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Origin of Shadow

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Origin of Shadow.png

Origin of Shadow was a small island located south of the Main Island that was visible between the 18th of October and the 15th of November 2021 for the seventh of the Ancient Events with a Shadow theme. The island could also be accessed through the Ancient Event Button - Purple.png button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The Origin of Shadow Island was the hub for the Ancient Shadow Thematic, which took place between the 18th of October and the 22nd of November.

The period of time during the appearance of Origin of Shadow displayed several menus, the time left for those, as well as its main prized Dragons and badges. Several Dragons, such as the Dragon of the Month or those from bundles independent of the island and its events, were also displayed among these rewards, even though the method of obtaining said Dragons remained the usual one.

During the whole period of Origin of Shadow events, the Glom Dragon was obtainable, not in a single event, but as a result of the other events. To get the Glom Dragon, the Trainer had to complete the Glom Rising (21/10/18) collection.

Special Offers Button - Origin of Shadow.jpg Events Button - Origin of Shadow.jpg Milestone Rewards Button - Origin of Shadow.jpg
Ancient Chest Button - Origin of Shadow.jpg Glom Rising Collection Button - Origin of Shadow.jpg
Ancient Altar Button - Origin of Shadow.jpg
Dragon Dice Button - Origin of Shadow.jpg
Main Rewards Button - Origin of Shadow.jpg


The main events of Origin of Shadow were:

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Year Month Day Event Type Prize Notes
2021 November 15 Bottomless Dungeon Bottomless Dungeon Events Rock Snake Dragon Icon.png Rock Snake Dragon
Red Scale Dragon Icon.png Red Scale Dragon
Dragon Pieces Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png
2021 November 8 Bottomless Dungeon Bottomless Dungeon Events Sunrise Dragon Icon.png Sunrise Dragon
Pigsy Dragon Icon.png Pigsy Dragon
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png
2021 November 1 Bottomless Dungeon Bottomless Dungeon Events Ghost Dragon Icon.png Ghost Dragon
Sinister Dragon Icon.png Sinister Dragon
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png
2021 October 18 Glom Rising Collection Events Glom Dragon Icon.png Glom Dragon Ancient (Element) Icon.png
2021 October 18 Blue Bonanza Collection Events Indigo Dragon Icon.png Indigo Dragon
2021 October 18 Shadowstone Use Milestones Milestone Rewards Events Tracht Dragon Icon.png Tracht Dragon
Chevalier Dragon Icon.png Chevalier Dragon
Kelp Dragon Icon.png Kelp Dragon
Reisk Dragon Icon.png Reisk Dragon
Shade Brute Dragon Icon.png Shade Brute Dragon
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png Dragon Pieces Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png
2021 October 18 Dragon Board Dragon Dice Events Molten Dragon Icon.png Molten Dragon
Eyeball Dragon Icon.png Eyeball Dragon
Snow Queen Dragon Icon.png Snow Queen Dragon
Molim Dragon Icon.png Molim Dragon
Melusine Dragon Icon.png Melusine Dragon
Bromelia Dragon Icon.png Bromelia Dragon
Hausk Dragon Icon.png Hausk Dragon
Umbra Dragon Icon.png Umbra Dragon
Warg Dragon Icon.png Warg Dragon
Shadowstone Icon.png Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png Dragon Pieces Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png
2021 October 18 Ancient Chest Chest Opening Events Hellion Dragon Icon.png Hellion Dragon
Eikthyrnir Dragon Icon.png Eikthyrnir Dragon
Artoba Dragon Icon.png Artoba Dragon
Neo Bone Dragon Icon.png Neo Bone Dragon
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png Ho'mala Dragon
Reisk Dragon Icon.png Reisk Dragon
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png Myrkur Dragon
Shade Brute Dragon Icon.png Shade Brute Dragon
Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png Dragon Pieces Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png
2021 October 25 Bottomless Dungeon Bottomless Dungeon Events Crone Dragon Icon.png Crone Dragon
Zombie Dragon Icon.png Zombie Dragon
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png
2021 October 18 Bottomless Dungeon Bottomless Dungeon Events Digital Dragon Icon.png Digital Dragon
Echo Dragon Icon.png Echo Dragon
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png Ancient (Element) Icon.png

Ancient Tickets

Pile of Ancient Tickets (Shadow).png

Ancient Tickets Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png were available throughout the whole event and had the sole purpose of opening the Ancient Chest. These could be purchased in exchange for Gems or could be obtained from various bundles, from from the Dragon Board, from other Events running during the period, and from the Ancient Chest itself.

Pile of Ancient Tickets (Shadow).png
Pile of Tickets
Sack of Ancient Tickets (Shadow).png
Sack of Tickets
Bucket of Ancient Tickets (Shadow).png
Bucket of Tickets
Chest of Ancient Tickets (Shadow).png
Chest of Tickets
Cave of Tickets (Not Offered).png
Cave of Tickets
Island of Tickets (Not Offered).png
Island of Tickets
1 Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png for 10 Gems Icon.png 15 Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png for 150 Gems Icon.png 55 Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png for 500 Gems Icon.png 175 Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png for 1,500 Gems Icon.png Not Offered Not Offered

Ancient Chest

Ancient Chest (Origin of Shadow).png

The Ancient Chest button allowed the Trainer to access the Chest Room where Tickets could be exchanged to open Ancient Chests. The Ancient Chest button itself displayed either the chest or the main reward Dragon. In the top corner was a i or I Icon.png button that could be pressed to display all possible rewards held in Ancient Chests. It also displayed the number of items awarded for each chest opened and the information cards also displayed a i button that could be used to bring up the awarding stats.

Prize Amount/Card Chance
Shade Brute Dragon.png
Shade Brute Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 7.7%
3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1.5%
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.46%
Hellion Dragon.png
Hellion Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 7.7%
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 2.8%
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.62%
Eikthyrnir Dragon.png
Eikthyrnir Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 7.7%
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 2.8%
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.62%
Neo Bone Dragon.png
Neo Bone Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 7.7%
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 2.8%
10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.62%

Ancient Altar

Pile of Talismans (Origin of Shadow).png

Talisman are a form of currency that can be spent only at the Ancient Altar in exchange for Dragon Pieces.

  • For the first two weeks between 18 Oct and 1 Nov, the returning Metal Ancient: Artoba was available.
  • In the last two weeks of the event, between 1-15 Nov, Artoba was replaced with the Water Ancient: Ho'mala as the returning dragon.
Dragon Cost Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1x Cost Dragon Pieces Icon.png Amount needed
Reisk Dragon Icon.png Reisk Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3 Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png 1,500 Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png Myrkur Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3 Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png 1,500 Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png
18 October - 1 November 2021
Artoba Dragon Icon.png Artoba Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3 Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png 1,500 Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png
1-15 November 2021
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png Ho'mala Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3 Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png 1,500 Talisman (Shadow) Icon.png

Shadowstone Shrine

Shadowstone Shrine.png


The Milestones button provided access the Milestone Rewards section directly, to view progress and typically displayed the Currency Generator associated with the event. Premium milestone Rewards were only activated through the purchase of the event's currency generator. Once activated, additional Milestone Rewards became available.

This table ← scrolls →. On Computers, hold Shift while scrolling to scroll → horizontally.
Island of Shadowstones.png
Portal Energy Icon.png

Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png

Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

Portal Energy Icon.png

Decoration - Chronosian Hourglass.png

Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

Relic of Breeding Icon.png
2 Relic of Breeding
Decoration - Dragon Totem.png

Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png

Sacred Apple Icon.png
1 Sacred Apple
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

Food Icon.png

VIP Ticket Icon.png

Extra Den Relic Icon.png
2 Extra Den Relics
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

Food Icon.png

5 M
Double Egg Relic Icon.png
3 Double Egg Relics
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

Portal Energy Icon.png

Ancient Habitat.png
Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png

10 Dragon Pieces Icon.png for:
Shade Brute Dragon.png
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

15 Dragon Pieces Icon.png for:
Reisk Dragon.png
Portal Energy Icon.png

Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

Decoration - Chronosian Hourglass.png

1 Breeding Token Icon.png for:
Kelp Dragon.png
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

15 Dragon Pieces Icon.png for:
Reisk Dragon.png
Relic of Breeding Icon.png
2 Relic of Breeding
Tracht Dragon Icon.png
Decoration - Dragon Totem.png

15 Dragon Pieces Icon.png for:
Reisk Dragon.png
Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png

Enchantment Ticket Icon.png

15 Dragon Pieces Icon.png for:
Reisk Dragon.png
1 Breeding Token Icon.png for:
Chevalier Dragon.png
Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

Habitat Limit Extender.png
1 Habitat Extender
Food Icon.png

Gems Icon.png

VIP Ticket Icon.png

Relic of Hatching Icon.png
2 Relic of Hatching
Extra Den Relic Icon.png
2 Extra Den Relics
Gems Icon.png

Ancient Ticket (Shadow) Icon.png

Enchantment Ticket Icon.png

Food Icon.png

5 M
Sacred Apple Icon.png
1 Sacred Apple
Double Egg Relic Icon.png
3 Double Egg Relics
Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png




Dragon Board

Ned.png A-Arya...?! W-W-Wake up! I don't think we're in Numa anymore!
Arya.png Uuurgh... just five more minutes... I haven't finished digesting all the pie I ate last night at the Feast of Rebirth...
Eliza the Masculine.png He said "w-w-wake up," fool! We're in real trouble here -- we can save the digesting for later!
Reaper Dragon Icon.png (Oh, the human is not dead? That's a little disappointing.)
Muerte Dragon Icon.png (Nonsense! I know these little humans -- they'll be much more entertaining alive, for now.)
Muerte Dragon Icon.png (Come, let's gift them a customary ghoul gourd, and treat them to a customary battle!)

Furnace Dragon Icon.png (Yes! Glom is good! Glom is great!)
Ned.png Did that dragon just say "Gloamis is great"? If we're in Gloamis right now, I would very much like an explanation...
Furnace Dragon Icon.png (Glom's power has turned this pile of human-made rags into a living, breathing dragon! Praise Glom!)
Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png (Is this my new body, then? It's a little burlap-y, but it will do.)
Eliza the Masculine.png No... this place is much too creepy, even for Gloamis. In fact, it's much too creepy for ME. How do we get OUT of here?
Arya.png Not so fast, you two. I know an opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime battle when I see one, and something tells me this Scarecrow Dragon is VERY unique!

Arya.png Doesn't this place remind you of a Witch's Illusion world, Ned? I wonder if your dad took the liberty of seasoning our food with one of his potions...
Ned.png *sigh* That's what I thought, too. But I helped my dad with all the Feast of Rebirth preparations, and I didn't notice him doing anything weirder than usual!
Eliza the Masculine.png So, this isn't just an awful dream...? That's for the best. I'd be awfully embarrassed to dream about YOU two.
Fallen Dragon Icon.png (This place is not a dream, nor an illusion. So you two witches must make sure your human guest is on its best behavior...)
Fallen Dragon Icon.png (Or I'll take it down into the deepest caverns below the Spirit Citadel!)
Arya.png Huh? Ned, Eliza, why are you guys looking at each other like that? Let's battle this weird-looking dragon already!

Eliza the Masculine.png ARRGH! I can't TAKE this place!!! It's all my worst fears rolled into one awful, cold, dark NIGHTMARE!
Ned.png Hmm. Maybe having somebody around who's more afraid than I am, is making me LESS afraid...
Horror Dragon Icon.png (There's no need for a witch to fear the Spirit Citadel! Cold darkness is the norm around here, and we like it just fine.)
Horror Dragon Icon.png (... Or don't you know where you are? I figured you two were witches, since we seem to understand one another.)
Horror Dragon Icon.png (The golden-maned one is a mystery to me, however. She looks a bit too lively to be Shade Folk.)
Horror Dragon Icon.png (My interest is piqued! Let me battle you!)

Arya.png So the dragons here think I'm one of the Shade Folk who live beneath Gloamis? But... this can't be Gloamis, can it? I know we haven't been there in a while...
Arya.png Unless... Oh boy, maybe we're in ANCIENT Gloamis!
Eliza the Masculine.png Arya... I don't mean to alarm you, but your shadow just moved without you.
Umbra Dragon Icon.png (Forgive me -- I was merely curious. I wanted a final look at some human beings before Myrkur's Void swallows you all up.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Myrkur's WHAT? This just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER, doesn't it?!
Umbra Dragon Icon.png (I agree! Us beings of shadow will be very comfortable, I think. But please, first indulge my curiosity...!)

Arya.png Well HEL-lo, Hel Dragon! Fancy seeing you here!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh. Please forgive her. We're a little lost, Hel Dragon -- perhaps you can help out your allies...?
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Allies? Unless you are souls in my domain, I know not who you are.)
Ned.png That proves it -- we MUST be back in time again. Maybe ACTUALLY in ancient Gloamis!
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Glom is...? Well, I'm sure Glom must be battling the void, but I, for one, believe a bit of nothingness would make a fine addition to my Underworld.)
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Maybe not so "fine" for humans... and yet, I have a funny feeling about you three. Won't you show me how you'd alter destiny?)

Eliza the Masculine.png Let me see if I've got this straight... "Myrkur's Void" is threatening to take over this awful place. And meanwhile, "Glom" is... what, exactly?
Arya.png Yes, we're in Gloamis! Ancient Gloamis! Oh, wait, we still don't know who Glom... is.
Obsidian Dragon Icon.png (Glom is our savior. Glom brought our world back from the brink of destruction...)
Lily Gem Dragon Icon.png (Really, Glom brought life back from death. When the sun disappeared, and the plants died...)
Lily Gem Dragon Icon.png (... Glom made sure we could bloom again. Now, dragons like me are able to enjoy battling once more!)

Ned.png I can't believe it... At some point, the SUN disappeared? Just what in Chronos' claw happened after we left the Ancient Earth Dragons?
Eliza the Masculine.png One has to wonder if our meddling had anything to do with it...
Arya.png No way. Each time we've gone to the past, we've brought dragons and people together -- we helped stop awful things from happening!
Ned.png I guess not even WE could stop the sun from shining... Right?
Gloom Lady Dragon Icon.png (Who needs the sun? We love the shadows -- and we don't need that big fire in the sky to grow and play!)
Briar Dragon Icon.png (We even have plenty of your kind running around. Darkness is life, so won't you play in the shadows with us?)

Arya.png Check out the Pumpkin Dragon! Maybe it can tell us why there are so many adorable little pumpkins popping out of the ground...?
Ned.png Or why there's a freezing miasma of ectoplasm seemingly struggling to crack this whole Citadel open?
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* The dragon says... the pumpkins look like that because they're... l-literally haunted b-b-by the gh-ghosts of d-d-dead plants--
Arya.png Eliza! Oh, Ned... she fainted. She totally HATES ghosts, but don't tell her I told you that!
Eliza the Masculine.png ... I can still hear you, numbskull!!!
Ned.png Wow! I wonder if this explains why we grow pumpkins and make effigies of Pumpkin Dragons for the Feast of Rebirth...!

Arya.png Ned? What's wrong...? You look like you've seen a-- WHOA! P-Professor Hogwin...?!
Professor Hogwin.png Hogwin...? I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone else. My name is Felos. Felos Hogvanhog. I am a witch, a researcher, and liaison to the Ancient Shadow Tribe.
Eliza the Masculine.png Nedders? He's still unresponsive... ANYWAY, maybe you can tell us a bit about where we are, WITHOUT the customary dragon vagueness.
Professor Hogwin.png Of course! As you surely know, the sun disappeared when the Lunar Rock was unearthed from the caverns of the Ancient Earth Tribe...
Professor Hogwin.png There was... well, there was quite a lot of destruction. Luckily, my Ancient friend Hausk here was able to channel the souls of dead plants back to our world.
Hausk Dragon Icon.png (Indeed. Now humans and dragons can survive the dark... but judging from your dumbstruck faces, I see you three may need a wake-up call.)

Eliza the Masculine.png I've been slapping Ned's cheeks nonstop since we met Felos, but I can't get that blank expression off his face...
Ned.png Th-The Ancient Shadow Tribe can literally bring dead things back to life... Do you guys realize what that means? All the implications...?
Arya.png Honestly, Ned... I think it's something we'd better leave in the past. We should focus on getting to the bottom of this Myrkur stuff.
Eliza the Masculine.png Oho. A disagreement between you two? I never thought I'd see the day...!
Fungus Dragon Icon.png (The yellow-maned human has a point. There's a reason most of us don't have dealings with what our Shadow Tribe already has a handle on...)
Fungus Dragon Icon.png (Our world is held in a precarious balance. I'll respectfully ask you to leave it alone!)

Ned.png I just can't stop thinking about it. We could bring people back from the dead! Maybe even my mom...!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll admit, the amount of power such an ability would grant--
Arya.png No! Stop it, you two -- can't you see this place is already in trouble? How long can you keep bringing stuff back from the dead?
Eliza the Masculine.png Wow. Arya, I didn't expect that reaction--
Ned.png That's easy for YOU to say, Arya! Your mom's not dead! If you knew what it was like--
Eliza the Masculine.png HATE to interrupt, but we appear to be getting chased by some denizens of the Spirit Citadel...!

Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh... Look, I'm a terrible mediator. Can't you two just talk to each other? You LOVE to talk!
Arya.png ... I just think we shouldn't mess with the forces of nature.
Ned.png You don't know what you're talking about! You can't even understand what these dragons have to say about it!
Arya.png HEY! I understand plenty, Ned! That's low...
Ned.png Nightmare Dragon, have you seen any HUMAN ghosts around? Has Hausk or... Glom ever tried to channel a human spirit? It should be possible, right?
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png (H-Human ghosts? I'm s-s-scared of human ghosts! Please leave me alone!)

Professor Hogwin.png There you are! I hear you three have been poking around the Spirit Citadel, asking questions. I applaud that sort of curiosity. In fact...
Professor Hogwin.png I have been studying the possibility of channeling human spirits, myself. But... I caution against it. After many years, I may have to stop my research.
Ned.png B-But you can't! If there's even a tiny possibility...!
Professor Hogwin.png These dragons don't owe us a debt as big as that. In any case, things are getting somewhat more dire than usual around here... Oh, Darkfire Dragon!
Professor Hogwin.png I'd like you to take these children to Reisk, for protection. What's that? You'd like to battle them, too? Well, I can hardly turn down a request from a friend...

Reisk Dragon Icon.png (You'll be safe with me, hatchlings. At least, until I am called to action to stop the spread of Myrkur's Void.)
Reisk Dragon Icon.png (I know you have many questions and desires. In truth, Glom's efforts are only temporary. Simply restoring plant life has rendered the Spirit Citadel unstable.)
Reisk Dragon Icon.png (With the channeling of dragon souls, our world has begun to crack at the seams, as you can see. The void, the "underworld," threatens to break through.)
Reisk Dragon Icon.png (At great risk, we Shadow Ancients have tampered with a natural cycle. It could never go on forever. I ask for your understanding.)
Ned.png It isn't fair. We humans have died, too. We want to see our loved ones again, too...
Reisk Dragon Icon.png (As a descendant of the great Lysk, I understand your pain. But know this: Your grief is what makes you strong. Please, show me your strength.)

Undying Dragon Icon.png (Look at it! The sea of souls threatens to bubble over! And Myrkur is hastening it along...)
Undying Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps, once it does, we will all be merely souls, or nothing at all. Or perhaps we will NEVER stop existing!)
Eliza the Masculine.png This dragon's rambling is making my head hurt. On the plus side, I think this "immersion therapy" has cured me of my ghost phobia.
Undying Dragon Icon.png (Well, after tumbling into all that ectoplasm, I surely doubt I'll ever experience a real death. Isn't it curious, humans?)
Eliza the Masculine.png *SHUDDER* Never mind, I'm still creeped out. PLEASE go away, Undying Dragon!

Eliza the Masculine.png Look -- that dragon appears to be on a warpath... Hello? I know you two aren't speaking, but I CAN'T be the only one commenting on things!
Shade Brute Dragon Icon.png (Glom has enlisted me to find Myrkur and stop it. I will go, since Glom has taken such good care of us creatures of shadow.)
Ned.png Y-You're going to see Myrkur? Um... will you let us tag along?
Arya.png That's right -- we have to stop whatever Myrkur's doing!
Ned.png OR figure out what it has planned for this "underworld" or "sea of souls" or... whatever!
Shade Brute Dragon Icon.png (Erm... I suppose I could let you follow me. But I'll have to see if you scrawny scaleless are up to the challenge.)

Ned.png M-Myrkur...? Is that--?
Arya.png It's a Cultist Dragon... but it seems like it's REALLY interested in us, judging by that... uh... silent, penetrating stare...
Cultist Dragon Icon.png (You desire the purest darkness known to life. The sweet nothing amidst which unknowables move in silence.)
Cultist Dragon Icon.png (Down, down, down, where no eyes can see -- there at last, we shall be free.)
Eliza the Masculine.png UHH--?!
Cultist Dragon Icon.png (Very well. I will take you to Myrkur. A simple battle is the only fee I ask. You humans are so fond of fees, are you not?)

Eliza the Masculine.png H-Hey, you two, I... I could really use s-s-some HELP right about n-now...!
Ned.png A-Arya? ... ARYA?!
Arya.png I... I... I'm... SCARED!!!
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png (...? You scared? Why? The void is nice. It quiet. Peace, at last.)
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png (I only want to help. Everyone go to sleep -- no fight, no fear.)
Myrkur Dragon Icon.png (I show you. Not because I hate you. Because I love you!)

Bone Dragon Icon.png (Are you humans all right? It seems Myrkur's Void is receding. Many of us ghostly dragons will have to return to the Underworld with Hel and Muerte.)
Ned.png S-So it's over...? No more ghosts? No chance of...
Eliza the Masculine.png Easy, now. I think we accomplished what Chronos sent us here to do, or witness. Arya, are you okay?
Arya.png I... uh... I think so. Myrkur just freaked me out a little, that's all... I-I think that idea of "nothing" really scared me...
Ghost Dragon Icon.png (Silly human. Even the dead don't cease to exist. Here, I'll prove it by battling you right now!)

Glom Dragon Icon.png (I was wondering when you would find me. I've been hiding in your shadows for a while now. Thank you -- I had a nice nap.)
Arya.png This dragon seems so TIRED... but the power surrounding it is making a-all my hair stand on end! Who, or what, IS this?!
Glom Dragon Icon.png (I am Glom. Glom is me. The stress of sustaining this world is immense, but with sweet young Myrkur taught a lesson, I can focus on restoring balance.)
Ned.png Then... there's really no chance that you'll bring humans back from the dead? Felos failed, and so did I...?
Glom Dragon Icon.png (Hehe... Silly young human -- ghosts have been all around you this whole time. I made sure of that. I cannot give them all bodies, but rest assured, they "visit.")
Glom Dragon Icon.png (I leave you with this parting eulogy: Nothing that is dead is ever really gone. That creeping feeling can be a comfort. Now, how about a final scare?)

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