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Player Profile

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The Player Profile is an in-game ID displaying information about the Trainer. The Player Profile is accessed by selecting the avatar in the top-left corner of the main screen, with the level indicator on it, indicating the level of the Trainer.

Own Profile[edit source | VE]

Player Profile Information.png

A Trainer's own Player Profile displays:

  • Avatar – Changed by tapping it, then selecting either the no avatar option, or a currently available Dragon from their top 10 Dragons. If no avatar is chosen and the game is connected to Facebook, the Facebook profile picture appears.
  • Name or nickname – Changed by tapping the Change Nickname Icon.png icon, then entering a new name. A random name can also be generated using the Random Name option. The   Done   or Done   5 Gems Icon.png buttons confirm the choice. First nickname selection is free, subsequent changes cost 5 Gems.
  • VIP Status Icon.pngVIP Level if currently active.
  • Experience Icon.pngTrainer Level inside the icon, the blue progress bar indicating the experience accumulated, and needed for leveling up.
  • ? – Listing current and necessary experience, the features unlocked by each level (if applicable), and the limit of Habitats per level.
  • Amount of unique species of Dragons separated with a slash by the total amount of unique species of Dragons in the game.
  • DCL points; tapping it will bring up a brief explanation of how it is calculated.
  • Currently selected badge, if any. Tapping it displays the badge collection, with options to equip or unequip a badge.
  • Current league in Dragon League and the highest league reached.
  • Current Clan a member of, the Clans' Coat of Arms and current Clan League, and the Trainer's rank icon and name. Tapping this displays that Clan's interface. If not in a Clan, the Clans Icon.png   Join   button appears to join one. If not yet eligible, the necessary level to join a Clan is indicated instead.
  • Top Dragon in the roster's image, level, given name, Enchantment Stars, rarity, and Elements. If an Element is skilled, skill level is also indicated, as are any equipped Sigils. The i button opens its Codex Entry.

Other Profiles[edit source | VE]

Viewing the profile of other Trainers is done through any leaderboard, usually by first visiting that Trainer's island and then pressing the Check Profile button, or through the Friends interface by first tapping the ••• button and then the Check Profile button.

The Player Profile of a stranger Trainer can only be seen if the target Trainer's privacy settings are set to default, and that of a friend or clan mate can be seen if their privacy settings are set to hidden. No Trainer, whatsoever, can check another Trainer's profile if the privacy settings are set to private.

When the Trainer views another Player Profile, this displays almost the same information as their own, the differences being:

  • If the two Trainers are not friends, the Add Friend button appears to send a friend request.
  • The VIP status is displayed if active, but the level is only displayed if the Trainer chose to display it.
  • The time when the Trainer was last online is seen if the two are in-game friends.
  • Tapping the Clan area, while not being a member of that Clan, displays that Clan's interface from the perspective of an outsider.
  • If the Trainer has a badge on display, tapping it displays their entire collection.
  • Checking the Trainer's top Dragon displays its specific Codex Entry, while the information under the stats is related to the viewing Trainer's own Dragons. Thus, the information indicates whether the viewing Trainer does/doesn't have this species of Dragon. If the respective Dragon is obtainable through Dragon Pieces, the counter under its image displays the number of pieces the viewing Trainer has towards their own.

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