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Power Boosters

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Power Boosters Icon.png

Power Boosters Power Boosters Icon.png are the currency used to power up and activate the powers of Clan Dragons. Boosters are earned by individual trainers in Clans in exchange for completing Clan Quests, though they can only be earned between Clan Events, not during them.

Booster Amounts[edit source | edit]

Between 90 and 130 Power Boosters are awarded per quest on typical events, and between 180 and 260 are awarded on double Power Booster events. Power Boosters can also be purchased in exchange for Gems Gems Icon.png at any time. The amount of boosters currently had appears after pressing the Clan Fortress button in the Clans interface.

Purchase Cost[edit source | edit]

Pile of Power Boosters.png

Pile of Power Boosters

Sack of Power Boosters.png

Sack of Power Boosters

Bucket of Power Boosters.png

Bucket of Power Boosters

Chest of Power Boosters.png

Chest of Power Boosters

Cave of Power Boosters.png

Cave of Power Boosters

Island of Power Boosters.png

Island of Power Boosters

2,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 15 Gems Icon.png 7,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 45 Gems Icon.png 18,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 100 Gems Icon.png 45,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 250 Gems Icon.png 125,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 650 Gems Icon.png 200,000 Power Boosters Icon.png for 1,000 Gems Icon.png

History[edit source | edit]

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