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Costs real money!
The Shop provides a physical location and shortcut for purchasing Gems,Gold, and Food. It is not a traditional in-game Shop.

Cost: Free
Requirements: None
Upgradable: No
Can go in Inventory: No

4 x 4

This article is about the Shop on the Main Island. For other uses, see Shops.

The Shop is a small building located on the mountainside, underneath Chronos, on the Main Island. It is not a traditional Shop as is typically known in the game, rather it is a shortcut to buying certain items.


A glowing purple lantern hangs from a joist that is jutting out the front of the building and is complemented by royal purple and gold fabric banners hanging from the sides with a golden diamond emblazoned upon them. The structure is filled with crates overflowing with Gold, Gems, and Food. It has a slanted purple roof supported by wooden beams.


The Shop provides a physical location and shortcut for purchasing Gems, Gold, and Food. Whenever there is a special offer for any of these items, selecting the Shop take the Trainer to the respective offer. The Promotion Button.png or Special Event Promotion Button.png buttons, when pressed, also open the featured offer(s). On some occasions, selecting the Shop takes the Trainer to a time-limited Main Shop bundle instead. The Yellow-Bordered Promotions Icon.png icon is shown above the Shop whenever such offers are available. When there is no offer available, selecting the Shop takes the Trainer to the screen for purchasing Gems.

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