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Sinister Quest (20/10/23)

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Sinister Quest (20.10.23) Promotion.jpg
Castle Events are events in which participants must open a multitude of different chests to advance through rooms and earn the final prize.
Started 23 October 2020
Ended 2 November 2020
Duration 10 Days
Type Castle
Levels 6
Grand Prize Eyeball Dragon Icon.png Eyeball Dragon
Badge Ghost Chaser 2020 Badge.png Ghost Chaser 2020
Occasion Halloween

Progress Rewards

Level Reward
Level 1 Three-Card Pack.png Three-Card Pack
Level 2 Gems Icon.png 25 Gems
Level 3 Season Point Icon.png 350 Season Points
Level 4 Rare Chest.png Rare Chest
Level 5 Muerte Dragon Icon.png Muerte Dragon
Level 6 Sinister Dragon Icon.png Sinister Dragon
22 Dragon Pieces Icon.png Eyeball Dragon Icon.png Eyeball Dragon


Trainers must perform various tasks to earn Pumpkins Icon.png in order to navigate through each map level as each tile movement will cost a number of Pumpkins. There is a certain limited amount of Pumpkins that can be earned within a 6-hour period per task. The limit starts at 200 and increases by rising values after the next reset, every time a level is completed, starting with Level 3, but maxing to 750, totaling up to 4,500 per pool. Each tile step will reward the Trainer with either Food, Gold, or Scrolls. The amount of Food and Gold rewarded depends on the Level Modifier. The total blue tile Pumpkin cost of a level is distributed among the different paths inside it. Battles can be fought normally with no cost or can be won instantly in exchange for a certain cost. If a battle is lost, the Trainer can purchase the instant win or wait 30 minutes before they can attempt the battle again.

Each level contains a number of chests and one of the chests will hold a Key.png while the remaining chests will each hold a Epic Card Back.png Dragon Piece. The position of the key is random and can be obtained from any chest. Once a key is obtained, the Trainer can advance to the next level without having to open other chests. Opening all of the chests is necessary to obtain the Eyeball Dragon, but not to advance to a new level.

Flying Creature - Pumpkin.png

Important Icon.png Pumpkins obtained from food-collecting tasks are awarded upon collecting the Food and not planting it, whereas Pumpkins acquired from breeding tasks are awarded upon selecting the Breed button inside the Breeding Den and not upon moving an egg to the Hatchery.

Level # Blue
Total Blue
Tile Cost
Battles Cost per
Instant Win
Chests Cost
per Chest
Earning Event Currency (no Limit).jpg
Level 1 12 399 Pumpkins Icon.png 2 100 Pumpkins Icon.png 2 100 Pumpkins Icon.png 443 Pumpkins Icon.png 799 Pumpkins Icon.png
Level 2 31 1,499 Pumpkins Icon.png 3 200 Pumpkins Icon.png 5 200 Pumpkins Icon.png 2,100 Pumpkins Icon.png 3,099 Pumpkins Icon.png
Level 3 39 6,000 Pumpkins Icon.png 5 400 Pumpkins Icon.png 5 400 Pumpkins Icon.png 5,050 Pumpkins Icon.png 10,000 Pumpkins Icon.png
Level 4 48 9,998 Pumpkins Icon.png 6 800 Pumpkins Icon.png 5 600 Pumpkins Icon.png 10,685 Pumpkins Icon.png 17,798 Pumpkins Icon.png
Level 5 66 20,508 Pumpkins Icon.png 13 1,600 Pumpkins Icon.png 5 800 Pumpkins Icon.png 20,389 Pumpkins Icon.png 45,308 Pumpkins Icon.png
Level 6 73 54,301 Pumpkins Icon.png 10 3,200 Pumpkins Icon.png 6 1,000 Pumpkins Icon.png 47,044 Pumpkins Icon.png 92,301 Pumpkins Icon.png
  1. Minimum Pumpkins amounts are based on taking the cheapest paths for opening all chests on a level and assumes that a Trainer can defeat all battle tiles on that path without having to purchase the instant win.
  2. Maximum Pumpkins amounts represent the sum of opening all chests, stepping on all blue tiles and skipping all battles.


Type # of Actions required to obtain Maximum Pumpkins Icon.png per Cycle
Level 1

200 Pumpkins Icon.png

Level 2

200 Pumpkins Icon.png

Level 3

250 Pumpkins Icon.png

Level 4

300 Pumpkins Icon.png

Level 5

450 Pumpkins Icon.png

Level 6

750 Pumpkins Icon.png

Collect Gold 20 Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png 20 Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png 25 Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png 30 Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png 45 Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png 75 Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png
Feed Dragons 25 Feeding Event Icon.png 25 Feeding Event Icon.png 32 Feeding Event Icon.png 38 Feeding Event Icon.png 57 Feeding Event Icon.png 94 Feeding Event Icon.png
Win Battles 8 Attack Icon.png 8 Attack Icon.png 10 Attack Icon.png 12 Attack Icon.png 18 Attack Icon.png 30 Attack Icon.png
Catch Creatures 10 Flying Creature - Pumpkin.png 10 Flying Creature - Pumpkin.png 13 Flying Creature - Pumpkin.png 15 Flying Creature - Pumpkin.png 23 Flying Creature - Pumpkin.png 38 Flying Creature - Pumpkin.png
Points for Collecting Food

The maximum amount of Pumpkins that can be received from a task in this event is strictly related to the level the Trainer is at in the event. Level 6 has the highest cap, 750 Pumpkins Icon.png, thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 750 are merely representative.

Duration Food Pumpkins Icon.png per Farm Pumpkins Icon.png per 15 Farms Maximum Pumpkins Icon.png per cycle[1]
30 seconds Spiky Cherry - Level 1 Farm 1 Pumpkins Icon.png 15 Pumpkins Icon.png 10,800 Pumpkins Icon.png
5 minutes Purplemon - Level 1 Farm 1 Pumpkins Icon.png 15 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,080 Pumpkins Icon.png
30 minutes Sour Cone - Level 1 Farm 9 Pumpkins Icon.png 135 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,620 Pumpkins Icon.png
1 hour Spring Cherry - Level 3 Farm 19 Pumpkins Icon.png 285 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,710 Pumpkins Icon.png
2 hours Blue Hazel - Level 2 Farm 39 Pumpkins Icon.png 585 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,755 Pumpkins Icon.png
6 hours Dragonscale - Level 2 Farm Squarey Berry - Level 4 Farm 116 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,740 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,740 Pumpkins Icon.png
12 hours Dragolandic Berry - Level 2 Farm 234 Pumpkins Icon.png 3,510 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,755 Pumpkins Icon.png
1 day Star Fruit - Level 3 Farm Royal Fig - Level 4 Farm 469 Pumpkins Icon.png 7,035 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,758.75 Pumpkins Icon.png
2 days Sweetroot - Level 3 Farm Candied Pear - Level 4 Farm 938 Pumpkins Icon.png 14,070 Pumpkins Icon.png 1,758.75 Pumpkins Icon.png
  1. These values are calculated based on perfect cycles, assuming that there is no loss of time in between re-planting Food. However, one must take into account that collecting and planting Food does consume a certain amount of time, which depends on the Trainer's speed, therefore, the amounts will vary (lower than shown).
Points for Breeding Dragons

The maximum amount of Pumpkins that can be received from a task in this event is strictly related to the level the player is at in the event. Level 6 has the highest cap, 750 Pumpkins Icon.png, thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 750 are merely representative.

The listed Dragons are maximum two examples for breeding - there may be more than two available breeding options.
If only one Dragon is listed, this is the only option.

Breed Time VIP Breed Pumpkins Icon.png per Breed Recommended Offspring[1] Parent
Other Dragon(s)[2]
30 seconds 24 seconds 1 Pumpkins Icon.png Fire Dragon Icon.png
Wind Dragon Icon.png
Fire + (FirePlant)
Wind + (WindEnergy)
1 minute 48 seconds 1 Pumpkins Icon.png Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth + (EarthVoid) -
5 minutes 4 minutes 3 Pumpkins Icon.png Water Dragon Icon.png Water + (WaterMetal) -
30 minutes 26 minutes 20 Pumpkins Icon.png - Smoke Dragon Icon.png
45 minutes 36 minutes 31 Pumpkins Icon.png - Bee Dragon Icon.png
1 hour 48 minutes 41 Pumpkins Icon.png Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant + (PlantFire) Lava Dragon Icon.png
1h 30m 1h 12m 62 Pumpkins Icon.png Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal + (MetalWater) Tribal Dragon Icon.png
Elephant Dragon Icon.png
2 hours 1h 36m 83 Pumpkins Icon.png Energy Dragon Icon.png Energy + (EnergyWind) Dust Dragon Icon.png
3 hours 2h 24m 125 Pumpkins Icon.png Void Dragon Icon.png Void + (VoidEarth) -
4 hours 3h 12m 166 Pumpkins Icon.png - Breeze Rock Dragon Icon.png
Elemental Dragon Icon.png
6 hours 4h 48m 250 Pumpkins Icon.png War Dragon Icon.png Fire + Metal Seed Dragon Icon.png
Tree Dragon Icon.png
8 hours 6h 24m 333 Pumpkins Icon.png Lumino Dragon Icon.png
Mist Dragon Icon.png
Fire + Void
Wind + Void
Leaf Dragon Icon.png
Armored Dragon Icon.png
10 hours 8 hours 416 Pumpkins Icon.png Shard Dragon Icon.png
Solar Dragon Icon.png
Metal + Void
Fire + Light
Brick Dragon Icon.png
Nightshade Dragon Icon.png
12 hours 9h 36m 500 Pumpkins Icon.png Jungle Dragon Icon.png
Reaper Dragon Icon.png
Plant + Light
Metal + Shadow
Prickly Dragon Icon.png
UV Dragon Icon.png
14 hours 11h 12m 583 Pumpkins Icon.png Missile Dragon Icon.png
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png
Energy + Light
Void + Shadow
Lightning Dragon Icon.png
Rust Dragon Icon.png
16 hours 12h 48m 666 Pumpkins Icon.png - Orange Dragon Icon.png
Black Armor Dragon Icon.png
18 hours 14h 24m 750 Pumpkins Icon.png - Coral Dragon Icon.png
Blueflame Dragon Icon.png
  1. Recommended Offspring indicates those Normally-Breedable Dragons with guaranteed combinations as well as Base Dragons that share the specified breeding time. It is suggested to breed these to obtain Pumpkins Icon.png because there is at least one combination that will result only in the desired outcome, avoiding unwanted offspring with breeding times different than the one looked after.
  2. Other Dragons include Normally-Breedable Dragons that share the specified breeding time with the exception of Dragons with guaranteed combinations and Base Dragons. Dragons with breeding times over 18 hours non-VIP are not shown, as obtaining them will award the maximum of 750 Pumpkins Icon.png within the highest level. They take longer to breed, but yield the same amount of Pumpkins Icon.png as shorter options, making them a less efficient alternative.

Level 1

Location Battle Elements
Collect Currency 200.png
1 Left - Sinister Quest - Level 1 Map.jpg
2 Right Sinister Dragon Icon.png vs. Ghost Dragon Icon.png Important Icon.png[1]
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png Mummy Dragon Icon.png Nightmare Dragon Icon.png All Icon.png
  1. This battle has to be completed for all paths. Furthermore, it has no element requirements, as every Trainer will fight against the Ghost Dragon with the Sinister Dragon, not being able to bring their own Dragons to battle.

Level 2

Location Battle Elements
Collect Currency 200.png
1 Near Left - Sinister Quest - Level 2 Map.jpg
2 Near Right -
3 Far Right Zombie Dragon Icon.png All Icon.png
4 Straight -
5 Far Left Shard Dragon Icon.png Jaws Dragon Icon.png Shard Dragon Icon.png Fire Earth Wind Energy Void Legendary
Fungus Dragon Icon.png Doom Dragon Icon.png Fungus Dragon Icon.png Fire Water Wind Plant Void Legendary

Level 3

Location Battle Elements
Collect Currency 250.png
1 Straight - Sinister Quest - Level 3 Map.jpg
2 Far Right Treater Dragon Icon.png Werewolf Dragon Icon.png Treater Dragon Icon.png Water Wind Metal Energy Divine
Heliotrope Dragon Icon.png Ash Dragon Icon.png Heliotrope Dragon Icon.png Fire Water Metal Energy Legendary
3 Near Right -
4 Far Left Bone Dragon Icon.png All Icon.png
5 Near Left Gargoyle Dragon Icon.png Jester Dragon Icon.png Gargoyle Dragon Icon.png Earth Wind Plant Metal Legendary
Rock Snake Dragon Icon.png Hellhound Dragon Icon.png Rock Snake Dragon Icon.png Water Earth Plant Energy Legendary

Level 4

Location Battle Elements
Collect Currency 300.png
1 Near Right Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png All Icon.png Sinister Quest - Level 4 Map.jpg
2 Middle Right -
3 Center -
4 Far Left Zombie Dragon Icon.png Cinder Dragon Icon.png Zombie Dragon Icon.png Earth Metal Energy Light
5 Far Right Frankie Dragon Icon.png Black Hole Dragon Icon.png Frankie Dragon Icon.png [1] Water Metal Energy Legendary
Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png Blazebird Dragon Icon.png Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png [1] Fire Metal Void Shadow
Firefly Dragon Icon.png Fenrir Dragon Icon.png Firefly Dragon Icon.png Void Plant Divine
Tempest Dragon Icon.png Red Scale Dragon Icon.png Tempest Dragon Icon.png Plant Metal Shadow
  1. 1.0 1.1 This battle is located between paths 2 and 5.

Level 5

Location Battle Elements
Collect Currency 450.png
1 Near Left Machine Snake Dragon Icon.png Enchantress Dragon Icon.png Machine Snake Dragon Icon.png Metal Divine Shadow Sinister Quest - Level 5 Map.jpg
Dracula Dragon Icon.png Muerte Dragon Icon.png Dracula Dragon Icon.png Void Legendary Divine
Rocker Dragon Icon.png Pumpkin Dragon Icon.png Rocker Dragon Icon.png Plant Light Divine
2 Far Left Machine Snake Dragon Icon.png Enchantress Dragon Icon.png Machine Snake Dragon Icon.png Metal Energy Legendary
Eyeball Dragon Icon.png Hammerhead Dragon Icon.png Eyeball Dragon Icon.png Energy Metal Divine
3 Straight -
4 Near Right Treater Dragon Icon.png [1] All Icon.png
Hellion Dragon Icon.png Mutant Dragon Icon.png Hellion Dragon Icon.png [1] Wind Metal Void Legendary
Ba Jiao Gui Dragon Icon.png Crone Dragon Icon.png Ba Jiao Gui Dragon Icon.png Energy Void Shadow
Werewolf Dragon Icon.png Storm Dragon Icon.png Werewolf Dragon Icon.png Metal Energy Legendary
5 Far Right Lumiplant Dragon Icon.png Gloom Lady Dragon Icon.png Lumiplant Dragon Icon.png [2] Metal Divine
Wolf Dragon Icon.png Abyss Dragon Icon.png Wolf Dragon Icon.png [2] Plant Legendary
Ash Dragon Icon.png Empress Dragon Icon.png Ash Dragon Icon.png Void Ancient Legendary
Jester Dragon Icon.png Doomsday Dragon Icon.png Jester Dragon Icon.png Metal Ancient Legendary
  1. 1.0 1.1 This battle is located between paths 1 and 4.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This battle is located between paths 3 and 5.

Level 6

Location Battle Elements
Collect Currency 750.png
1 Near Left Zombie Dragon Icon.png Fall Dragon Icon.png Zombie Dragon Icon.png Plant Legendary Sinister Quest - Level 6 Map.jpg
Hellhound Dragon Icon.png Bone Dragon Icon.png Hellhound Dragon Icon.png Energy Ancient
2 Middle Left Cinder Dragon Icon.png Crumbly Dragon Icon.png Cinder Dragon Icon.png Plant Shadow Divine
3 Center Fenrir Dragon Icon.png Comet Dragon Icon.png Fenrir Dragon Icon.png Energy Ancient
Blazebird Dragon Icon.png Dark Ice Dragon Icon.png Blazebird Dragon Icon.png Metal Ancient
Black Hole Dragon Icon.png Vortex Dragon Icon.png Black Hole Dragon Icon.png Plant Divine
4 Straight Red Scale Dragon Icon.png Darkfire Dragon Icon.png Red Scale Dragon Icon.png Metal Shadow Legendary
5 Far Right Muerte Dragon Icon.png All Icon.png
6 Near Right Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png Dark Machine Dragon Icon.png Scarecrow Dragon Icon.png Energy Divine
Frankie Dragon Icon.png Skully Dragon Icon.png Frankie Dragon Icon.png Energy Light

Pumpkin Shrine

See Shrines for more information.

This magical shrine generates Pumpkins from time to time.

Pumpkin Shrine (2020).png


Arya.png Eliza! You're here! I'm so happy you could make it -- I was beginning to think we'd NEVER get to hang out.
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph. I only came because you promised we'd share a feast... But this place doesn't exactly kick-start my appetite. What's going on here? Is this an ambush?
Arya.png No, silly -- we're gonna feast on CANDY after we go on a ghost hunt! If we find tons of ghosts, we'll get a mother lode of treats!
Eliza the Masculine.png W-what?! What nonsense is this?
Arya.png You're one of the strongest warriors I know -- and the Professor is busy! -- so I figured we'd be the perfect pair for this kind of thing. Let's go!

Arya.png Hey, a Sinister Dragon's come to show us around! What's wrong, Eliza? You're looking a little jumpy... Don't tell me you're scared of--
Eliza the Masculine.png N-NO! I just don't like being surprised! I STILL don't know what we're supposed to be doing here. How does one HUNT ghosts?! They're not real!
Arya.png Huh? Of course they are! At least, dragon ghosts are real -- and they're just as rambunctious as living dragons. They love to play!
Arya.png The Muerte Dragon lets them run around in our world every year around this time. But sometimes they get a little too excited, and lose their way home.
Arya.png It's fun to help them out, and we get candy as a reward! Plus, this Sinister Dragon is a pro ghost-hound. I'll show you!

Arya.png We found our first ghost -- a Ghost Dragon! Hey, buddy. Did you lose your way home?
Eliza the Masculine.png AAAAAAAGH!!!
Arya.png WHOA! Eliza, you must've jumped four feet straight in the air! A-are you okay...? I think you freaked out the Ghost Dragon!
Eliza the Masculine.png I-I just stubbed my toe on one of these blasted jack-o'-lanterns, that's all!

Eliza the Masculine.png Phew... we defeated it...
Arya.png I'm sorta surprised we did, considering you hid behind me the whole time...!
Arya.png Aaanyway, I'm sure we gave the Ghost Dragon a battle it won't forget for the rest of its afterlife!
Arya.png Ready to come find the Muerte Dragon with us, ghostly pal?

Eliza the Masculine.png A-Arya... the Sinister Dragon is staring at me... MYSTERIOUSLY!
Arya.png Well, it knows its way through the Haunted Woods better than anything -- it's probably just making sure we're following it.
Eliza the Masculine.png Arya, it's called the SINISTER Dragon -- deception is right there in its name! How are you so sure we can trust it?
Arya.png Well... I trust YOU. If I can have a Viking for a friend, can't I trust a Sinister Dragon?

Eliza the Masculine.png Bones... those are bones... wh-why are there bones?!-- *snap* WHAT WAS THAT?! Oh, I stepped on a twig...
Arya.png Apparently witches do rituals around here sometimes. Don't worry; I'm sure all those bones are ethically sourced!
Arya.png Jeeze, though -- Eliza, I asked you to come with me 'cuz Ned was too scared. But if you--
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm NOT scared! I'm just CAUTIOUS. Y-you'd be wise to be more careful as well!

Eliza the Masculine.png What IS that putrid smell? It's like rotting-- uUWWUUAUAAGH!!! What is THAT?!
Arya.png Eliza! Don't be rude! The Zombie Dragon doesn't smell any worse than your brother Olaf!
Eliza the Masculine.png Rude? RUDE?! That thing is worse than DEAD! It's UNDEAD! How are you not freaking out?!
Arya.png *sigh* You went and made it upset...

Arya.png Feeling better, Zombie Dragon? Now that you're all tuckered out, let's go see the Muerte Dragon together!
Arya.png I promise that mean ol' Viking won't say anything mean about you... RIGHT, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png ... ...
Sinister Dragon Icon.png (*snicker*)

Eliza the Masculine.png The Sinister Dragon's led us to some sort of gate... Is there a structure hidden in these woods? Some sort of civilization?
Arya.png Civilization? I don't think so... I'm pretty sure it's just a swamp. And a graveyard. Pretty atmospheric, huh?
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, great... atmosphere.

Eliza the Masculine.png A swamp... I hate swamps.
Arya.png As much as you hate ghosts?
Eliza the Masculine.png I NEVER said I hated ghosts! Hmph! Hurry up, now; we've got a WHOLE SWAMP to explore!
Arya.png A ghostly swamp at that! The air's thick with dragon ghosts... Looks like we've got our work cut out for us!

Arya.png How're you doing, Eliza? You've gone white as, well, a ghost -- but I guess we've found plenty so far!
Eliza the Masculine.png ... ...
Arya.png OH! Took me a second to spy that Bone Dragon. This one looks like it won't go back to the Muerte Dragon quietly, huh?
Arya.png C'mon, Bone Dragon -- let's shake, rattle, and roll!

Arya.png Did it! C'mon, Bone Dragon, aren't you tuckered out?
Eliza the Masculine.png *shiver*
Arya.png Eliza...? I should've known you'd be scared -- it says right in this dragon's Codex entry that it chills Vikings to the bone. Sorry...
Eliza the Masculine.png W-what doesn't kill you... makes you s-stronger...

Sinister Dragon Icon.png (Human, can you not admit to your companion that you fear all manner of spectral spirits?)
Eliza the Masculine.png (Hush! I'm not listening to you, and I don't trust you! I don't need Arya to know ANY of my secrets or weaknesses!)
Arya.png Looks like you're getting along with the Sinister Dragon, huh? I knew you had it in you, Eliza.
Arya.png You'll be a "BONE-afide" ghost hunter in no time. Haha... get it? Eliza?

Arya.png Hey Eliza, didn't you befriend a Ba Jiao Gui Dragon back in the day? What was that about?
Eliza the Masculine.png What do you mean? It was a powerful ally, and it frightened Ned most entertainingly.
Arya.png But the Ba Jiao Gui Dragon is a ghost... You knew that, right?
Eliza the Masculine.png O-o-of c-course I knew that! W-what are you i-i-implying?

Arya.png A Scarecrow Dragon! Were you guarding this abandoned hut, buddy? Sorry, but it's time to see the Muerte Dragon.
Eliza the Masculine.png Surely this is no ghost, Arya. Why should we waste our time with it?
Arya.png You know there's absolutely nothing under all that burlap fabric, right?
Arya.png ... Ah! She fainted!

Arya.png Eliza? You awake? I think the Scarecrow Dragon's gonna cooperate with us now.
Arya.png It's kinda sad. I bet that hut meant something to this dragon's spirit when it was alive. This time of year, it can visit its old stomping grounds.
Arya.png Thoughts like that make me want to help the ghosts instead of being afraid of 'em... Anyway, let me help you up.
Eliza the Masculine.png ... ...

Arya.png Looks like we found the path ahead to the graveyard! Oh, but, um...
Arya.png It's okay, Eliza, we can take it slow. I was hoping tonight would be fun for us -- I didn't think to ask if you were afraid of ghosts!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm NOT-- ... Okay, okay, FINE! Ghosts are my WORST and ONLY fear! I hate, hate, HATE ghosts!!! There -- are you happy?!
Arya.png N-no, I'm not happy! Well... I'm happy you were honest with me, actually. I promise I'll keep the ghosts away from you, if you stay close!

Arya.png Okay, deep breaths, Eliza! I guess a place like this is kinda your worst nightmare... and I can tell by how hard you're gripping my hand!
Eliza the Masculine.png I-it's fine... your annoyingly fearless attitude is actually making me feel more at ease...
Arya.png Then... could you ease up on my hand so I can catch ghosts a little easier?
Eliza the Masculine.png *blush* I-I'm not THAT at ease!

Treater Dragon Icon.png (Welcome, humans, to the Ghostly Graveyard. I've got one li'l question for ya before you see the Ruler of the Dead: trick or treat?)
Eliza the Masculine.png TREAT! I mean-- Arya, do we have any treats? This little goblin of a beast will play a trick on us if we don't comply...!
Arya.png That's part of the fun, Eliza. Spooky stuff is so exciting, 'cuz you never know what's coming next -- it's like a wild ride!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* I can make a guess.

Treater Dragon Icon.png (Thanks for the battle, humans! It was a fright! Now, can you find your way out of the graveyard...?)
Eliza the Masculine.png *mumble* It's all part of the fun... it's all part of the fun... it's all part of the fun...
Arya.png You're doing great, Eliza! Now that the Treater Dragon will let us move on ahead, we'll be meeting the Muerte Dragon in no time!

Eliza the Masculine.png I've been thinking about what you said earlier... How ghosts should be pitied, not feared.
Eliza the Masculine.png I've never been great at the whole "pity" thing, but... I suppose I can become less afraid of something I understand a little better.
Arya.png That's great, Eliza... but, uh, scary stuff is so much fun BECAUSE you can't really understand it!
Eliza the Masculine.png ARGH! I will NEVER understand the appeal of this! A-and make the Sinister Dragon stop smirking at me!!!

Arya.png This is the deepest, darkest part of the forest, where the Muerte Dragon stays while its ghostly flock plays around. Pretty freaky, right?
Eliza the Masculine.png Listen, I'd like to live long enough to at LEAST conquer my fear.
Arya.png You'll be fine, Eliza. I'm right here -- and we found plenty of ghosts for the Muerte Dragon!
Eliza the Masculine.png Only one of those facts brings me any peace.

Sinister Dragon Icon.png (Oh, great Ruler of the Dead, I bring these humans to you, so that you may do with them as you please...)
Eliza the Masculine.png WAIT, WHAT?!
Arya.png Huh? Why does it look like the Muerte Dragon wants to battle us?

Muerte Dragon Icon.png (Well done, humans... If you can understand me, please forgive me -- I only meant to give you a little scare. Hee hee.)
Muerte Dragon Icon.png (You have proven yourselves worthy ghost shepherds, even overcoming your fears... Well, sort of.)
Arya.png Ha! I gotta admit -- that gave me a fright! Seems like the Muerte Dragon's accepted our help after all...
Eliza the Masculine.png I don't even want to think about what else it had in mind...

Arya.png Welp, we found tons of ghosts, battled some spooky dragons, and got piles of chocolate as a reward!
Arya.png Best yet, I think my good buddy Eliza might've conquered some fears! Right...?
Eliza the Masculine.png I... suppose. Maybe. I am a LITTLE less afraid of ghosts. A-at least when you're around.
Arya.png (She's still gripping my hand... I almost wish I was as scared as she is -- it seems kinda fun!)

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