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Sigil Tower

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Sigil Tower.png
Open Sigil Chests with FREE keys collected daily! Fuse Sigils and equip them to your best dragons. Find more Sigils in the super-difficult Sigil Campaign!
Provides a physical location to access the Sigil System menu.

Cost: Free
Requirements: Player Level 20
Upgradable: No
Can go in Inventory: No

5 x 5

See Sigil System for detailed information on the Sigil System and the functions housed within the Sigil Tower.

The Sigil Tower is a Building that appears on a small Island just south of the Main Island. This tower houses the features of the Sigil System. Tapping the tower opens the Sigil System menu, which can also be accessed from the main screen by pressing the Sigil Tower Button.png button at the bottom-left. The island is not available for purchase and no dragons can be housed on it.

Building Functions

Selecting the building opens the Sigil System interface. This building has no additional functions apart from housing the Sigil System menu.

See Sigil System for more information.

Visual Description

The tower is perched upon a small outcropping of rocks, most of them topped with perpetually orange colored grass reminiscent of fall leaves. The Sigil Tower is itself is framed by perpetually fall-orange bushes, the same color as the grass; it is composed of three smaller, castle-like stone towers jutting towards the sky. Each tower has arched windows that glow and radiate a mysterious green light, and each tower has a jagged 'crown' of stone topped with a green-colored roof.

One large stone column extends up from the water, level with the island's ground, featuring a green glowing symbol. Above the stone column floats a Sigil Chest, hinting at the rewards to be earned in the Sigil System.

Upgrading, Selling & Storing

The Sigil Tower cannot be upgraded, sold, or stored in Inventory Inventory Icon.png.


The Sigil Tower is a permanent building (on an island), it cannot be moved.

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