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Origin of Water

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Origin of Water.png

Origin of Water was a small island located south of the Main Island that was once again visible between the 6th of July and the 3rd of August 2020 for the third of the Ancient Events with a Water theme. The island could also be accessed through the Ancient Event Button - Purple.png button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The Origin of Water Island was the hub for the Ancient Water Thematic, which took place between the 6th of July and the 3rd of August.

The period of time during the appearance of Origin of Water displayed several menus, the time left for those, as well as its main prized Dragons and badges. Several Dragons, such as the Dragon of the Month or those from bundles independent from the island and its events, were also displayed among these rewards even though the method of obtaining said Dragons remained the usual one.

During the whole period of Origin of Water events, the Baha'jir Dragon and the Ho'mala Dragon were obtainable, not in a single event, but as result of the other events in Origin of Water. To get the Baha'jir Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Baha'jir Rising (20/07/06) collection and to get the Ho'mala Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Ho'mala Rising (20/07/06) collection.

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Main Rewards Button - Origin of Water.jpg

Events[edit source | VE]

The main events of Origin of Water were:

Ancient Chest[edit source | VE]

Ancient Chest (Origin of Water).png

Ancient Chest (20/07/06)

Waterstone Shrine[edit source | VE]

Waterstone Shrine.png

Milestone Rewards[edit source | VE]

Waterstone Use Milestones (20/07/06)

Ancient Tickets[edit source | VE]

Pile of Ancient Tickets (Water).png

Ancient Tickets Ancient Ticket (Water) Icon.png are available throughout the whole event and have the sole purpose of opening the Ancient Chest. These can be purchased in exchange for Gems or can be obtained from various bundles, from the Dragon Dice, from other events running during the period, and from the Divine Chest itself.

Ancient Ticket (Water) Icon.png

Ancient Ticket

Sack of Ancient Tickets (Water).png

Sack of Ancient Tickets

Bucket of Ancient Tickets (Water).png

Bucket of Ancient Tickets

Chest of Ancient Tickets (Water).png

Chest of Ancient Tickets

Cave of Tickets (Not Offered).png

Cave of Ancient Tickets

Island of Tickets (Not Offered).png

Island of Ancient Tickets

1 Ancient Ticket for 10 Gems 15 Ancient Tickets for 150 Gems 55 Ancient Tickets for 500 Gems 175 Ancient Tickets for 1,500 Gems
Not Offered

Dialogues[edit source]

Tropic Dragon Icon.png (Welcome to the Endless Sea, strange ones! We don't usually see creatures like you anymore. How lucky for me! )
Ned.png Um, th-thank you, but that sounds pretty ominous... Did Chronos send me to the past again, or is this a whole other planet?!
Arya.png What sounds ominous? Wait, Ned... are you... actually TALKING to that dragon?
Ned.png A-Arya?! What are you doing here?! Don't tell me you followed me to the past...?
Arya.png I had to do something! You've been acting so WEIRD, Ned! But this is on a whole other level...!
Tropic Dragon Icon.png (Your kind sure are talkative. I hear you're good at battling, though! I'd love to find out for myself!)

Ned.png I'm so lost. That Tropic Dragon said this place is called the "Endless Sea," but if Chronos sent us to the past... Well, where in the past did it send us?
Arya.png So, Chronos has been sending you back in time! But why YOU, Ned? I thought you were terrified of dragons -- you always have been.
Ned.png W-well, I still am, SORT OF, but--
Angler Dragon Icon.png (Hello. You two look pretty tasty. Glad I crawled out of the sea in time to meet you!)
Ned.png EEEEK!!!

Arya.png That's the Neddy I know -- jumping straight out of his Cowpoke Dragonhide boots at the very sight of wings and fangs!
Ned.png Arya, quit it!
Arya.png ... Huh?
Ned.png I might still be afraid -- heck, I might ALWAYS be afraid -- but Chronos chose ME, for whatever reason. S-so please don't treat me like a kid...!
Arya.png ...
Aquatic Dragon Icon.png (So it's true what they say about humans: loud and so rowdy! Always fighting! If I send you two packing, I'm sure I'll be rewarded.)

Ned.png Um... Arya, I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. I'm pretty confused, and the dragons here act weird...
Arya.png No, Ned! It's okay. You were right... I didn't really think about your feelings. You know, I'm pretty confused, too...
Ned.png Heh, I guess we're in the same boat then, for once.
Deep Light Dragon Icon.png (Humans?! What are you two doing? You shouldn't be here! I thought there were almost none of you left...)
Deep Light Dragon Icon.png (What to do...? Ah-ha! Quick, before somedragon reports to Baha'jir, let's make it look like you were battling me!)
Ned.png W-wait! Who is Baha'jir? And why don't I like the sound of it?!

Arya.png *sigh* I wish I could understand what the dragons are saying... I thought becoming a Dragon Master would help, but--!
Ned.png You've got me around for that! Honestly, though, all I can gather is that they really don't seem to want us here...
Ned.png And they're telling us to watch out for someone -- or something -- called Baha'jir...
Arya.png "Baha'jir"? Is that a person, do you think? You did mention meeting some pretty interesting folks in the ancient past.
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png (To think of the mighty Baha'jir as a mere human! Laughable! I should whip up a storm and send you two right back to the bottom of the Dragon's Throat Whirlpool!)
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png (I, Oi'ra, dragon of raging sea storms and disciple of Baha'jir, will keep troublesome humans where they belong: at the bottom of the Endless Sea!)

Arya.png Earth to Ned? You look pale as a Cloud Dragon! I know it must've been bad, but you gotta tell me what that dragon Oi'ra said to you!
Ned.png I-it... *gulp* it hinted at why there are no other humans around. According to Oi'ra, people like us are all "at the bottom of the sea"... under that huge whirlpool.
Ned.png And it seems like whoever this Baha'jir is, it wants us to STAY down there!
Arya.png WHAT?! That's horrible! There's no WAY dragons would do that to humans! Unless...
Spinefin Dragon Icon.png (Maybe humans aren't as dumb as I thought -- Baha'jir said they can't think straight, but this one's trying to figure out why we exiled them!)
Ned.png ... I'm not gonna translate. I think this dragon's just overdue for a good Arya-style battle.

Arya.png We have to get more info on just what's going on here! Ned, c'mon, go talk to that dragon over there.
Ned.png B-but--! *sigh*
Ned.png Um, hey there. We're wondering why you guys sorta exiled all humanity to the bottom of the sea? S-sorry, bit of an abrupt request.
Yellow Crown Dragon Icon.png (Hmph! That's an easy one -- with your stinking machines and factories, your kind were ruining our world! So, Baha'jir flooded it.)
Yellow Crown Dragon Icon.png (All the smog made my lovely coral crown shrivel up. It's back to normal now... but I'm still not over it! Now, I hope you won't get over this battle!)

Arya.png Ned? You okay...?
Ned.png This Baha'jir... it FLOODED Dragolandia because of what the Tyrants did...! Th-this is horrible!
Ned.png I tried to fix things last time, but here everything's worse than before. Or better? And what does it mean for OUR time?!
Arya.png You've always thought so hard about stuff, Ned. Sometimes TOO hard! I think Chronos knows what it's doing... and we'll figure out just how to help.
Arya.png Besides, can't you understand what the dragons are thinking? I mean, if I could do that, too...
Ned.png I WISH you could! Then YOU'D be the one dealing with that unhappy Leviathan Dragon who wants a piece of us!

Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Are you the humans everyone's been gabbing about? I'm supposed to take you down the whirlpool to be with the other humans -- on behalf of Ho'mala.)
Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Frankly, I'm surprised you even made it to the surface. That's a whole lot of swimming for weak creatures like you!)
Ned.png J-just hold on a second! Who's Ho'mala? Is it anything like Baha'jir? And if so, can I opt out of meeting it?
Arya.png Don't look so worried, Ned! I might not be able to speak dragon... but I can speak "battles" -- and I think this dragon is looking for just that!
Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Ooh? What's this? Maybe you humans aren't as weak as I thought! Let's battle!)

Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Arya.png WOW! Check this dragon OUT, Ned! It looks so FANCY! Can you ask it if it wants to battle? Heh, it probably already does.
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (... *blush*)
Ned.png Uh, this one's not super-talkative, believe it or not.
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (I am not supposed to be here. I, Ho'mala, rule over the bottom of the sea. But when I heard of you two, my curiosity overcame me...)
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (I have a special feeling about you humans. You are strong, smart, and kind. I would like to battle you... before I get in trouble with Baha'jir.)

Ned.png So that last dragon we battled was Ho'mala -- the one who APPARENTLY rules over... humans like us, trapped at the bottom of the ocean.
Arya.png I can't believe it! I just can't believe there was a time where people and dragons didn't get along...
Ned.png Speaking of, there's a dragon over there, giving us the stink-eye, but...
Ned.png It's weird. I can't hear this one talking in my head like with the other dragons we've met. Maybe it's... shy?
Arya.png It sure doesn't LOOK shy! I'd know that body language anywhere -- this dragon's looking for a battle.

Ned.png ACK!!! A-Arya, it's coming right at me, and I don't know what it's thinking!
Ned.png It's got claws... EVERYWHERE!!!
Arya.png It's okay, Ned! I can tell it's just looking for some treats. Even in an age like this, dragons still love their fruit. That NEVER changes!
Ned.png Oh... Y'know, Arya, you can tell what a dragon is thinking just as well as I can. And you didn't need any weird magic prophecy to do it.
Arya.png Ha, well, that's sort of a relief...! N-not that I was jealous or anything!
Arya.png ANYWAY, this Coco Crab Dragon TOTALLY wants to battle -- so let's dispense with the chit-chat and get on with it!

Arya.png Any luck with this one, Ned? Can you hear it?
Ned.png No... I can't. This is bad, Arya!
Ned.png How are we supposed to save our future and defeat the Tyrants when we don't even know how to get the dragons on our side?!
Arya.png It's okay -- dragons can tell when somebody wants to help. We need to have faith in them, too!
Arya.png This Narwhale Dragon seems like it wants to lead us somewhere... I bet it'll help us after an entertaining battle!

Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (Ah, good, I see you've found me! I've been looking for you, little humans!)
Arya.png Poseidon Dragon! I remember you from when Professor Hogwin and I went to Mount Dragolympus, and kicked Rathorn's butt!
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (Hmm? Erm... perhaps you are confusing me with some other Poseidon Dragon? There are no humans on Mount Dragolympus, but...)
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (My kind are very keen to ally with yours... You interest us. We're no longer content to see humans waste away at the bottom of the sea.)
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (But we needed to make sure there were still humans who were pure of heart -- fine warriors and smart thinkers. Please battle me so I might know!)
Ned.png Arya, I know you can't understand what it's saying -- but I can! And I guarantee you'd be happy about it!

Ned.png I wonder why I can't understand some dragons, but hear others just fine. Like the Poseidon Dragon... it had a lot to say about helping us.
Ned.png If only the Ancient Dragons here could feel the same way...
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (...? Hello? You... hear me?)
Ned.png Huh?! Uh, yeah, I can hear you! Do you... need help?
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (I Momo'tu. I make land... for humans. And dragons! We live... together. Someday! On Momo'tu's islands...!)
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (Momo'tu... is new. But Momo'tu understands you... because I open heart to humans. I... Momo'tu... want to play with humans, too!)

Arya.png If that battle with Momo'tu was anything to go by, it seems like we DO have some tried and true allies here!
Ned.png I guess we do. I wonder if Momo'tu will eventually remake the Dragolandian archipelago... Or if it's already started!
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (You humans talkin' about Momo'tu? I advise you to keep your voices down, or Baha'jir might hear you and put a stop to it!)
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (Momo'tu has been a big help to us dragons who like to live on land. Not every dragon wants an endless sea, after all!)
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (So I guess you and me are kind of alike. Say, do ya like to battle as much as I do?)

Ned.png So Momo'tu HAS been making islands on the Endless Sea... against this Baha'jir's wishes. I had no idea dragon politics were so brutal...
Arya.png You're telling me! I bet everyone would get along a lot better if we all just remembered the staples of human-dragon relations...
Ned.png Let me guess... battles and fruit?
Sea Turtle Dragon Icon.png (Hm? Whazzat? You young humans say somethin' about battles and fruit? Well, what're you waiting for?)

Ned.png Huh... Arya, do you hear that...?
Arya.png You mean the relaxing roar of the waves? 'Cuz I could get used to it!
Ned.png N-no, it's like... something's calling me to the water...
Siren Dragon Icon.png (Come to the ocean, human... Let me... take you down... deep down...!)
Arya.png Hey! That Siren Dragon's acting real fishy! Stand back, Ned -- sometimes a good battle solves everything!

Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Say, you two the humans everydragon's been whispering about? Rumor has it you've got the Ancients all in a hubbub!)
Ned.png Is that... a good thing?
Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Couldn't rightly tell ya. All I know is that, er, Baha'jir wants to see you two. I'll take you to Baha'jir, but first...)
Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Do y'think I could battle ya? Everydragon's saying you're great at it, and I hear there's nothin' like battling a Trainer!)

Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Ah, the humans are here. I do so enjoy your kind. I also enjoy my own kind, so I'm at a bit of an impasse.)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Lucky for you two, I can translate your thoughts to Baha'jir. It's closed its heart off to humans and can no longer hear your wishes.)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (But you've made such a splash here, I can tell our Ancient leader is intrigued...)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Anyway, you'll have to battle me before I take you to your final trial!)

Ned.png H-holy Chronos... THIS is Baha'jir?!
Arya.png HEY! You! Listen up: I know we humans are messy, and sometimes we get things wrong, but YOU'RE not perfect either! We've got to work together!
Ned.png ARYA! W-what she means, is... Baha'jir, there's a whole future that's in danger... f-for both humans AND dragons. We'd, um, we'd love your... help.
Baha'jir Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Arya.png Go on, Ned. Tell Baha'jir what else we'd love. Don't worry. Between me, you, and all the dragons we've met, I'm sure it'll understand.
Ned.png O-o-okay... We'd... also love to share some fruit with you, a-and a battle.

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