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Positive Effects

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Positive Effects (also known as buffs) is a game term used when an effect beneficially increases a Dragon's stats for a temporary period. In Dragon Mania Legends, this effect occurs in Battle when some Elements are used.

The inclusion of Positive Effects in game mechanics can increase the role of strategy.

Positive Effect Mastery Skills[edit source | VE]

Element Skill Mastery
Earth Earth Stone Shield Icon.png Stone Shield Stone Cold Icon.png Stone Cold
Tombstone Icon.png Tombstone
Water Water Revitalize Icon.png Revitalize Restorative Recourse Icon.png Restorative Recourse
Regeneration Icon.png Regeneration
Metal Metal Vengeful Sword Icon.png Vengeful Sword En Garde Icon.png En Garde!
Void Void Life Steal Icon.png Life Steal Pay It Forward Icon.png Pay it Forward
Dark Ritual Icon.png Dark Ritual
Light Light Solar Flare Icon.png Solar Flare Healing Light Icon.png Healing Light
Legendary Legendary Death Mark Icon.png Death Mark Heroic Healing Icon.png Heroic Healing
Primal Primal Bloodlust Icon.png Bloodlust Savage Bite Icon.png Savage Bite
Incapacitating Bite Icon.png Incapacitating Bite
Divine Divine Divine Wisdom Icon.png Divine Wisdom Great Blessing Icon.png Great Blessing
Mass Blessing Icon.png Mass Blessing
Ancient Ancient Damage Leech Icon.png Damage Leech Enchantment Mirror Icon.png Enchantment Mirror
Mass Leech Icon.png Mass Leech

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