameloft's terms of use provides information about rules that must be followed to make use of Gameloft's services, information about accounts, purchases, payments, refunds, virtual items, online conduct, content, warranties and more.

Help[edit source | edit]

  Help & Options   – Provides information including general gameplay and new updates, etc. FireOS users can access this same menu through the   Help   button.

What's New?[edit source | edit]

  What's New?   – Displays several informative panels related to the current update; some may have a Take me there! button that can be used to access that new feature directly.

Dragon Care[edit source | edit]

  Dragon Care   – Opens the in-game help, where information about feeding and leveling Dragons is found.

Archipelago[edit source | edit]

  Archipelago   – Open the in-game help, where information about the islands is found.

Battles[edit source | edit]

  Battles   – Opens the in-game help, where general information about battles is presented.

Keyboard[edit source | edit]

  Keyboard   – Available only when the device is connected to a keyboard; selecting it displays pages with several keyboard shortcuts for opening interfaces or menus, or undertaking game actions. These are:

  • Page 4 – Main User Interface
    • Mouse Click (any) – A prolonged click and then a release allows the Trainer to pick up their Habitats and move them around without having to hold the button down. Clicking again in the decided viable spot allows the Habitat to be relocated to that space.

Parent Info[edit source | edit]

  Parent Info   This option provides information about microtransactions, refunds and Gameloft's registered office, among others.

Enable Recording[edit source | edit]

  Enable Recording   – Allows a video recording of the gameplay to be created. When the button is pressed, the Record Icon.png button appears in the upper-right corner of the screen, the Trainer must press it to give recording permission to the game. The first button then changes to the   Disable Recording   button while the second changes to the Record Icon.png button and pressing either will stop the recording.

Recording can also be done through the Record Icon.png button, wherever this is available.

This option is not available on the Windows platform, as the Windows OS has its own software for recording game clips.

Downloadable Content[edit source | edit]

Downloadable Content – In some cases, due to faulty internet connection, caching problems or an incomplete update, the game might be missing partial content. The amount of megabytes shown on the left indicates the size of the downloadable content the game can currently retrieve, while the amount on the right indicates the total size of content the game should normally have. The   Download All   button is used to download the missing parts. Downloading the content is cancelled through the  Cancel  button. When the entire content is present in the game, the button is grayed out. Below the button, all the update packs are displayed in the form of a list.

History[edit source | edit]

  • Update 7.2: Added a Key Hints overlay option that displays keyboard shortcut keys over relevant buttons when toggled on.
  • Update 6.2: Replaced the Community DML link with a link to the DML Discord server.
  • Update 5.7: Replaced Xbox Live account login with Microsoft login for saving data.
  • Update 4.7: Reintroduced the Connect to your Xbox Live account option.
  • Update 4.5: Introduced privacy settings.
  • Update 4.3: Added option to cancel ongoing downloading of game content.
  • Update 4.1: Dropped support for MSN accounts.
    • Discontinued the Link a Device option for Windows platform.
  • Update 3.7: Introduced the Select Nickname option.
    • Replaced the II button with the Options Icon.png button.
    • Added a notification option for Whale-Mart.
    • Added the current language flag on the Select Language button.
    • The Forum options was replaced by the Community option, allowing access to other relevant sites.
    • Added ability to preview the impact of graphics setting changes.
    • Added ability to create a custom nickname.
  • Update 3.6: Added the Scroll Speed option.
    • Discontinued the Gameloft Icon.png menu and moved its sub-menus to the Options Icon.png menu.
    • Replaced the LOG INTO Xbox Live with Log Into MSN for Windows Mobile.
  • Update 3.5: Introduced the GFX Quality Settings and Graphics Settings buttons for Android and Windows, respectively.
  • Update 3.4: Introduced a More Games button and changed some button locations for Android users.
  • Update 3.0: Introduced the option to enable or disable all notifications at once.
  • Update 2.8: Added notifications for potions, Gift Chest, and Weekly Dragon Pieces.
  • Update 2.6: Added notifications for Clan Events and Clan Dragons.
  • Update 2.1: Added notifications for Chronos, Arena Energy, and VIP Status.
  • Update 2.0: Discontinued the Link a Device option for iOS.
  • Update 1.9: Introduced the record screen and Link a Device options.

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